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Strangers in a Strange Land

Posted on Wed Sep 29th, 2021 @ 11:44pm by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Staff Warrant Officer Mira Jayna & Sergeant Miranda Schultz & Corporal Adélaïde Moreau
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Mission: Episode 11 - Family Matters
Location: Outpost Tavea IV (Romulan Space)
Timeline: MD004 2300 hrs

Last Time On The Search Part IV

Adelaide had a drink with Scarface and as the excitement rose so did she. Scarface had went to relieve himself and as he had done so the tension level in the refectory rose. She could hear over the comms what was going on and decided to take some action herself. She sprayed her hand with a translucent mist and moved between the crowd. Subtlety she placed this hand on the shoulder of the security team members she had seen leaving a 'tag' on them so they could be tracked and taken out of the game if need be. "I have tagged what security personnel I could get close too without being seen." she said under her breath as she then walked into a brick wall of a man. "Hi...I'll just get out of your way."

The security guard looked down and the woman and smiled. He knew he had one of the suspects that Coddington had sent the look out for. "Or you can simply come with me..." He prepared for a fight as the Romulan suspected the woman would not go without one.

And Now The Continuation...

The marketplace was busy enough for Jayna to lose the people following her. She slipped around so that she could shadow them, careful not to be noticed by them or anyone who might be following. She wanted to get one of them alone so she could have a little talk, but that would take some careful maneuvering.

The Romulan security detail fanned out in the marketplace. It was a hard task as they tried to find these infiltrators among the regulars. Most of the guards had no idea why Coddington wanted these individuals captured. Suffice to say that the money Coddington paid was enough to cause them to act. They honed in on two of the women and began to close in.

Jayna noticed that more security were coming in. She swore in Romulan and covertly tried to reach him on the comms. There was no response. She sent another covert message, this time to the team, informing them she'd lost the Chief Science Officer. She then slipped into a shop to purchase a skirt and blouse from the little money she had and changed into them in a dressing room. A scarf around her head also helped alter her appearance.

With her old clothes in a small cloth bag, she made sure no guards were around and slipped into the crowds to see what she could learn.

Adelaide smiled at the change of clothing.

Jayden looked over at Corporal Moreau and whispered. "We need to get lost in that crowd. If you take a nonchalant glance over your right shoulder, we are being followed." He had little experience in undercover work but he had felt someone's eyes on them.

"Saw him, there are also two others following. One parallel to us and another is watching from above." Adelaide replied not looking at those in question. It would give away she they knew there was more than one. "I'm all for getting lost."

"Let's mingle in with them." Jayden suggested and look for a quick way to escape while under the cover of other people. Maybe an alley or a side street of some sort.

"I thought you'd never ask." Adelaide grinned and grabbed his hand and they began to duck into the cover of the passing crowd. His hand was warm, which was nice but given the circumstances was normal as the adrenaline was probably pumping blood all over the place in case they needed to bolt a lot quicker.

Adelaide tugged him a little to show a small side street to their left that would be perfect. The watchers had seemed to lose track of them for a mere moment as she saw the frantic look on the faces of their foes, or as frantic as a Romulan can look, as they tried to locate them.

Jayden nodded and quickly moved onto the side street, Adelaide right beside him. He almost smiled as a thought quickly passed through him, that anyone looking at them might think they were looking for somewhere private. "I believe we have lost them." Jayden whispered. "Best to keep moving."

"Aw, could have had some fun in that corner." she teased but kept moving forward, albeit at a more careful pace. In these side streets it would be easier to spot them given less traffic so frantic, quick movements would be easier to spot. For a moment a Romulan guard began to scan the alley and Adelaide grabbed Jayden and threw him up against the wall, she began to kiss him as a distraction. Most Romulan military types could find public displays of affection to be quite awkward and they soon looked away before moving on.

Adelaide came back up for some air, and smiled at Jayden. "Funs over, for now." she grinned and grabbed his hand once more to begin to move.
Back at the Inn
Schultz slipped behind the guard accosting Adelaide and pressed the knife hiding in her sleeve into the man's back. "I believe you have the wrong person," she whispered. "Play nice and I let you live."

The Romulan concealed his muscles as the tensed in preparation to disarm his assailant. "I do not believe I do. In fact I believe the old Earth saying goes that one is not in Kansas anymore." In a flourish of movement the Romulan landed a spinning back kick to Schultz. All pretense was summarily dropped.

She dodged, but it only partially blocked the blow. She rolled and came up to her feet, slicing her knife across the man's arm, then taking a defensive posture.

The hulking Romulan raised his now wounded arm to his mouth and licked the green blood menacingly. He smiled insanely at Schultz. "First blood not bad, but you will pay for that." A spinning roundhouse kick nocked the knife to the floor with a clatter. The kick was followed up with two punches to her midsection and ended with a head butt. The Romulan simply laughed as he put his fists up in preparation for another onslaught.

Miranda kicked him as hard as she could in the nuts, determined to take him down one way or another. She followed the kick with an uppercut to the jaw.

The Romulan stumbled back from the blows. It was only an instant but it gave the Starfleet officers the window that they needed.

"Come on," Miranda called, heading away. She sub-vocalized a message to the others, informing them of what happened.

The Romulan huffed out air sharply through his nose and ran off in pursuit.

The Marine dodged a group of Romulans and rounded a corner, hoping to evade her follower in the crowd.

Meanwhile, Jayna had no idea where Vaebn had gone, but she had managed to get behind the security personnel who'd been following her. She was a lot better at tracking and following than they were and hoped they would lead her back to whoever was in charge.

Diimitha, a tall female Romulan who also had the job of being Loval's second in command stood in the square and looked around. This vendetta of Loval'swas going to get the entire crew killed. It was time it ended. She looked around for one of these Starfleet officers. She would get them off the planet and end this fiasco.

Jayna slipped silently behind her. "Looking for someone?" she asked.

Dimitha's eyes narrowed. "In fact I am... You! Don't you think its time this exercise in futility on all sides ends. You want to go home, and I want you home. So I can get you there..."

"We came to get someone. Once we do that, we'll be happy to leave," Jayna said. "We don't want trouble, we just want the person we came for."

"Faelirh ch'susse-thrai (son of a b*^ch) What has Loval done? Who is it that you are looking for. The sooner we get you out of here the better off we all will be." Dimitha replied.

Jayna watched the Romulan's facial expressions and decided to be open with her. "Loval kidnapped the sister of our chief of science. We traced them here. Once we get her back, we'll leave. We mean no harm to the people of this colony."

There was a moment that went on and seemed like it would last an eternity. In this moment the Romulan woman weighed all that was happening, and could happen. "There is one place that I know of where one could be hidden from even our own sensors. Follow me, keep your head down, and acknowledge no one who speaks to you."

With so much at stake, and the potential for so much more to go wrong, Jayna felt this was her best option. "Okay."

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