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Can we trust them

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Mission: Episode 11 - Family Matters
Location: Science Lab 1
Timeline: MD003 1315 hrs

Kalina walked into the science lab, and noticed that Zaire was hard at work at his station. She strolled over to him, and hoped that he noticed her presence. She was in the mood to talk, she was not sure how she felt about the Jutrai. She was curious how Zaire felt about them.

Zaire hasn’t seen Kalina come in but she sensed her presence and broke off from his work. He turned and smiled at her. “Welcome to my work space.”

Kalina just smiled as she looked to Zaire. She decided to respond telepathically. "So this is my competition?" Kalina said, with a big grin on her face.

”This is it,” Zaire sent back with a smile on his face. ”Though I am sure we both know it doesn’t even compare.” He was happy to see her.

Kalina grinned at his comment. At least he could admit it. "Dunno, men sure do love their toys." Kalina pointed out to him, as she put her hand on the surface, and followed the contour line of the console.

”It is true that we do,”, Zaire replied. “An intelligent man knows that there is much more important things in life. He looked over a her,thinking he was lucky to have her in his life.

"Now I am curious, what is more important than a man toys?" Kalina asked, with a curious look on her face. She expected him to say her.

”Those a person cares about.” Zaire explained. “For me that would be you.” He would always put people before things.

"You expect me to believe that, we barely know each other. While I appreciate the little white lie you just said, to earn brownie points with me. I appreciate it, if you were honest. I know I need to earn your trust and love from that machine right there." Kalina said in a teasing voice. She was trying to make him smile.

“On this...” Zaire began and then smiled at her when he heard the teasing in her voice. He shook his head and laughed. “You got me there. Honestly though, time doesn’t define a relationship.”

"Don't worry, you have it worse. You have to compete with the Pioneer for my affection." Kalina said, with a big grin. She was a helmsman for the ship. And she really liked the old gal.

“Oh I do.” Zaire said with a smile. “At least I know who my completion is I will have to step up my game.”

"The Pioneer is a sexy lady, with nice curves. You will need to step up your game, as you put it." Kalina said, in a teasing voice.

“I think I can outplay her.” Zaire said with a grin. “I have much going for me.”

Kalina did not want the cameras to record this reaction so she decided to use telepathy to talk to him. "Confidence is a sexy trait for sure. But don't count the Pioneer out, just yet." Kalina told him, she was a pilot, and she wanted him to know it.

”I won’t.”Zaire replied. ”I intend to coexist with the Pioneer not drive the importance and love for your job away. It is a part of who you are.”

"Sounds like defeat already." Kalina said, with a barrel like chuckle. She was just teasing him, and he was fair sport about it. Which she appreciated.

”I will not be defeated.” Zaire said with a smile. ”Compromise is needed at times and I am attracted to you the way you are.”

Kalina just grinned, as she went on to say telepathically. "I believe you mean failure is not an option."

”Yes!”Zaire sent back. ”I want to be with you but I am not good with words sometime.”
"You are a telepath, you do not always have to express yourself through words." Kalina suggested to him, with a big grin on her face, and in her soul.

Zaire thought for a moment and then smiled. ”You are right.” He loved it when she smiled. It lit up her face. ”We should spend some time together letting our feelings and minds do the talking.”.

"I like the sound of that." Kalina said, as she wanted to hold him close, but they were in the lab. She kept her distance, but she allowed her feelings to be shared.
”Tonight?”Zaire asked her. He wondered if that was what she stopped by for or if it was just to visit him.

Kalina had a big grin on her face. I might be available tonight, depends what you have in mind? Kalina suggested to him, telepathically. She liked the idea of getting together later on in the night.

”Dinner. Zaire said. ”And some time spent getting to know each other better. They hasn’t had a lot of that lately.

"I like the sound of that." Kalina said to him, allowing her emotions to be scanned freely. She liked the idea of spending more time with him.

Zaire let his emotions free as he read hers. He felt a warmth run through him that they were on the same page. ”So tonight then.”

"Tonight." Kalina said outloud, as the scene starts to fade away.

Zaire smiled to himself as he thought about the evening ahead. He was looking forward to it.

Zaire watched as she left the science department and thought to himself that this was a good match for him. It seemed like a long time ago he had been freaking out over having his parents arrange this marriage but it had turned out to be the best thing.
Kalina was everything he could want in a wife. It had to have been Kalina’s aunt who matched them up because his mother never seemed to do anything that benefited them. Just what benefited her.

Zaire had been a little out of sorts earlier and having Kalina visit had lifted his spirits and he was looking forward to the evening.

Location: Shuttle Bay

A short time had passed ands Kalina found herself heading to the shuttle bay. She had a good visit with Zaire, but now she had to head to work. She was needed in the bay.

One of the shuttles needed an inspection, and she promised the chief, that she would assist with the inspection. As she headed to the bay.

She kept thinking about Zaire, and the small encounter they just shared together. She was very pleased to see him again. She found herself, growing very close to him.

Location: Science Department

Zaire caught himself daydreaming once more and mentally kicked himself. He needed to get this assignment done or the chief might have his head or at the very least question his abilities.

He looked at his empty coffee cup and got himself some more. Ever since Kalina had stopped, spending the evening with her was all he had thought about.

Shaking his head he sat down and looked back at the screen. While he wasn’t on the peace mission that the others were, he was studying the people and their world.

A joint post by;

Ensign Kalina Solwick
Flight Control Officer, USS Pioneer

Ensign Zaire Byrne
Science Officer, USS Pioneer


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