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Colonel Loval

Name Loval

Position Tal Shiar Commanding Officer

Rank Colonel

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan
Age 150

Physical Appearance

Height 6'7"
Weight 270 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Loval is tall and broad shouldered. His torso is a V shape of solid muscle. His years at the Tal Shiar have made him well practiced in keeping his feelings at bay and his face expressionless. Standing at 6'7"" with a solid athletic build, close cropped black hair, shaved at the sides and back with dark black eyes. His eyes add to his intimidating presence and the mystery of his thought. His forehead sports a solid V shaped ridge that extends into the hairline. Ears are pointed, but not overly extended in height.


Spouse Kekun (deceased)
Children Jiban (deceased)
Father Povek (deceased)
Mother Sare'ena (deceased)
Sister(s) Gwiu - eldest - deceased
Vrina - second eldest - deceased
Kihaia - youngest - deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview Loval is a all business individual he has paid his dues rising through the ranks of the Empire and now it is his time to shine. Romulan stoicism, he knows that the Hobus incident brought the Empire to it's knees and the Empire needs help, however, he is still leary for asking for the help. He has a tendency to ask all of the questions first and then decide the course of action. Treats every piece of information as if it was a secret. Extremely proud to be who he is.
Strengths & Weaknesses +mentally strong/conditioned, can handle mental stresses many times that of humans, thus does not falter under pressure
+stoic nature, will never give up, no matter the cost

-deals with heavy depression, which can sometimes cause outbursts of anger and rage
-has many secrets
Ambitions The restoration of the Romulan Star Empire's glory
Hobbies & Interests He prefers to socialize in his spare time. As most Romulans he is a social being and enjoys being in the company of others. He also makes Romulan Ale, and Mead.

Personal History Unknown....
Service Record Romulan Military Rhetor - Linguistics & Counter Intelligence
Imperial War College - Romulan Star Navy
*commissioned - Equitoriam (2nd Lt)*
*Assigned to RIS Rh'Kor*
*commendation for meritorious service*
Romulan Intelligence Academy - Naval Intelligence specialist - Methods of the Tal Shiar
*assigned to Listening Post ******** in ***** Quadrant*
*commendation for meritorious service*
*promotion - Secondam (1st Lt)*
*Assigned to IRW Valdore*
*commendation for valorous service*
*Promotion to Chief Intelligence and Weapon's Officer*
Special Intelligence assignment
*special services to Romulan High Council in Hobus incident*
*promotion - Trinam (Capt)*
*awarded the Sotarek Citation - valorous conduct during crisis*
*promotion - Landour (Maj)*
*Transferred Officially to the Tal Shiar*
*promotion - Vallek (Lt Col)*
*promotion - Maldane (Col)*
*Commanding Officer of the Tal Shiar*