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Lieutenant Junior Grade Nazia Tam

Name Nazia Tam

Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill (Joined)
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 7"
Weight 125 Lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Nazia is a young woman of stunning beauty. She has an innocent face with smooth skin and dreamy eyes of an unbelievable blue hue. She has dainty lips which are always slightly parted, revealing obsessively kept white teeth. She has wavy blonde hair that's always fried at the ends and black spots which run down the sides of her body from her hairline to her toes. Her body is shapely and strong with wide hips, toned legs, an impressive bum, and a generous bust. Despite these gifts, Nazia dresses modestly and is generally very selective about putting her body on display.

Nazia has a youthful, high-pitched voice that lacks any harshness unless she's shouting; she has a beautiful coloratura singing voice. Nazia has always loved scented soaps and perfumes, so she always smells wonderful and leaves evidence of her having been in a room when she leaves.


Father Ellion Sopar
Mother Maritzia Sopar
Brother(s) Daron Sopar (Gage Munroe)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Nazia is a quiet and passionate young woman with a big heart but with a symbiont who is known for its emotional imbalance. Like all Tam hosts, she is insightful, quick witted, well-spoken, and a bit naive. Also like all Tam hosts, she can be rather volatile, and even hateful, when pushed into a corner. Though she is beautiful this time around, Tam has many lifetimes of experience as grounded, well-rounded, passionate, sincere, and quite normal-looking people. As a result, Nazia has a newfound since of modesty and inward focus. She is very private because of her deep sensitivity and insecurity. She navigates life through her own moral compass, being rather obsessive about being good. She is also fiercely loyal to both people and ideals because of her desire to be good. As a result of her loyalty and passion, she is hard to woo; for those who have wooed her, however, she is extremely easy to take advantage of.

Nazia is gifted at reading other people's motivations and desires, but often has a hard time keeping track of what she should want. As a result, she constantly second-guesses herself about her life decisions and is highly prone to "going where the wind blows her" rather than making solid plans. She is not, however, a passive person who can be easily manipulated or lead down someone else's path without her extreme loyalty first being present. She has an independent mind and an independent compass; where it's leading her, she does not know. Just as she can read other's motivations, she can also read other people's futures in a practical sense, and is therefore an excellent friend to go to for advice.

Since she received the Tam Symbiont, Nazia has found a sense of duty she didn't know she had. She has a more fully developed idea of the role which she is called to play in the universe and has much more stringent ideas about the roles others are called to play as well. She is now well-attuned to "the way things should be", particularly as far as her own life goes and is quick to correct the people she considers to be under her responsibility. With others, however, she is completely non-judgmental and understanding.

Nazia is very sensitive to the thoughts of others and has a considerable fear that people believe she is stupid or incompetent; this is one of the biggest reasons she is tempted to stay in the background in most interactions and to keep from stirring the pot. She is greatly fearful of people around her thinking she doesn't know what she's doing. When someone makes her feel this way, they may see the famous Tam temper up close and personal. When she's angry, she tends to plan the destruction of the object of her anger.

Though once an intellectually mediocre girl, the Tam Symbiont has truly opened Nazia's mind to the world around her and turned her life upside down. She is perceptive where she used to be inattentive and inattentive where she used to be perceptive. Once a quirky and beautiful outsider who couldn't seem to help judging everyone around her, Nazia Tam is now understanding, sensitive, and less concerned with her physical appearance. With 6 lifetimes of experience, Tam tends to be capable with many tasks. Though piloting was a passion of Nazia's before joining, now her focus is on making her way into a command role.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Idealistic
+ Deeply Artistic & Expressive
+ Seeks Harmony
+ Open-Minded & Flexible
+ Very Creative

- Overly Loyal
- Dislikes Doing Practical Tasks
- Overly Sensitive
- Difficult To Get To Know
Ambitions Nazia wants to command, though she has a hard time deciding what her next steps in life should be. She would like to find love and to settle down as well.
Hobbies & Interests - Making Music
- Stargazing
- Painting
- Cooking

Personal History Gozan Tam 2090-2179
Tam's first host, Gozan Arlaki, was a very famous classical singer during his life. By far the most famous host, people would always recognize later hosts in relation to him. He was born in a large city and raised by his mother after his father died of a rare illness. From an early age, he was extremely musically gifted and though he had no talent for composing music, he could sing beautifully and play almost every instrument on Trill. Because of his natural gifts and his balanced personality, Gozan was assigned as a First Host for Tam. Since he was the first person to receive the symbiont, he expected it to be a blank slate with no previous memories, experiences, or emotions; he was wrong. After the joining, he found himself to be more ambitious and more aggressive than before. The Commission told him it was all in his head but he had doubts about this his entire life.

