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Posted on Wed Jul 8th, 2020 @ 4:55am by Ensign Eleanor Raine

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Ensign Eleanor Raine, Personal Log

My arrival at the Pioneer was uneventful, the journey long but worth it. An Intrepid-class maybe half the size of a Galaxy-class vessel, but she is sleek, fast, and nimble, all the qualities a lady should have. My meeting with the Captain was pleasant, one can tell he really does not view the need for a diplomat on this mission, but I will demonstrate how wrong he is and prove my worth.

I have been assigned quarters and my own little diplomatic office is located on deck three with the Captain telling me to holler any requests his way, I shall unpack, settle in and then check what I need, in the meantime, I have approached the ships Yeoman for a tour of the ship, that way I can put out my feelers and get the low down on any ships gossip. Once, I have settled in I intend to make the rounds to the department heads and introduce myself, after all, one needs to establish good working relations.

For now, I need to kick back, relax, unpack and settle in, I need to establish my presence here as well as establish secure communication with several acquaintances, that way I can take stock and gauge the present mood on both sides.

Encrypt Entry and End Log.


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