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Opened Eyes

Posted on Tue Oct 5th, 2021 @ 12:48am by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Major Cornelius Tremble & Captain Larta Daughter of Shog
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Mission: Episode 11 - Family Matters
Location: Outpost Tavea IV (Romulan Space)
Timeline: MD004 2300 hrs

Last Time on The Search Part IV

"That I would be. Would care to gather up your people and all of us can go have a nice friendly chat." Coddington said with his hand on the handle of his holstered weapon. He would draw if Tremble gave him a reason.

Neil raised an eyebrow in Coddington's direction and then nudged the chair across from him toward the security officer with the toe of his boot. "Seems we can have a chat right here. Adding two many people drowns out the conversation. Then people start to get excited."

Neil waited a beat, sipped at his tea and then continued. " Excited people do random, dumb things. A popular one is kidnapping Federation cadets. That leads to bad choices being made for others. Now you seem like a bright fellow. Ex-Fleet security working for these folks now."

The marine glanced around at the steady trickle of people moving around them and said, "Wait. Who are you working for again? That wasn't in the vacation guide I read."

And Now The Continuation...

"I work for the people of Tavea IV, but that is of no consequence. What is of consequence is you telling me what a fairly elite Starfleet team is doing this deep in Romulan space and infiltrating a Romulan Outpost. And before you say it is none of my business, keep in mind that you being here is my business.." Coddington said with an edge of authority in his voice. He hoped that Tremble would come clean and tell him everything. Coddington did not want there to be a fight and he did not want to have to take them into custody. However, he could hope but deep down inside Coddington knew that would not happen.

Neil met Coddington's eyes and said, "The people of Tavea IV. So, Loval would be one of those people?" The marine paused for effect, then continued. "What I wonder is if you knew he'd kidnapped a StarFleet cadet and the sister of someone I know."

Coddington did not know exactly what Loval was up to but he knew about the asset being returned to Romulus. Of course that was something that he could not tell Tremble. "If what you say is true then you would have and should have gone through proper channels to get your people back. Instead of this... botched operation."

"Botched?" asked, his voice and eyes taking on a harder tone. "Loval doesn't work through regular channels. Which leads to irregular results. And if it's one thing Federation Marines, even ones on vacation, are good at is irregular operations."

"The way I see it, Loval is likely just using you for his own gains and you're expendable. Aren't you supposed to be working for the local's here and not a creature like Loval. I think you'd serve them better to push his type away from this community," Neil stated easily, his eyes never leaving the former Federation officers.

Then he smiled, remembering one of Tyler's favorite movies and he grinned, "But, if you've got it in your mind to stop me and mine,... well. I'll be your Huckleberry."

Coddington was not ready to let this get to violence. At least not yet... For the time being he had the teams leader in conversation. Information is what was needed, and this was the best opportunity to gain it. God damn what the frak was Loval playing at. He held out his hand to indicate that Tremble should calm down.

"Now lets not be too hasty. We are all friends here. You seem to be jumping the gun friend. You say that Loval should be kept away and yet you know nothing of this community. I do serve the people of this colony, and they seem to like and respect the diplomat. So you see protecting him is assisting this colony at least the way I see it. You say he kidnapped someone, and suppose she came willingly. Suppose your friend refuses to accept her willingness." Coddington decided to flip the script to keep Tremble talking. He knew the Marine was good, but Coddington wrote the book on hostage negotiation when he was at the Academy.

Neil sipped at his tea again, letting his eyes flit about the area and then back to Coddington. "Who's getting excited? So far I've stated fact. But, we can build that. Our cadet is AWOL. Given that no notice was given on her leaving and she disappeared, our supposition is that she was taken without her permission."

The marine had decided to keep talking to give the others time to act and he kept to that. "Now you'll have to admit that the Fleet is to bound in red-tape and diplomatics to get serious about finding out what happened. So it falls to family...and friends."

"Now as to our presence here," the marine shrugged. "We went looking. Tracked her here, in Loval's care. Now you're here talking to me and that tells me that he set you to watch his back trail and deal with anyone coming behind. Not exactly how I'd paint innocence and light. Sounds shifty to me. Using a remote vill, it's protectors and residents to hide behind."

Twisting the nearly empty tea cup idly, Neil moved the hand to cup his chin, keeping his other in his lap. "And that loops back to now. You're stalling, trying to delay us at Loval's request...order. That makes you an accomplice, whether you've been duped or not. You know you shouldn't be trusting him, Coddington. Do you really want your hands stained by whatever he's up to?"

Everything that Tremble had said rang true and was cutting to the core of Coddington. Despite his best efforts. Coddington sighed and ran his hand through his hair. "Listen, I work for the government here, if you want to call it a government. Loval runs the place for the most part. If he has your Cadet she is either in on it or dead by now. He does not keep people around who cannot help him." Doubt began to creep into Coddington's voice as he spoke. Tremble had indeed gotten through and now he had no idea what to do.

"Actually, I believe she's alive," Neil said. He had gotten the advantage and could read the doubt in Coddington's eyes. "She was alive when she arrived, so Loval is up to something. If he wanted her dead, it could have been done on Earth. Why transport someone all this way. As to being on his side, well she'll have to explain that to her family and to me. Technically, she's AWOL and I'm a Captain of Federation Marines. If she complains, she can explain it at Capain's mast."