Gozan Tam's ambition, his determination, and his honed singing talent rocketed him to fame and fortune. He had a powerful tenor voice which was highly sought after in Trill Opera. His aggression and singular focus, however, destroyed almost all of his personal relationships. He was three times divorced with three children who wouldn't even speak to him. This super star died alone of complications related to a major surgery in his old age. He left none of his money to his family, but left it all to the Gozan Tam Conservatory of Music which he'd started years before his death in order to raise up a new general of spectacular musicians. Gozan Tam was greatly honored by those who didn't know him.

Denila Tam 2179-2206
Tam's second host, Denila Endra, was a biologist and Symbiosis Commissioner who devoted her life to the care of the symiots. She was born into a priviledged family and developed an early interest in symbiots. As a child, she read every book she could get her hands on about the strange creatures and she based all of her favorite celebrities on how good she perceived their symbionts to be. Her favorite singer was Gozan Tam and after her parents took her to see a show in which he was singing the lead, she decided that she wanted to be the next Tam host. Though she never possessed musical talent of her own, she knew that Tam would give her the drive and insight she would need to follow any dream she might have.

After joining with the Tam symbiont, Denilla Tam dabbled in singing a bit until she recognized that know amount of know how can make up for a bad voice. She made singing and playing instruments her hobby and instead pursued a career with the Symbiosis Commission. At this time the Commission was a highly sought-after employer and being hired with them was close to impossible. She impressed with her knowledge of symbionts but, of course, the Tam name got her in the door. Near the end of her working life, Denila served as head of the Commission, implementing new useful methods for the selection of hosts. Denila died in middle age in a shuttle accident. She was survived by a husband and seven children.

Rezzi Tam 2206-2271
In 2206, almost 30 years after his death, the voice of Gozan Tam still rang in the ears of all musicians, artists, and soul-felt lovers. Rezzi Lamir was no exception to this and wanted to join with Tam in order to put her painting talent to good use. To serve this goal, she entered her candidacy with a hidden mission to ingratiate herself with the then head of the Symbiosis Commission, Denila Tam. She had been born into an extremely poor family on Trill and, with food being so scarce in the home, her painting was greatly discouraged. It wasn't until a school teacher insisted to the Lamirs that their daughter was uniquely gifted with the brush that they encouraged her to pursue her dreams. Her background was very different from Denila's, yet they still became fast friends. Soon, Rezzi realized she wasn't just befriending Denila Tam in order to receive her symbiont, but because she genuinely liked her.

After Denila's accident, Rezzi was joined with the Tam Symbiont. She hand't had much time to grieve the loss of her friend before she received all of her memories; this helped. After that, her art took flight and attracted viewers from miles around. When she was discovered, she launched into the art scene, making connections and strengthening her brand. Rezzi Tam lived a very long life and never married. She passed in her sleep.

Tarkon Tam 2271-2335
In 2271, the Gozan Tam Conservatory was the most well-known music institution on the planet, but its namesake was quickly being forgotten. The Rezzi Tam Institute for Art was well-known by artists, but not many others. Upon consideration of its previous hosts, the Symbiosis Commission was becoming concerned that allowing Tam to be joined with more artists might permanently stunt the symbiont's growth in other areas; Tam's emotional nature seemed to make it less balanced with every host as well. It was decided, therefore, that Tam should be given to a man with no artistic ability whatsoever. Tarkon Melnek, a cadet at Starfleet Academy, had his life turned on end when he was joined with Tam. A very bland and sensible man, he brought to Tam a much needed balance, practicality, and duty-orientation while Tam brought to him a sense of style, drive, passion, and personality.

Tarkon Tam excelled in his military career and became captain of the excelsior class USS Republic for nearly 15 years before retirement. Like Rezzi, he never married. He devoted his retired life to the training of initiates. He died of Domizan Fever which he contracted on vacation.

