USS Pioneer NCC - 74757


Docked at Starbase Sirius
Speed: Docked
Shields: Nominal
Hull: Nominal
Systems: All Systems Nominal

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Posted on Fri Sep 18th, 2020 @ 3:12pm by Commander Quinn Ó Flannagáin & Lieutenant Ameri Ó Flannagáin
Edited on on Fri Sep 18th, 2020 @ 3:30pm

Mission: Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Location: O’Flannagain Quarters
Timeline: MD007 2200 hrs
2361 words - 5 OF Standard Post Measure

Ameri headed into their room and got ready for bed. She had gone to say goodnight to Enya but she was already asleep, listening to music with earbuds in. Ameri had turned the music off and tucked her in, smiling because had she been awake Enya would have fussed at her.

Thoughts of their shopping trip on the base were running through her mind. She loved their family dynamics. The three of them were a team, even if they disagreed at times. It wasn’t in any of their personalities to stay upset or angry over things.

She picked up a padd that had a book she was reading on it. A murder mystery that was hard to put down. She would have to when Quinn came to bed because she had something she wanted to talk to him about without their daughter listening in.

Quinn just walked out of the shower, and was getting ready for bed. He noticed she had a pad in her hand. "Book or late night reports?" Quinn asked, with a concerned look on his face.

"That murder mystery I was reading," Ameri said with a smile. "I am trying to leave work out of our bedroom whenever I can." She watched as he moved around the room. "I have been thinking about something and I didn't want to bring it up until we were alone as we both know Enya seems to hear everything."

Quinn could see that Ameri was watching him, as he walked over to the bed. "Like what you see?" Quinn asked, in a teasing and sexy tone, as he crawled into bed. Pulling close to Ameri.

"I love what I see," Ameri smiled as she dropped the padd onto the table beside he and turned to her side and kissed him. "Watching you get ready for bed is very pleasing." She loved how they flirted with each other.

Quinn just grinned as she wrapped her arms around him, as he slipped into bed. "I've seen that look before." Quinn said with a big grin. "I want to make out, but I need to talk to you look."

Ameri smiled. "It won't take long." She kissed him. "Then we have all night to make out and...other things." Her eyes danced as she flirted with him. "It's about Enya and the puppy."

"And I suggest, we talk about this in the morning." Quinn asked, as he kissed her neck to distract her from her train of thought.

“Okay,” Ameri murmured. “I can wait.” She was already forgetting what she wanted to say as passion rose and she turned her head and her lips met his.

Quinn I was surprised that she gave inso easily, he wondered what her end game was? Why was she letting him have this victory oh, and what was it going to cost him later?" Quinn asked himself as he slowly started to kiss her lips.

Ameri kissed him and then smiled at him. “You have an early meeting tomorrow, I’m afraid you will have to be patient so we can talk about this first.” Her eyes held promise that he wouldn’t regret it.

Quinn started kissing on her neck. He was relentless in his drive to torture her hormones. So far he was succeeding, not that she was doing much to stop him.

“Quinn,”‘Ameri was trying to keep her mind on what she wanted to talk about but he was making it hard. It would be so easy to give in and save their conversation for another day. She moaned as he continued to kiss her neck. Or maybe...after...

Quinn did not relent, as the scene starts to fade away.

MD008 0600 hrs

Quinn heard the alarm clock going off, and as Ameri said, he would regret staying up late in the morning. But he would not tell her that. He rolled over to his side, to look at Ameri. "Good morning beautiful." He called out, waiting for her to respond.

“Morning handsome,” Ameri said with a smile as she stretched. “It feels like we just went to sleep.”

"I know how you feel, I could use a pot of coffee right about now." Quinn teased, as he started to sit up, forcing himself to get out of bed.

“Instead,” Ameri said with a grin. “You’re going to have to rush to get ready, after we talk since we didn’t have time last night.” Her eyes were lit up with humor as she waited for him to respond.

Quinn looked over to her. "What do you mean baby?" Quinn asked. They woke up when they were suppose too, but he lost sleep last night, because of the extra activities they were performing to each other.

Ameri smiled. “I wanted to talk to you about getting Enya a hamster or gerbil. I know that a dog would have to be cleared through the captain but l think it would be good for her.”

"Do you think she will accept a Hamster, I heard the Dwarf Hamsters and the robo hamsters are pretty fun to have." Quinn pointed out to Ameri.

"I think she would love it," Ameri said with a smile "We can get her whatever she wants to go with it, as long as she realizes she needs to be responsible."

"Alright, next time we are on the station, will get her a hamster of her choosing. Do you want to tell her?" Quinn asked her. He had a feeling, she wanted too.

"I think we should take her and surprise her," Ameri said with a smile. "It should be from both of us and I don't want either of us to miss her excitement."

"Sounds like a good plan to me." Quinn said with a humbling smile on his face. He loved that woman. Especially when she says things like that, and for moments like this.

Ameri leaned over and kissed him. "We make a great team, always have and always will. You want breakfast before you have to leave?" She would just as soon they stayed in bed but he had a meeting to go to.

"Very sweet of you, only if you feel like making it. I can always replicate something." Quinn pointed out to her.

"I want to," Ameri said with a smile. She liked making sure that her husband went to work with a good meal to face the day. "It won't take long and I can make something for Enya as well."

Quinn just laughed as he said, "I hope you would feed Enya. Otherwise she might just replicate a donut." Quinn suggested to her.

