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Lieutenant Junior Grade Sylvian Fairburn

Name Sylvian Keith Fairburn

Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade


Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 178 cm
Weight 73 kg
Hair Color Dark Chestnut with lighter highlights
Eye Color Hazel speckled with rich dark coco brown highlights.
Physical Description If you didn’t see the color on his uniform it is doubtful that you would recognize him as a nerdy guy so interested in tech stuff. He actually looks more like a man more at accustomed to living in the wilds than one that works in technology. With muscles honed through physical exertions beyond just the lifting of weights to build mass. Sylvian has hair that seems to have a mind of it’s own so his hair style seems to mimic the way it naturally falls rather than tying to tame it completely.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Commander Bradly Joseph Fairburn (Diseased)
Mother Lieutenant Commander Samantha Elizebeth Fairburn (diseased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Meeting Sylvian for the first time you could be excused in thinking the outgoing man was anything but an Operations officer especially if he were out of uniform. With negative experiences with the Romulan species the man still accepted the transfer to a colony knowing he would of necessity be working with Romulans and face his distrust of them. The Junior Lieutenant has developed a knack make systems work smarter and better. He has developed many unique ways of resolving tough situations. Having grown up in a colony that relied heavily on the environment around him Sylvian loves nature and enjoys being in it.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
Ingenuity: Able to come up with unique methods of accomplishing or fixing things. This is often extremely helpful, especially in an emergency, though has been known to cause proper repairs to take longer when proper repairs are to be done.

Self-assured: Sylvian is confident in his abilities. Whether it be in programing or surviving in the wilds he knows he can come up with a solution that works.

Sociable: Unlike many who choose to spend their time in computer rooms or testing their skills in nature Sylvian is friendly and outgoing. He enjoys the company of others though is perfectly at home with himself as well.

Persistent: He is known for not giving up even when things appear hopeless.

Perfectionist: As a general rule things have to be done correctly and he knows it. Although his patches and fixes might seem haphazard they really are not as reckless as they may seem. He also insists that things work better than intended, not just meeting the expectations of the original designers.

Reluctant to take Credit: Often Sylvian will not accept credit for the things he does feeling that he is only doing what is expected rather than actually exceeding others expectations.

Workaholic: It’s often hard for him to pull himself away from an unfinished project and sometimes just as hard to leave well enough alone when things are working well. Sylvian has been known to need to be told to take a break or gets some rests though he doesn’t seem to require the same amount of initiative from others.

Distrustful of Strangers:Sylvian has difficulty trusting people he doesn't know. It may take a while for the Operations officer to fully trust a someone. This distrust is often associated with Romulans but could be anyone with whom he has not developed an acquaintance with.
Ambitions Sylvian would like to make a significant contribution to further the Federations reach and chances of survival for those venturing into space. The young Operations specialist He would also someday like to get married though that can wait until the right woman shows up.
Hobbies & Interests Computers and Gadgets: Sylvian loves any sort of computerized gadget and knows his way around systems in ways many of not most operations officer would envy. Even in his off time you can often find him tinkering with something either trying to fix it or make it work differently in some form.

Naturist: Anything that has to do with nature is right up his ally. Having lived in a colony that was for the time rather primitive he is used to the rigors and beauty associated with untamed nature. Sylvian loves to camp out and scavenge his own food from the environment. Knowing how to choose edible fruits and plants he prefers most of his food in their natural state though he knows how to cook over an open flame and enjoys simpler foods.

Physical Exercise: Most of his exercise involves using his own weight as resistance rather than weights or pulleys. He loves to use rockwalls, the realer the better, and has used holodeck time to trail run. Many of his exercise routines involve movements that are common when in nature honing a physique that is both strong and agile.

Languages: Without full use of the universal translator for the entire colony Sylvian found he enjoyed learning the languages of those around him. It made it easier to communicate when things weren’t working right.

