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Covert Meetings

Posted on Thu Dec 3rd, 2020 @ 12:05pm by Captain Cornelius Tremble & Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Commander Quinn Ó Flannagáin

Mission: Episode 11 - Family Matters
Location: Cargo Bay 1 Lower Level - Deck 8 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD001 1230 hrs
1717 words - 3 OF Standard Post Measure

Tyler fumed, his meeting with Oliver did not go anywhere near as planned with the rejection of his plan. We will deal with this through proper channels my ass. he thought. There was nothing for it, Tyler was going to have to risk everything for his friend. He knew that Vaebn would do the same for him. As soon as he walked into the Bay he ordered the room cleared with no explanation. The crew that were there left despite giving the Captain some puzzled looks. Next he summoned Quinn and Niel. "They have to be made aware and given a chance to act accordingly." Tyler said to the empty room.

Quinn could tell, by the mood in the air that the meeting with Starfleet Command did not go according to plan. He did not really want to open the wound. But he really felt like he did not have a choice. "Yet I have a feeling, they are choosing not too." Quinn said. He was honestly not surprised, the pacifist movement of the Federation was trickling down at all levels. Ever since the synth attack of 2385, the Federation has really scaled back on acts of attrition or violence against any of our neighbors. Which was giving their enemies every excuse to create more chaos and harm to everyone who does not support their cause. Quinn felt and shared Tyler's pain, but there was not much they could do about it.

Neil arrived through the cargo-bay doors at a brisk pace. Pausing just inside the door to orientate himself, he took in the Pioneer's two senior officers. Taking in the looks on their face, he paused and sub-vocalized, "Computer. Tie motion sensors and video feed into my contact, with ten meter proximity alert and pop-up."

The marine then continued walking up to the other two men and said simply, "Sirs."

"Computer seal the Cargo Bay, take the audio and visual sensors offline. Authorization Malbrooke-Tango-Alpha-niner-niner." Tyler's voice was clipped as he spoke to the computer. The computer replied with a chime and then the soft female voice intoned. "Cargo Bay secure..."

"Gentlemen thank you for coming. I think it best to cut right to the chase. Commander tr'Hwersuil's sister has been kidnapped from Starfleet Academy on Earth. The kidnapper somehow breached our own security as well and contacted Vaebn directly. He came to me in the middle of the night last night to fill me in. I have spent the morning in a meeting with Admiral Lancaster as I requested permission to enter Romulan space and go after her. He has denied my request, stating that it be best to let the proper channels handle this. I plan on disobeying those orders...." Tyler paused to let his last words sink in. "I did not call you here to try to talk me out of it. I called you here because I am going to need help. Of course you can refuse this without any retaliation from me."

Neil frowned and asked, "The Academy security is kind of meh. Too many civilians coming and going on the campuses from all over. What exactly did they want from the kidnapping and how sure are we that they're actually in Romulan space. It's not so hard to arrange for a remote transmission sight."

The marine considered for a moment and said, "It apparently wasn't so hard to set up a remote listening post along the space lanes either, for that matter..."

"It seems that the kidnapping is an old grudge being settled. Someone who has it in against Vaebn. As to whether we know they are there are not we are not sure. However, all we have to go on is that Vaebn got a partial trace on the message and it was coming from within Romulan space." Tyler said by way of response to Niel.

"Why do I get the feeling, you are about to disobey starfleet's orders?" Quinn asked, putting the white elephant in the cargo bay room in the open forum, so they could discuss this. He knew that Tyler was going to ignore the orders, he assumed by asking volunteers to go with him, plus the fact they were meeting here, suggested to him that the Captain's yacht was going to be involved.

"Ever one step ahead of me Number One. I am going to take a select group of volunteers aboard the Oakley into Romulan space to effect the rescue. Quinn you will be in command of the Pioneer and will take the ship on the First Contact mission that the Admiral has requested. Niel I could use you and two of your men on this. That is if you are willing." Tyler explained the outline of his plan and waited to see what the other two men thought of the idea.

