El Aurian Species Data

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Species Name: El-Aurian
Species Appearance: Humanoid (multi gender and multi ethnicities)
Species Age: 38.7 Million years (Earth calendar)
Species Home-world: [Original] El-Auria (destroyed 2293) [current] ***CLASSIFIED*** (Kaitos, colonised 2345)
Current Population: 3.8 million
Average number of births per year: 38
Average number of deaths per year: 7
Average Age (in death due to natural causes): 2134 years (Earth Calendar)
Oldest Surviving Member: 4005 years (Earth Calendar) (Grand High Priestess Salanna Muatan)
Current type of government: Democratic Confederacy, ruled by The Council of Elders. - Chairman Antho Hopki, Councillors; Allyou Islove, Gemenine, Miror Relfe & Crailo Feshau
Religion: Polytheism
Education System
Primary Education (Aged 5 to 25) – Basics such as numeracy, complicated mathematics later in language, foreign languages, social skills, history, politics.
Secondary Education (25 to 45) – First 15 years spent learning social sciences such as psychology, sociology and more intricate science such as physics, chemistry and biology.
Aged 40 - Enter specialised focus such as engineering, military, medical or science. These are based on family background, performance criteria, intelligence factors and wants of individual.
Using Engineering as a basis of explanation
Aged 45 – Entrance into the El Aurian Engineering Division (EED). Apprenticeship level (lasting roughly 10 years), focussing on defensive technologies for civilian and military fleets.
Aged 55 – Full title of Engineer given, possible transfer to specialised engineering groups such as El Aurian Defence Division (EDD), El Aurian Civilian Fleet (ECF) or El Aurian Planetary Group (EPG).
Engineering Rank Structure
Apprentice Engineer (10 Years approx.)
Engineer (Can vary dependant on many factors such as ambition, political favour, contributions to El Auria.)
Specialist Engineer (Can also split as stated above to Civilian Engineer, Defence Engineer or Planetary Engineer.) Also at this stage can transfer to teaching academy and become Engineering Professor.
Supreme Engineer – Head of each organisation within chosen field track.
General Information
The El-Aurian people are one of the oldest races known to UFP science. Its earliest recorded language was created while the Earth was still deeply in its Paleogene Period.
Celani’mel - Greetings
Losani - Horses

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