Personal History It was on August 24, 2369 that Sylvian was born. His parents, Bradly Joseph Fairburn and Samantha Elizabeth Fairburn both were serving at the Puget Sound Research Base near the western coast of northern America. They held the rank of Ensign though Bradly was a Command Officer while his wife, Samantha, was in Operations.

His birth was not a surprise and they both were hoping for a child so when the dark haired boy arrived there was much happiness in the Fairburn home. Silvian, or Silv as his father would call him, was an adventurous and curios baby always trying to get his hands on any little gadget he could place his little paws on.

Sylvian went on numerous excursions with his parents not only into the areas surrounding their post but to others areas as well. His parents loved nature and their enthusiasm was contagious.

He was intrigued by any sort of gadget. Anything left laying around was destined to be picked up and examined as only a curious little boy can do. Communications devices, computers, PaDDs were all so intriguing to Sylvian that Samantha often would bring home old, unusable items for him to play with.

The young Sylvian had begun programming at the aged of three with the simpler languages and by the time he was five had begun some of the more complicated ones. He had taken apart communications badges and other small electronics and put them back together more than once, most of the time he could make it work again. He had begun to create simple devices of his own with the material his mother would bring home for him to tinker with.

His father also noted in one of his journal entries that it seemed his son was nearly as good at fishing as he was. Bradly had hoped his sone would follow him into a Command position in Starfleet but was beginning to see that Sylvian was so enamored with the technical side of things that there was only a remote chance he would choose to follow after his father’s path of life.

His parents volunteered to be part of a mission to establish a colony on Stala Major in April of 2376, a class M planet within the Beta Quadrant. Two starships were to travel together, an unnamed Edwards class colony carrying 353 individuals and the USS Reinholtz, a Miranda class vessel to provide escort and its crew of 257 would assist in settling the civilians to be colonized.

On June 8th of 23478 the two ships began their journey. His mother was assigned to Operations aboard the colony ship and was there with her son while her husband was assigned to command aboard the USS Reinholtz.

The Commanding officer Captain Rachel Harris of the USS Reinholtz, sent three messages over subspace regarding her concerns to travel through the corridor running near the neutral zone. Though their scheduled course was well within federation territory he was concerned about reports of activity regarding Romulan warships along the boarder. Moving further into Federation territory would cause the trip to take several more months and thus Harris was informed she should maintain her course and keep her superiors informed of any developments.

September 13 2378 the two ships had stoped in orbit of the M Class planet Kornith II for some repairs to the malfunctioning warp core of the colony ship. It was only expected for the engineering crew of both ships working together to resolve the issue in a matter of hours but fate was not to smile on them.

At 1827 hours two unidentified Romulan Bird of Prays decloaked firing on both of the unsuspecting vessels before cloaking again and vanishing from what sensor remained functioning on the ship. Controls on th USS Reinholtz were heavily damaged and it as well as the colony ship were drawn into the planets gravitational pull. Though the crew of the Reinholtz did their best in their final moments to reduce the number of lives lost but the ship it the planet at such an angle that the entire saucer section was wedged in beneath the planets surface. All but only twenty eight of the ships crew survived in the fatal crash. The colony ship did not fair well either, “ though they were in a ship designed to withstand planetary entry the damaged sustained from the attack and the less than graceful landing resulted in the survivors only numbering 159.

Sylvian survived with only minor injuries though his father perished. His mother was injured more severely but did survive. Being unable to send a distress signal from either ship they were unable to identify Federation officials of the attack or the resulting crash landing onto the planet.

After four weeks the decision was made by the one hundred and eighty three survivors from both ships to dismantle what remained the colony ship and began to live their lives as if they had arrived at what was to be their final destination.

The planet was much like earth in that it contained ample water, rich soil and much foliage. In the area where they landed there was a vast forest filled with various animals but no sentient life was detected from their tricorder scans of the area and the search of the surrounding area. Sylvian took part in survey and scavenged for food bring back edible vegetation and fishing a nearby stream. He learned to hunt with a phasor bring in larger game to feed the colony.

