Ensign Lucas Walker

Name Lucas James Walker

Position Science Officer

Rank Ensign


Character Information

Gender Male
Species human
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10 1/2
Weight 160
Hair Color light brown
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Lucas is of average height and weight. He has short brown hair and black eyes. There are no markings on his body but he does have a pierced ear. He does work out to keep himself fit and in shape.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Abraham
Mother Shelly
Brother(s) Thomas
Sister(s) Stella

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lucas is friendly and outgoing. He enjoys meeting new people and spending time with others. He is comfortable with most settings, being the entertainer but prefers more, to be a part of the party and blending in. He loves to dance. Exercise is a part of his regiment as well as loves puzzles of any kind. He tends to spend his off time relaxing in his quarters or reading.

Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths; He is loyal and generous. He is hardworking and serious about his career in science.

Weaknesses: He can be so tenacious that he doesn't want to quit working on something even when it is time to call it a day.. He also tends to be sneaky when something doesn't go his way.

Ambitions Keep moving up the ranks
Hobbies & Interests
Lucas likes crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles and others. He likes plants and has several in his quarters. He also loves to travel when he is on a leave when possible. He is often found camping, preferring to be in the great outdoors.

Personal History Childhood:

Lucas spent his childhood on Earth with his family, being the oldest of three children. When he was ten, his parents decided to pull up roots and moved to Starbase Zenith where his mother opened a store and his father sold novels, and was quite successful at. He learned quickly that there was a world of difference between life back home and on the starbase.

Where his brother and sister seemed to have difficulties adjusting, Lucas made friends with other children on the base and found that he liked how it was a fast paced life.

Lucas was just starting his latter years of schooling when he discovered a love for all things living. Plants, other species, all forms of life. Lucas signed up for science classes and soon his dreams began of having a career in science and attending Starfleet Academy.

While his friends were making dates and finding love, he was studying as hard as he could. Neither of his parents felt he stood a chance but with the help of his science teacher he applied and was accepted. After graduation, Lucas headed off to Earth.

Starfleet Academy:

Lucas adapted to planet life relatively easy as it brought back memories of his years back home before his parents moved them to the Starbase. He studied hard and when he had breaks, he traveled around the immediate area, hiking and spending time seeing the sights.

After four years, he graduated in the upper part of his class and was assigned to the USS Pioneer in the Science Department. Lucas was happy to be starting his career and fulfilling his dreams.

Service Record 2396 - Present
USS Pioneer, Science Officer

Starfleet Academy
Science Department