Quinn was not very fond of the idea, of abandoning his Captain. He wanted to speak out, but he did not want to be rude to Neil either. He would say his peace soon enough. Sadly back in his mind, he predicted that Tyler might try to pull something like this off.

Neil gave both of Pioneer's senior officers a steady look and shook his head. "Sounds like a trap." Then after another pause, the marine shrugged and said to Quinn, "Looks like I'll be putting in for some vacation time, sir. And I'll update my retirement paperwork and add a post-dated letter resigning my commission before we leave. Just in case."

"I hope it does not come down to that, Captain." Quinn said, with a concerned look on his face for Neil. Then gave the same look to Tyler. Neil was right, it did sound and smell like a trap. But what choice did they have? Starfleet does not abandon one of their own, or there own family members in this case.

The rest of Starfleet might have forgotten, what it was to be a starfleet officer, but people like Neil and Tyler, where old school. Men who would do anything for one another. Or for their family members. Quinn saw the dynamic shift, caused by the synth incident of 2385, deep down he was proud of Tyler for taking a stand. Even though this stand was in direct violation of their standing orders.

Quinn wanted to go with Tyler and Neil, but he knew the mission had to go on. And his friend, his captain had given him an order. He knew the plan had a better chance of succeeding, if the team was small. "I don't think I need to tell you both, what you already know." Quinn pointed out to them. He hoped they both made it back.

Tyler smiled as he swelled with a small bit of pride. Pride in his command staff. Both Quinn and Niel were of the same mind as Tyler. The one that said Starfleet was family. It was time the Pioneer showed the fleet what that meant. "Officially those leaving on this away mission will be taking shore leave. At least that is what the records will show. If it comes down to it I will take any flak that comes from command. However, I do not think it will come down to that. Something Admiral Lancaster said to me leads me to believe that he is on our side in this. Niel brief your people and meet me in my quarters in two hours. If there is nothing else I think we have to show them what it means to be Starfleet."

"Starfleet is not going to believe you went on a leave, however we will deal with that, once you return Captain." Quinn said, with a concerned look on his face. "I am going to make Lieutenant Commander Larim Myles my acting first officer, while you are both gone." Quinn said, as he looked to Tyler. To make sure he had no objections.

"That is a fine choice." Tyler replied with an official tone then his voice changed to a tone that was confidential and friendly. "Just because one is Captain, one never stops learning. Quinn since you arrived on the Pioneer you have taught me the meaning of family. This is our family out there and I have to do what needs to be done." He hoped that his friend and first officer understood the situation that he was in.

Neil folded his arms and said, "Fleet might not buy the leave request but there's not much they can do about it until after the fact." Glancing between the other two men, he met Tyler's eyes and said, "Sir. Corporal Shy and I were talking about different things. One thing was the fact that it's not all that hard to change a ship's transponder codes and data/electronic outputs. If I spend a couple of hours with him, I think we could do an initial micro-warp jump outbound and spend a few hours changing those things."

The marine warmed a bit to the topic and said, "We have some friends and a few favors owed. I think we can get some shadow sensor flags added in a few places to make Fleet and anyone keeping an eye on us. It'll give us a couple of days to disappear."

Glancing toward the Pioneer's first officer, he gave Quinn a wink. "What? Marines are basically pirates with better Tables of Organization."

"Clever, I like it. I'll see you both on the other side of this. God speed Gentleman." Quinn said, trying to hide his emotions. He was trying to be strong and brave for them. Which was not an easy task. He appreciated the comment, about him teaching the Captain, the importance of family.

"Alright gents. I think we know what needs to be done. So lets get to it." Tyler added with a smile. The smile covered the anxiety that he felt inside.

A joint post by;

Captain Tyler Malbrooke
Commanding Officer, USS Pioneer

Commander Quinn Ó Flannagáin
Executive Officer, USS Pioneer

Captain Cornelius Tremble
Marine Commanding Officer/Second Officer, USS Pioneer


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