His mother went to work as soon as she was ready on getting the computer systems up and running to send a signal in subspace so they could be rescued once authorities were notified. Sylvian would spend time with his mother assisting her and learning much about the systems of a starship and how they functioned together.

Lieutenant Henry P. VanFossen , one of the surviving security officers, spent a great deal of time with Sylvian. He taught him survival, camping, fishing and hunting skills beyond what his father had and several forms of martial arts as well as getting him certified in both the hand phasor and rifle. Although the Lieutenant showed an interest in the lads mother they never became an official couple, something Sylian found puzzling.

Sickness set in the first year and in spite of the numerous distress signals sent from the planet there was no medical response to their calls. By the end of the second year only eighty four lives remained.

In 2383 Sylvian began working on an Artificial Intelligence project. He code named his endeavor Operation S.A.A.M. (Sylvian’s Artificial Aid for Mom) though he never told his mother what his plans were. The creation was a holo image he was able place first within one of the holodecks he was able to get working on what remained of the USS Reinholtz and then transferred to a mobile emitter he had put together from communication badges and things he had scavenged from what remained of the two ship. Having selected to make the hologram female and have it wear a federation uniform, pants with tunic, it had wavy auburn hair emerald eyes. Sylvian still has his holographic assistant although it has been transferred to a more appropriate device. Often he would leave “her” with his mother so she could use the hologram to help her get around and accomplish various things while he continued to work to get food replicators and other systems online to serve the community.

Romulans returned on July 7th of 2386. It was mid spring on the planet and Sylvian had decided to pick some of the red berries his mother loved so much as a surprise. She had become rather ill in the past four months and in the morning would be her birthday. He had been gone about three hours when he heard the explosions and then the spotted the foreign shuttles through the deciduous leaf canopy. He started to. run back towards the colonies outpost hearing the sound of weapons fire and the plume of smoke that rose high into the clear blue sky. By the end of the day Sylvian was exhausted, injured and feeling as if here were to die of a brokenhearted. His mother lay among the dead was among the dead. Only four, including himself had survived the attack and within the next seven days two of the succumbed to their wounds. The other survivor was a girl around his age, a Briana Haskel, who was within the next year would become injured and die as well leaving Sylvian the sole survivor of the colony.

Communications systems for the colony had been so badly damaged it had taken Sylvian three days of working almost non stop to get a distress signal out and subspace communications up and running. Other systems were down and the young colonist remained vigilant trying his best to be provider and protector for the lone pair. During this time he used his AI almost constantly allowing the device that made moving around outside what remained of the Starfleet ship buried beneath the surface.

After an evaluating S.A.A.M., Sylvian’s AI, by the operations Administration determined that the female hologram was within the limitations placed on created non-sentient holograms. They were impressed with his work and how smoothly the holographic humanoid functioned. He did receive a stern warning to be cautious because of how close to the limits of the non-sentient classification and this in danger of being classified differently and being confiscated from him. In addition they were highly impressed with his ability to use unconventional and scavenged parts in making the makeshift mobile emitter. his holographic assistant now resides in a newer and smaller emitter than that Sylvian created though he has kept the unit like a trinket.

On December 14th 2386 a Federation shuttle landed on the planet. Sylvian had spotted the craft coming and suspecting it might be the Romulans returning he decided get inside of the hull of the USS Reinholtz. During his time at the colony the young man had managed to get life support, what remained of he computer systems and a holodeck back online. In many of he corridors and rooms Sylvian had installed holographic projection units so his assistant could easily move about saving the energy within the self containing unit he had made for when they ventured outside the vessel to gather what things they could. It took the four Starfleet personnel that landed two days to finally locate Sylvian and get him to reveal himself. Thus ended the long ordeal with the Colony.
Service Record Starfleet Academy
(San Francisco, Earth)
Freshman-Junior Cadet2387-2390
USS Normandy
Senior Cadet
USS Normandy
USS Farrgazer
Lieutenant Junior Grade(field promotion)
uss Pioneer
Lieutenant Junior Grade