Lieutenant Kolok

Name Kolok

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Klingon
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5"
Weight 280
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Like many Klingons, Kolok is tall and broad of chest. He is in peak physical form. He has long black hair that is braided and hangs freely down his back. He has a scar that runs along his jaw line.


Spouse None
Children None
Father K'rak
Mother Chi'tajk
Brother(s) Kolof
Sister(s) Marela

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kolok is more calm that most Klingons. He has been trained to consider problems from many perspectives. He is not free with his affections but when he loves, he loves with his whole being. He is loyal to those who show loyalty to him. His temperament is cool but when pushed too far, he can become a violent Klingon.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Analytical
+Inate gift with technology

-Slow to make friends
-Can be blunt at inopportune times
Ambitions Kolok wishes to bring honor to his house, Serve Starfleet with distinction, and die well.
Hobbies & Interests Bat'leth competition/ training
Weapons mastery
Making human beer... but better
Learning new technologies

Personal History Born in 2381 to K’rak and Chi’tajk of the House of Martok, Kolok was a normal, healthy Klingon son. The most unusual thing about his birth was that it took place on his parent’s science vessel and he was delivered by his father, K’rak. The two scientists were sponsored by the new Klingon Federation of Science and spent the first ten years of Kolok’s life exploring stars in deep space. Kolok was trained as an assistant scientist from a young age, and found his natural aptitude for technology and computers. At the same time, his father made sure that his son was trained in the ways of the warrior and well-versed in Klingon honor. He was joined by a brother, Kolof when he was three and another brother, Kyrin when he was seven. The brothers were inseparable and made a bond that cannot be broken.
When he was ten, their ship was disabled and caught in a binary star’s gravitational field. The outlook was grim for the Klingon family until the USS Redoubt, a Starfleet ship, rescued them. The Starfleet officers were kind to Kolok and his family and he made many fond memories. When they finished their science survey, his family returned to Klingon space and settled down on a quiet colony. Kolok’s sister joined them a year later.
Kolok grew to manhood, assisting with science projects, repairing technology for the entire settlement but always remembering how impressed he’d been with Starfleet. When he declared his intent to join, his parents were happy for him but his brothers thought it was a mistake. Still, he departed for Starfleet Academy and spent four years there. The initial transition was difficult. Kolok was a tall, imposing figure and most people didn’t bother to get to know the keen mind behind the Klingon. He was lonely until he found friends. He graduated in the top third of his class, and champion wrestler.
His first posting was a Steamrunner Class ship, the USS Virginia. Kolok found the ship to be fascinating and, as a junior Operations Officer, Ensign Kolok was often found deep inside the depths of the aging ship or pouring over power management systems for hours. He was quiet, made few friends but worked hard and was content. The only thing he missed was the comradery of his brothers . When he was promoted to Lieutenant JG in 2388, Kolok decided it was time for something new. He applied for, and was granted, a cultural exchange and found himself as third officer on the Klingon Vor’Cha class IKS Drovana. The Drovana was an opportunity for Kolok to reconnect with his Klingon family as his brother, Kolof also served aboard. The two brothers worked closely and Kolok enjoyed eating real Klingon food after years of Starfleet replicated food. He also became more proficient with a Bat’leth. During his time aboard the Drovana, Kolok made many friends in the Klingon defense forces, contacts that he keeps to the present day.
When Kolok’s exchange ended, he was transferred to the USS Iowa, an Akira class ship and was named Assistant Chief of Operations. He had never served on an attack cruiser like the Iowa and found the complexities of managing the ship’s systems to be fascinating and challenging. The Iowa kept a high ops tempo and the demands of managing the ship’s systems for flight ops, maneuvering and research helped hone his expertise as an Operations Officer. When he came up for promotion, Kolok knew that he would have to leave the Iowa after a wonderful 6 years if he wanted to be a Chief of Operations. A friend of his, Commader Jek’Lar, Chief of Operations on Empok Nor, informed Kolok that there was an opening on the USS Pioneer. Kolok applied and was accepted.
Service Record Born- 2363

Starfleet Academy- 2381-2384

2384-2388- USS Virginia (Steamrunner Class) Ensign, Operations Officer
2388-2392- IKS Drovana (Vor'Cha Class) Lieutenant JG, 3rd Officer
2392-2398- USS Iowa (Akira Class) Lieutenant JG, Assistant Operations Officer
2398- Promoted to Lieutenant. Assigned USS Pioneer, Chief Of Operations