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Alket "Al" Marec

Name Alket "Al" Marec

Position Teacher

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Cardassian
Age 125

Physical Appearance

Height 1.6m
Weight 54kg
Hair Color Gunmetal Grey
Eye Color Olive
Physical Description Old beyond his years, frailty beginning to start in his movements. He should be using a cane, and optical assistance, but refuses.

Referring to his age- 105 in Cardassian years, 125 in Earth years (due to differing orbits of the planets, the two civilisations have differing values for a year)


Spouse Maria (deceased)
Children Paulina Marec, Starfleet Academy Library, Earth
Jura Marec, Artist, Gamma Tauri.
Father unknown.
Mother "yes, can't recall her name"
Brother(s) none.
Sister(s) none.
Other Family none, generically that he knows of.

Numerous grandchildren ("at least 4, seem to be more each time I see them"), and great-grandchildren. Also adopted as honorary Uncle by many of his former students, who remember him fondly.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Al is an old man, seen it all, and rather didn't like the like it much. These days he's happiest tending to the library, conserving books and artworks, and has no time for all the politics and games people have.
Strengths & Weaknesses Weakness- failing health, just through wear and tear of a long life.
Strengths- mind is still sharp, and instincts keen, a good reader of people
Ambitions "That's for the young"
Hobbies & Interests Calligraphy, bookbinding, papercrafts

Personal History Al Marec was a good Cardassian, did what he was told, and followed his duty like everyone else, until he was taken prisoner during the first Cardassian War, and was placed in a camp on Beta Tauri. (2326)

There, as a means to keep busy helped build an old Cardassian chapel with his fellow PoWs from scrap materials, and this had almost a religious effect on him, forgetting the military and kindling an interest in old things.

After the war (2331), he decided to stay on Tauri, and became an archivist and librarian for the colony's library.

(Although that is not entirely true, he wasn't on the list of known Prisoners of War given to the federation, and as such, wasn't repatriated after the war; he was forgotten about by his people)

Through time, he married a human woman, (his dearest Maria, passed away 2392) and adopted a couple of children, having a wonderful life and he became a federation citizen (2356). He gained quite the reputation throughout the archivist community as one of the best conservators, which led him to Earth, when his daughter, Paulina, enrolled at the Academy. He wanted to be nearby, if she needed him, and so, worked as a librarian at one of the Old Universities (MIT-Cambridge).

When the Dominion war broke out, he left Earth, fearing for his safety, and returned to the tauri system, being chief librarian of one of the Universities there, from which he retired from in 2393.

While enjoying his retirement, he was yearning to do something, when he was approached by one of his former patrons to join them on a research expedition, he jumped at the chance.

After, a while there, he was finding himself superfluous among the archivists, and so, wished to come home. Elen Diari heard of this, and asked her old friend to come aboard as a librarian, information source and teacher, for "one last adventure."
Service Record civilian with no security clearance (and doesn't want one thank you very much)