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Bridging The Gap
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD005 0900 hrs

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Fun Night

Posted on Mon Mar 15th, 2021 @ 3:11pm by Ensign Kalina Solwick & Ensign Zaire Byrne
Edited on on Mon Mar 15th, 2021 @ 3:14pm

Mission: Episode 11 - Family Matters
Location: After 11
Timeline: MD002 2130 hrs

Kalina was feeling a good buzz, from the drink that Clarissa had given her. She was energized, and feeling on top of the world. Clarissa had walked away for a moment. She took another small sip from her drink, this time she was hovering by the table, where both of their drinks were placed.

Zaire sat at the bar, his eyes were on Kalina. He was tempted to go over and get he didn’t want to intrude on her evening with her friends. He stared at her, debating his choices.

Kalina could sense his presense. Why was he sitting alone. She decided to use telepathy, so they could talk. "Why are you sitting alone? You can join us!" Kalina pointed out to him.

"I did not want to disturb your evening with your friends," Zaire sent as he picked up his glass and headed over yo where she sat. He smiled at her as he sat down. "I debated coming over."

Kalina did not respond with words, or telepathy. She leaned into him, and kissed him. Allowing her emotions to express her alcohol stated emotional feeling. She felt great, top of the world.

Zaire was surprised that she kissed him but he returned it with a passion of his own. He hoped it wasn't just the alcohol talking, that she was feeling something for him in this moment.

She could sense, he was concerned. "Why are you worried?" Kalina asked, as she pulled away, but stared into his eyes. There was nothing but passion in her eyes, as she stared at him.

”I want to ask you something but I am afraid you will take it wrong,” Zaire confessed. He saw her own passion reflecting back at him.

Kalina looked at him. He looked to serious, what a buzz kill. But she needed to be fair to him. "Go on." She said, outload. Then took a small sip from her drink. She had no idea, what to expect.

“I...”’Zaire shook his head and smiled at her. “Never mind, it was nothing. He leaned over and kissed her back. “I know you probably want to know but let’s just save it for another time, I just want to enjoy the evening with you.”

"How are we suppose to enjoy an evening, if you have something lingering out there?" Kalina said, with a concerned look on her face. He was starting to ruin her buzz.

“I just wanted to be sure I wasn’t killing your girls night,” Zaire said with a smile. “But then I realized how happy you were to have me come over.”

Kalina was a little surprised by his comment. A girls night, how sexiest? She did not believe in excluding anyone. Especially the man she was suppose to marry. She grabbed his cheek and lightly pulled him closer to her face. "Sweetie, you are always welcome to join me, wherever I go. Expect maybe the bathroom." She said, in a teasing voice.

Zaire smiled widely. As usual he was overthinking. “I feel the same way.” He said, his eyes meeting hers. “You are a really good dancer.”

"You should dance with me on the floor, I will apologize a head of time for my two left." She said, with a teasing grin. She was trying to tell him nicely, that she might step on his feet.

“We may just step on each other,” Zaire said with a grin. “I would love to dance with you but I’m not very good either.”

Kalina felt a sudden urge to kiss, and her emotions were loudly expressing that, as she leaned in for a kiss on the dance floor. She liked the idea, that he was just as clumsly as she was, at dancing.

Zaire kissed her back, pulling her close As there bodies touched, both of them ineptly dancing to the music. He grinned at her. “I am really awful at this but being with you I don’t even care.”

"Life is to short, to worry about the things we have no control over." Kalina suggested to him, as she started into his eyes. They had clearly bonded, which was good. She felt the connection between them growing.

“I know what you are saying,” Zaire agreed. “Often times the worry ends up being nothing and then it is time wasted.” He was ready to move forward but he was being patient. She has been the one who wasn’t certain in the beginning.

"So there is a lesson to be learned, just let it go." Kalina said, with a big grin. "I know you have it in you." She pointed out to him. She then reached out to touch his face. To show her compassion towards him.

Zaire liked the feel of her hand on his face. He let go of everything outside of her wanting nothing to interfere with them. “I already have.” He murmured.

Kalina for a brief moment wondered what happened to Clarissa, but the moment faded fast. She was happy that Zaire was here. "I hope so, but you can not do it for me. Does not work that way." Kalina pointed out to him.

“I wouldn’t,” Zaire replied. “I am letting go of everything around me but us tonight. No second guessing or outside influences. It’s just you and me.”

"That works for tonight, what about the rest of the time. Somethings can not be handled on a daily basis. I think you have some soul searching to do." Kalina suggested to him.

“There will always be outside influence,” Zaire nodded in agreement. “But my priority and focus will be us. This is important.”

"I hope so, we will be together for a long time." Kalina said in a playful manner. And a big cheesy grin on her face.

Zaire smiled at her. “I like the sound of that.” He was having a good time with her and didn’t want the evening to end .

Kalina leaned in for another kiss as the scene starts to fade away. This moment, this time. Everything seems so right everything seems so perfect.

Zaire met her kiss and it was as if they were the only ones there, in a perfect moment.

A joint post by;

Ensign Kalina Solwick
Flight Control Officer, USS Pioneer

Ensign Zaire Byrne
Science Officer, USS Pioneer


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