Memories before arriving

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Merrick while he was packing his gear, came across one of his journals he'd kept whilst being assigned on the USS King George V and the New Exploration Command. A page opened up with a pressed flower which was made to be a bookmark. It was given to him by the XO at that time, Commander Jessye Watson. He remembered her, a vibrant red-head shorter than he was, with eyes, dark grey like the clouds that held the promise of rain. Edmund sat down and began to read over his notes at the time. He paused to look out to the distant stars, remembering that expedition he and she went on, along with others.


They were exploring an otherwise unknown world.He enjoyed these sorts of expeditions and was very glad that he was chosen to come along. Commander Jessye Watson was a scientist one who was eager to look at new exciting discoveries. At times it seemed to Edmund, that most couldn't seem to keep up with the energy that she displayed. Well a select few were able to do so, and that included him as well as his CO, Major Tom Nathan Tralinsky, TNT for short.

The planet they were exploring was a class M Planet, which would be sufficient enough to support a colony if the Federation chose to allow this to happen. So far they hadn't come across any other signs of life except for the fauna that were native to the planet. Edmund, along with Major TNT and three others were sent down to the planet's surface. They were to make certain the area was clear from any possible hostile elements which would endanger the exploration team which would follow shortly. Once deeming it was safe for the team to beam down, the signal was given. Then Commander Watson and her team materialized at the designated spot.

Further from the landing spot, the away team came across some ancient structures which got the XO rather excited. Eager to discover more about this area and maybe find more information, Commander Watson asked Major Tralinsky to split the teams up so that more ground could be covered. Tralinsky agreed. Edmund was assigned to go with one of the science personnel, Ensign Katy Millwood. The pretty little blonde seemed to have a thing for Marines and seemed to be very happy to be assigned under his watchful eye. He couldn't fathom why though. He didn't think himself to be the most attractive man around, plus he'd not even given her any indication that he was interested....

Merrick took a pause in his journey down memory lane, to take a quick swig of water. He picked his journal back up then went back to his reading of his notes; the memory running through his mind.

Edmund was rather careful in his duties as an escort for Ensign Millwood, thankfully for his sanity, she became engrossed in finding what looked to be an old road. She seemed to lose interest in him and became more interested in the stones that were overgrown with weeds and grasses growing in between. Periodically Merrick would check in with the other teams, while Ensign Millwood was taking samples and recording other findings. Then it happened, there was no longer any communication from the other teams, nor could he raise the ship. This concerned Edmund, he marked the area where he and Ensign Millwood were at, making note of the coordinates, and then let her know that they needed to head back.

At first Ensign Millwood was trying to pull rank on him trying to stay a bit longer, but Merrick wasn't going to have any of that. It was his job to keep her safe, much like the others of his team, would be doing so with the others. They made progress, the sun dropping lower in the horizon and still no communication from the rest of the away team. When it got dark, and Ensign Millwood was getting tired, Merrick made camp in a small grove of trees, and gave her some of the rations he had carried with him. She fell asleep, he kept watch, it was too dark to travel in unfamiliar territory. The moon rose, Merrick woke Ensign Millwood up. There was enough light for him to see his trail markers he'd left. It may have looked like random rocks put in a stack, but those were things he could utilize, to find their way back to the rest of the team.

Ensign Millwood grumbled slightly wanting to know why they didn't stay there in the small grove, and wait until daylight came. Edmund only shook his head, he didn't have a good feeling in doing so. There was the sense of something or someone watching them and he couldn't shake the feeling off. On occasion he'd catch sight of slight movement as if they were being followed, he didn't let Millwood know though. Last thing he needed was to let her get into a state of fright or panic. At one point, he had to get them both off of the broken road and into the woods they had passed by early on. Ensign Millwood was starting to realize that something was going on, especially since she caught sight of something from the corner of her eye.

She grabbed hold of Merrick by the arm and hoarsely whispered, "We're being followed aren't we?"

Merrick gave her a slow nod, "Yes we are." he murmured quietly. "I need you to not panic but we've got to move as quietly as we can, I think we've come across some natives. I hadn't picked up any sign of them before, and maybe they are nomads." Merrick caught movement once more, and flung both he and Millwood to one side as a spear hit the tree that they had been near, scant two inches from where Merrick's head had been. Merrick kept with the roll then dragged Millwood up off the ground and they ran, being chased by the unknown denizens of this area. Merrick did his best to keep himself and Millwood moving in the direction he felt the landing site was at. During their flight, Millwood stumbled and wrenched her ankle which made their progress slower. Happily they were within sight of some ruins, an old stone building with one part of the wall collapsed. A good place to hunker down, and give them a defensible place. They were able to get Millwoods’ ankle wrapped in case they should have to make a run for it.

Their pursuers caught up to them, tried hitting them with their primitive weapons. Merrick had to set his weapon on a wide beam dispersal heavy stun setting to deal with those who tried to storm where he and Millwood were at. Merrick didn’t know how long they would be having to face off with the attackers, it seemed to go on forever. When the dawn’s early glow touched the sky, the attackers withdrew. Merrick waited until the morning sun was brighter, then he worked to figure out where they were. He also noticed that there were several spears that had been dropped along with some blades. Left behind by their attackers. He took one blade, the rest of the weapons he piled up then turned to Millwood.

“Shall we try to get back?” Edmund asked Millwood, “Can you travel on your own or do I need to carry you back?”

Millwood tested her ankle, it was still too injured for her to walk on her own. “Sorry, looks like I will have to be carried.” having a regretful expression.

Merrick gave a nod, “Well, guess you’ll have to play, being my backpack.” He remarked with a slight smile, trying to alleviate the seriousness of their situation. He crouched down for her to climb onto his back, got his bearings from the coordinates he had taken before leaving the landing site and headed out. Just as they neared the site, their combadges crackled to life.

“Ensign Millwood, Lieutenant Merrick do you copy.” came the welcome voice of Major Tralinsky. “If you can hear us, we’re at the landing site.”

Merrick paused long enough to tap his combadge and answered. “Copy sir, we’re not too far from you.” Not too long after the communications, both he and Millwood saw the others waiting for them. “Welcome back.” were the words they heard. Merrick crouched down for Millwood to get off his back, and then they were all beamed back up to the ship.

Millwood tried to give Merrick a kiss for saving her, and he stepped back. Instead of a kiss he got a slap, for not accepting her kiss. She was reprimanded for her actions, he ignored the stinging of his cheek where she slapped him. Not wanting to give her any satisfaction of seeing a reaction from him.

Merrick gave a slight smirk at that memory, closed his journal back up, and packed it in with his belongings. It was time to go.



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