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Private 1st Class Aiden Pearce

Name Aiden James Pearce

Position Corpsman

Rank Private 1st Class


Bronze Posting Pip

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 20

Physical Appearance

Height 175cm
Weight 69KG
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Light Green
Physical Description Aiden stands at 175cm and has a well-toned, athletic body. He weighs approximately 69 Kilograms and has no distinguishing scars or features. He certainly knows how to turn heads with his youthful good looks and charm and can be cocky with it.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Wilfred
Mother Janet
Brother(s) Dylan, Kieran,
Sister(s) Levi

Personality & Traits

General Overview Aiden knows that he is good-looking and certainly knows how to turn on the charm, speaking to his fellow Marines they would describe him as a girl magnet, cocky and a little arrogant. However, at heart Aiden is a hopeless romantic, he enjoys all the mushy and romantic things that a relationship has to offer and despite what people think, he is not a player, in fact, he is still a virgin, saving himself for his wedding night. Something that he would never admit to or confess to his fellow officers.

Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths

Physically strong with a keen willingness to learn and try new things.

Boyish good looks.

Protective over the people he cares about and would do anything for his friends.


Likes to play practical jokes on people and certainly likes to have fun and can be reckless.

Immaturity due to his age and lack of experience.

Likes to do things his own way, even if they take longer or can be proved to be done more efficiently another way.

Ambitions To still be alive by the age of 25
Hobbies & Interests Aiden likes to push himself to the limits and can often be found trying new holodeck programs and simulations.

On his softer side, he likes to read and snuggle down.

He has a keen interest in weaponry and can easily assemble his weapon blindfolded.

Personal History Aiden grew up on Earth in a small rural community, he comes from a large family, having four other siblings. Growing up wasn't always a luxury, his parents were not well off and often struggled, however, they never wanted for the basics and always had food and clothes, somehow even at Birthdays and Christmas they were never disappointed, even if they didn't get the latest things.

Growing up Aiden knew he wanted to protect people, that's why as soon as he could he joined the Marine Core, he wanted to lay down his life if needed for the ideals and principles of the federation