Perin Tam 2335-2390
When Tarkon died in 2335, a calmer, more practical, more duty oriented Tam was joined with a small town cook named Perin Pol. Like many before him, Perin Tam was destined for success, but in the restaurant business on Trill of all places. Perin trained under Tarkon Tam who always liked his "get it done" attitude, his aggressive style, and his magnificent cooking. It was for this reason that Tarkon personally selected Perin as the next host for the Tam Symbiont in hopes that Perin would achieve his dream of becoming a world-class chef.

The Tam name opened doors wide open for Perin; he trained in some of the best cooking institutions on Trill and was a well-known up and commer. Soon, he started his own restaurant and began receiving five star reviews all around. No one was surprised when, several years after joining, he opened up several other restaurants. His food empire grew and grew until Perin's was a household name and a staple of fine dining. The ambition, insight, and talent of much older hosts plus the discipline, memory, and sense of duty which Tarkon brought, made Perin Tam a very effective business manager. He never lost his passion for cooking, even as he moved from the kitchen to the boardroom.

Perin had many long-term girlfriends but never married or had children. He died of cardiac arrest in his older years, leaving the business in the care of his protege.

Nazia Tam 2390-
Nazia Sopar was born on Till to Ellion and Maritzia Sopar. Ellion was a middle manager in a regional company and Maritzia was a music teacher. She was the eldest sister to one brother named Daron and had a very peaceful, middle-class upbringing. As a child, Nazia was very artistic, quiet, and grounded to the physical world. As she got older, however, she became more shallow and disinterested in art as a method of self-expression. During her teenage years, when she started to mature physically, she developed from a self conscious child to a vain and self-conscious adolescent. She became obsessed with her physical appearance and made it her project of self-expression, though it was a study in hiding herself under beautiful layers.

Despite her attempts at developing her personality, Nazia remained quiet and emotional. Her physical attractiveness was enough to rocket her to the top of her social hierarchy at school, but she was never truly successful building solid friendships with people who weren't underdogs and boys became less interested in her when they discovered she had no interest in having sex with them. She did, however, become a more considerate, balanced, and kind person as a result of her friend choices.

During a field trip off world, Nazia took notice of the transport pilot roll and, over the course of a few months, became obsessed with the trill of flying. Her parents helped her gain experiences in the skill and she became very good at it. She decided, eventually, that she wanted to join Starfleet as a pilot. Her parents were reticent to let their only daughter go off-world for school, but they gave in, believing she was called to fly.

She worked diligently in the Academy, fueled by the fear that she wasn't competent enough to get the job done or smart enough to understand the material. Despite her setbacks, she made her way through the grueling first two years at the Academy. During the summer of her second year, Nazia applied with the Symbiosis Commission with the hopes that a joining might round out her character and solidify her potential. She didn't truly expect to be accepted, so she was quite shocked when she was told to report to Trill for training as an initiate.

Taking a gap year at the Academy, Nazia traveled to Trill and set up with her Instructor. She learned a great deal about the joining process and was asked to pick a number of symbionts she mist wanted to have. After much searching, she fell in love with the music of Gozan Tam, the art of Rezzi Tam, and the cuisine of Perin Tam. She even managed to sneak a meeting with the later in order to have a conversation. Hoping to get what she wanted, she let the Commission know her preferences and fully expected not to be selected for joining at all. Upon the death of Perin Tam, Nazia was selected to replace him. On the eve of her joining, the girl had intense feelings of uncertainty and regretted even applying. She went in for the joining and was never the same.

Nazia Tam woke from surgery with the memories of six lives in her head. Not only did she had abilities of mind she could have only dreamed of before, but her mind was also opened to the possibilities of the world. After some weeks of recovery from the surgery and adjustment to her new self, she went back to the Sopar family home. Her parents were very uneasy about their daughter's choice to be joined and found her much changed. The changes, in this case, were welcome by all but her little brother.

At the beginning of the next school year, Nazia Tam returned to the Academy to finish her last two years of training. At the compassion of her time there, she was given a commission at Ensign and assigned as a Flight Attache on Empok Nor. She moved their, agreeing to take her brother with her to open his mind to new experiences.
-Accepted to Starfleet Academy

+Promoted to Cadet, 4th Class

+Promoted to Cadet, 3rd Class

-Temporary leave of absence for joining-

+Promoted to Cadet, 2nd Class

+Promoted to Cadet, 1st Class
-Graduated from Starfleet Academy


+Promoted to Ensign
-Assigned as Flight Attache

+Promoted to Lieutenant JG