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What an adventure!

Posted on Fri Oct 1st, 2021 @ 12:17am by Helena Moreno
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Mission: Episode 11 - Family Matters
Location: Classroom & Holodeck - Deck 5 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD005 0900 hrs

Enya finished her test on her padd and closed it out. She was confident she had aced it, having studied the night before. She looked over at Helena who had just finished as well.

“Class dismissed.” Their holographic teacher said in a monotone voice. “Don’t forget I expect your reports form the assigned book to be turned in tomorrow. They were reading. Enya has chosen a book in a series she was reading about time travel.

Enya slipped her padd into her bag and slung it over her shoulder. She smiled at Helena as they headed out of the room. “I have a question for you.” She said with a smile. She and Helena had gotten together a few times and Enya liked her a lot. She was happy to finally have a friend on board.

"Fire away." Helena said to her friend with a smile.

"If you could spend one day doing anything you want," Enya said with a grin. "Where would you go and what would you do?" She looked over at Helena. "Anything!"

Helena thought for a moment. "I'd like to explore a world of mythical creatures, you know dragons, alicorns, things like that." She said.

"Want to go to the holodeck and explore it," Enya said with excitement. "It would be fun and its better than just going home!" She would leave a message for her parents she was hanging out with Helena.

"Sounds like fun, I have to let my mum know." Helena replied. "But, I don't think she'll mind."

"Okay," Enya replied with a smile. "I hope she will cause it will be fun!"

Helena activated her personal communicator and contacted her mother.

"Hi, Mum." She said.

"Hi, Love, how are?" Hermia said.

"I'm fine, Mum. Enya has asked me to join her on the holodeck, can I go, please?" Helena asked.

"Yes, but I want you home in 2 hours, okay?" Hermia said.

"Okay." Helena agreed excitedly.

"Good, have fun." Hermia said.

"Thanks, Mum, I will. Good bye." Helena replied.

"Love you, good bye." Hermia responded and ended the call.

Turning to Enya, Helena said. "She said yes, but I have to be home in 2 hours."

Enya grinned as they headed to the holodeck. “That works great because my mother will be home just after that.”’

"Great." Helena said. "I want to see a dragon."

"I want to ride one," Enya grinned. "High up in the sky!" She remembered watching a movie about a boy who had a pet dragon and thought that would be so cool.

"That sounds even better." Helena replied.

“It would almost be like we had wings,” Enya grinned. “Flying through the sky!”

"I want a purple dragon with emerald eyes, that breathes out grape soda." Helena said.

Enya giggled. "I want an orange one!" She thought for a moment. "And Lime green soda!"

Helena laughed happily. "Then let's go find them." She said.

Enya led the way to the holodeck and entered the program protocol. "Here we go!" She said with a laugh.

Through the doors they found a field of slightly blue grass and bright coloured flowers. In the distance was a mountain range that glowed in the sun. To their left was a forest of tree-flowers with petals of pink, yellow, red and sky-blue. And to their right was a babbling brook.

"It's so beautiful!" Enya exclaimed with a wide grin. "Where do you suppose the dragons are hiding!" She really wanted to fly high up in the sky.

"They're probably in the mountains." Helena said. Then she smiled. "Maybe there's a tunnel that can take us to them. Quick look for a door."

Enya started hunting and finally grinned. “Look! There it is! Let’s go!”

Helena was excited and readily followed the younger girl.

Enya ran towards the mountains and saw a dragon fly up in the air. "Look!" She cried out in excitement.

Enya and Helena each chose a dragon and spent the afternoon on one adventure after another, until the program ended and Enya was ordered to her quarters.

“I had fun!” Enya said, her eyes lit up. “I’ll see you tomorrow!” She wondered what news her parents had to share and knew she would find out soon enough.

"Me too." Helena said with a wide smile. "Sure, you can choose the program next time." She added.

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