Ameri laughed. “And as side dish gummy bears.” She pulled in a robe, wanting to take a shower after Quinn left for his meeting. “I’ll make some coffee and get the food going.”

"Sounds like our little angel." Quinn said, with a big grin on his face. He could see Enya ordering donuts and gummy bears. "Are we going to let her sleep in? Or wake her up in a couple of hours?" Quinn asked.

“I’m going to get her up,” Ameri replied. “She has been getting the hologram off topic. I checked her school work and she will have to work hard to get it done today.”

"At 6am, you are brave my love." Quinn said, with a humble smile on his face. Quinn grinned when he said, "Sounds like my cue to leave."

“I’ll do it after you leave,” Ameri smiled at him. “She reminds me a lot of myself, I wandered off my homework.”

"Good idea." Quinn said, as he leaned over and gave Ameri a kiss on the cheek.

Ameri headed out and quickly fixed his breakfast, pouring them each a cup of coffee. She looked up as he came out and took a seat. “I may be a little late getting home today. I am working on some things with Jayden this afternoon.”

"I really hate this liberty, we all seem to be working weird hours to cover shifts, while everyone takes liberty at different times." Quinn stated out loud. He would have preferred to keep everyone on their regular schedule, instead of mixing it up. Logistically the mix up was causing a lot of scheduling blunders.

"This was my call," Ameri said. "And it is off the books. Jayden is a good operations officer but he needs some skills work. Things that only hands on training can give him if he is going to get promoted. He is dedicated and hard working but I sense a bit of hesitation in him, coinfidence building if you will."

"So you took an extra duty shift on the bridge, you poor soul." Quinn said, as he wrapped his arms around his lovely wife.

"I am taking a page from you," Ameri said with a smile. "And taking the time to train our people instead of dismissing them as unable to perform." She kissed him. "You are compassionate with your crew as well as one of their leaders."

"Is Jayden not performing?" Quinn asked, wondering what she meant by that? He thought Jayden was doing okay job. He barely saw the guy, Ameri worked with him all day. She would know better, than he would.

“No he is doing great,” Ameri replied quickly. “He just needs the confidence that shows he is leadership material.” She shook her head. “I didn’t meant to insinuate that he wasn’t performing, we are fortunate to have him.”

Quinn just smiled. but deep down he's still at his concern because why else would she want to do a late night shift on the bridge. No one want to do a late night shift on the bridge mainly because it was late at night. "I trust your judgement sweetheart, I'm so glad to hear that you're taking this department head position seriously. I knew you were a serious mama and now you're a serious department head. I knew where a serious parent. Keep this up and you might make lieutenant Commander in no time at all." Quaint older with a big smile on his face.

“I am only as good as those serving under me,” Ameri said with a smile of her own. “And yes, Lieutenant Commander has a nice ring to it.” She looked at him. “At the moment I just want to work with my officers.”

"A commendable goal, helping and working with your crew will make you a remarkable leader." Quinn said to her.

“I have simply studied and picked up the tools that the command staff sets forth by using them everyday,” Ameri replied, a serious look on her face. “You and Tyler do a tremendous job and I not saying that because I am your wife.”

"We do the best we can. Deep down, it feels good to hear you say that." Quinn with a loving smile on his face. "I too sometimes wonder about the crew, and how they are doing. And I feel that I am owe them answers, to what really happened to the Pioneer the year they were gone in their own alternate realities." Quinn felt guilty that he and Ameri were not apart of that, and they joined after that incident. He knew that Tyler would need a stable rock, and an officer that can get things done. He was that man.

“It is tough for you and Tyler,” Ameri said with sympathy. “You carry that on your shoulders and many other things that you cannot share.” She smiled at him. “You have the respect of this crew and they know that you tell them what they need to know and only what you can.” She thought for a moment and then looked at him. “I hope you find some comfort that I am here, even if I don’t know details I support you.”

"It comes with the responsibility of leading a crew. And you are very supportive, if I don't tell you enough, I want you to know it does help and make a difference. " Quinn said, with a warm and humble smile on his voice. He knew it was not easy, but he tried to make sure no one else saw him this vulnerable. The only exception was his wife.

Ameri smiled. “We’ve never really talked about this before, I assumed I was but then I was thinking that perhaps I could be more so.”She smiled. “Especially when you have a lot on your plate and I am upset as well.”

"I always assumed, you knew how I felt and were just being supportive." Quinn suggested to her, as a possible reason why they never talked about it.

“You have always made me feel like I do enough,” Ameri explained. “And like the most important person in the world to you, well and Enya too of course. But sometimes, you come home with the weight of the ship on you and I am frustrated over it as well and I rant and then later I wish I had just been more supportive. You need our home to be your haven which is why I am trying to be better about it.”

"I feel like there is nothing we can't do together." Quinn said with a big smile on his face, as he pulled Ameri close to him.

Ameri wrapped her arms around him and sighed, one of those content ones that said she was happy. “We are unstoppable because we are a team. We always work together and have since I first met you. But the most important thing that makes us work is our trust in each other. “

"Im very glad you feel that way, because in my eyes, we are a team. The unstoppable team as it where." Quinn said, as the scene starts to fade away.

a joint post by;

Commander Quinn Ó Flannagáin
Executive Officer, USS Pioneer

Lieutenant Ameri Ó Flannagáin
Chief Operations Officer, USS Pioneer


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