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Time will tell

Posted on Mon Sep 28th, 2020 @ 3:21pm by Ensign Eleanor Raine

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Ensign Eleanor Raine, Personal Log.

Things are falling into place quite nicely; I continue to establish effective working relations with many of the crew. Crewman Cipriani kindly gave me a tour of the ship, this was a perfect opportunity to test the water. However, after gently approaching the subject, she is loyal to the Captain, not wanting to participate in idol gossip, oh to be so young and naive again, always makes one ponder, what could she be hiding, One interesting thing did crop up, is that she has the ear of the Captain, which could certainly be of benefit. Therefore, keeping pleasant and regular contact with the Crewman would be preferable.

I also submitted my power requirements to the COO, Ameria to which she said she would check and clear with both engineering and the Captain, what did pique my curiosity was that she is the wife of the XO. It’s not every day that a subordinate is married to someone further up the chain of command, it can cause…complications. However, it can also provide opportunity, again regular contact and keeping a close eye out, could be beneficial.

I’ve also noted that the CMO has a history, she was married and from what I gather it wasn’t a happy marriage, this is something I need to further investigate, one never knows what information could be found there, and having information certainly never hinders a diplomat. I also discovered that she also lost someone at Utopia Planitia, further monitoring and relationship building should be fostered, also it never hurts to have a doctor on your side.

I’ve also considered exploring opportunities to expand my knowledge in other areas, at present my diplomatic duties will not occupy all of my time. Therefore, I am going to explore the possibility of taking additional duties as and when required, if the ship were bigger and had need of a large diplomatic core then this wouldn’t be required, However, one officer and one office on the grand scale hints that the ship does not require a full-time Diplomatic Officer. None the less the upcoming mission will certainly require my skills and I can swap and change duties as required if the Captain agrees, something that I need to approach and if Sofia has his ear, then maybe I should seek her opinion on what she thinks he will say.

I still need to introduce myself to several key personal, and to that end, I was thinking of the possibility of cooking for the senior staff, in a more personal, relaxed manner, after all, hearty home-cooked meal with a selection of hard to come by, bordering on an illegal selection of wine is always a crowd-pleaser, but is merely a benefit of being a diplomat. However, a suitable venue such as after eleven, or perhaps the Captain’s personal dining room would be appropriate, again I shall have to approach the subject.

On a more personal level, I need to further investigate my quarters. I’ve had an odd feeling on several occasions, as though someone was there with me, the feeling of a presence that gives me the chills. I’m not one for superstition but something feels off and I know to always trust must gut, I also need to contact my parents and reassure them all is fine, they didn’t want me to accept this posting, they have reservations…reservations about the federation and they certainly agreed with what Picard said about Starfleet, how they abandoned their obligations, I admit at first I had my doubts, was Starfleet really the Starfleet I had heard so much about, how could I more effectively help people than join and champion the causes I believe in, time will certainly tell.

Computer, End Log and Encrypt


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