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Lieutenant Claire Eriksson

Name Claire Eriksson

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 5’1.5
Weight 115
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Claire has shoulder length straight blond hair with sparkling blue eyes. She is on the shorter side but carries herself with confidence. She has a pleasant yet serious voice. Claire is always on her game when she is working, looking her best.


Spouse Clark Eriksson
Children Marshall - 12
Father Edwin
Mother Margaret
Brother(s) Charles
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Claire is friendly and outgoing. She lieks to meet new people and help those around her grow as crew Members with the hope that they will succeed in their careers. She loves her family and they come first with her even in times of tough calls.
Strengths & Weaknesses Hard working, loyal, honest and punctual.

Stubborn, tunnel vision at times And not always forthcoming with her opinions.
Ambitions Claire is taking Life one step at a time.
Hobbies & Interests Racquetball, table games, reading, building models with her sim.

Personal History Early Years:

Claire was born the second child in San Francisco, the daughter of high society lawyers. She was raised with expectations of being seen and not heard. Planning every part of her life in detail order. Even fun was schedule into her day. It didn’t seem to be anything but ordinary while she was growing up.

At the age of sixteen, Claire was sent to a prestigious boarding school, where her parents hoped she would gain the knowledge and aptitude to become someone they would be proud of. Fortunately for Claire, it was where she learned that life did not have to be met with a schedule. She became close friends with Felicity Vermont, who was always late, a messy girl and believed that fun was instinctive and not scheduled. This opened a new world for Claire ad she learned to balance the life long learning from her parents and adopted some of Felicity’s perspectives.

Claire and Felicity went to a career day confer race and both of them found interests in Starfleet. Claire loved computers and she found an interest in operations while her friend chose security because it was exciting.

Claire hid her future plans from her family until after she graduated and came home to pack. It was then she headed off to the Academy where she entered the Operations program against her parents wishes.

Academy Years:

Arriving at the Academy Claire shared a room with Felicity. Though they were good friends, things became difficult as Claire realized her friend was more interested in partying and meeting men while Claire was determined to work hard and succeed in the career she had chosen. She didn’t want to be the wife of some successful high society person but rather a partner in any relationship she made.

Claire worked hard and graduated in the top of her class, immediately assigned to a Starship. Her parents did not come to her graduation because they wouldn’t support her choices but her brother Charles was there and happy for her.


Claire served on several ships as she impressed the command staff.
It was while serving on the USS Marquette that she met and fell in love with Clark Eriksson, who was enlisted. They both ended up in trouble for fraternizing, which Claire worried could end a career for one of them. It took a lot of work but they both managed to hang onto their positions. With time, they married and now have a son, Marshall. They both currently serve on the USS Pioneer where Claire is currently the Operations Chief
Service Record Born in 2356

Entered the Academy in 2374

Graduated: 2378