Grinning slightly, and not an overly pleasant grin, the marine said, "At best, they'll allow her to resign. At worst, they'll bust her to Recruit and send her to Lake Idema on Mars. That's if she's here of her own volition. If she's not, well then we do things the other way. You can be part of the solution or part of the problem, Mr. Coddington. The people you actually work for need protecting from Loval. If you want to clear him out, I can help you with that and with getting some aid to actually let the people here direct their own fate."

Coddington was a Starfleet officer, however, he was also an opportunist. Both sides of his character were in direct conflict at the moment. However, most of what Tremble said made sense to the Constable. "Listen I am going to need more evidence than your word to go on. The fact that we have not completely taken out your team shows that at the very least we are open to listening. Besides if you think that your ship up there is going to remain unharmed then you are simply out of your mind."

Coddington had reached the point where he knew no matter the outcome he won. If Neil was correct then he would stop Loval and be the hero, if he was not correct he has stalled the away team long enough to get Loval and the girl to safety. This was a win win and added up to perfect scenario.

Neil nodded. "Always hedging your bets. There's nothing wrong with a safe play, but never underestimate things, Mr. Coddington," Neil commented idly. "While I appreciate you and yours not trying to take out my team. I hope you appreciate likewise that I didn't wander in blind. I've got enough firepower on planet to technically invade."

Letting his eyes harden slightly, Neil commented further, "We'll deal with Loval's ship when we have to...put yourself in my place. Would I really set foot on this rock without an exit strategy. You know Marines build their missions from the back end first, yeah? Rule number three for FMC RECON doctrine is know how you're getting home."

Coddington nodded and smiled. He had known the teachings of the Corps even though he had never served as a Marine. "Captain you have to know that as a human serving on a Romulan colony you don't get to where I have gotten without thinking one step ahead of everyone. The fact is this is a win win scenario for me. However, there is a small part of me that wants to make sure I am on the right side. So again I will ask for some sort of evidence other than your word."

Neil sighed at Coddington and itched at the side of his head. A holo-image popped into existence from his contact and as it ran through it's display, he commentated. "Fine. Those are three MARVEL suits set to deploy on automatics along with a full ordinance kits for dealing with terrestrial threats of a really annoying nature. They can go online, insert and it only takes one marine to melt or destroy pretty much anything on this rock. If all three of us suit-up,'s going to be a bad day for pretty much everyone. I'll be doing paperwork until my eyes bleed."

Then the marine smiled, "As for extra-terrestrial threats. Well, you didn't think we came to the party alone. Did you?" Neil seemed to check himself then said, "Well, the rest of our vacationers saw fit to trust in that Captain's yacht. I on the other hand brought a friend."

Neil blinked twice with his left eye, looking down and away from Coddington then back at the man and the holo-projection changed. A female Klingon was looking out from the projection, smiling a toothy smile as she said, "I'm getting tired of waiting Neil. Is it time to teach these ngoQ to fight with honor and not kidnap children?"

"Soon, I think, ambassador," Neil said. Then to Coddington he said, "Mr. Coddington, meet Ambassda Larta of the KDF. And my blood-debt sister. She's currently leading a flight of D-12/H birds of prey. It's always nice to have family, isn't it?"

Everything Neil had been saying meant nothing to Coddington, that is until the appearance of the Klingon woman. He knew that if the Klingons arrived there would be no stopping the bloodshed. He held his hand out to stave Neil. "You know if the Klingons arrive there will be massive bloodshed. Old feuds die hard... You call off the Ambassador, and tell me who it is exactly you are looking for and I will see what I can do about helping you and saving this outpost. I think that is a fair deal." Coddington had misjudged Tremble. He was good, perhaps one of the best Coddington had ever dealt with. This lapse in judgement would not be a mistake he would repeat.

Neil stood then, saying "Larta. Stand by." The marine made adjustments to the holo-projector and the file image of a young woman in cadet uniform appeared. "Cadet Lyie t'Hwersuil. But she'd have been with Loval and I know you've been in contact. He's got a bolt hole someplace, and I'd wager you know where."

"I have no idea what whole he is in. However, what I can tell you is that when he arrived with the woman she did not seem to be kidnapped. I mean I have worked my fair share of kidnappings and usually the vic puts up a fight gives the public a sign that they do not want to be there. Your cadet was a ready, and willing participant. At least that is the way that I saw it...." Coddington's mind was running frantically he knew that if this Larta was called in there would be little left of the Outpost. A thought occurred to him spur of the moment. "There is a place in the outpost, an area that is off limits to non Romulans. Since my appointment here I have been told it is simply an area for storage. If you think I believe that I have an Academy in San Francisco I can sell you for cheap. But that is most likely where, if anywhere Loval would be."

Neil considered the man and brought up a holo-map of the outpost and general area. "Alright, we'll start there. Identify it on my map, I'll re-task my eye in the sky and vector in my team. Glad you made the right decision here, Mr. Coddington. And if you're coming with, you'd better call me Neil."

The marine maintained eye contact with the security officer, still weighing the man and not anywhere near willing to trust him yet.

Coddington indicated the area that he was talking about. For the moment it appeared as a dark spot on Neil's map. He checked his holstered weapon. "Well Neil lets get going before someone blows the rock up."

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