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Engineering or Security

Posted on Thu Sep 17th, 2020 @ 2:34pm by Enya Ó Flannagáin
Edited on on Thu Sep 17th, 2020 @ 3:05pm

Mission: Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Location: O'Flannagain Quarters
Timeline: MD008 1900 hrs
2229 words - 4 OF Standard Post Measure

Enya was supposed to be doing her homework but she was bored and was thinking about the future again. She knew her parents were in their room spending time together and she didn't want to bothe them so she decided to log up her school computer and do some researching, to decide whether she wanted to be an engineer or security chief, until she moved up to being a captain on her own ship. One day she was set on security and the next day it was engineering. She was only nine but she wanted to

Looking through the stuff proved to be too much, she didn’t know what some of the words meant. Enya decided to go finish up her homework when an idea came across and she made a subspace call, waiting for an answer. Her Uncle Aaron was in security so he should be able to help her out. And Uncle Timothy was a captain now but he had started out in engineering so he would be able to help her out as well.

“Enya!” Aaron Fitzgerald said with a grin. “”You’re growing like a weed!” He was surprised to see she was calling him on her own. Usually Quinn or Ameri were there as well and it was like a family reunion. He wasn't going to say anything though, Aaron was just happy they had this opportunity to talk.

“Hi Uncle Aaron,” Enya had a huge grin on her face. “I have been wanting to call you and talk to you. I’m not botherin you am I?” She thought that maybe she should have messaged him first to make sure he could take the call.

Aaron smiled at her. He had been doing some paperwork that needed to be finished but he wasn't going to say anything. Besides, paperwork wasn't his favorite thing and now he could do it later. “Not at all, Sweet Pea.” It has always been his nickname for her. “I wasn’t doing anything. How’s your Mom and Dad?”

“They’re good,” Enya smiled. “They are in their room doing something, I think spending time together, I am supposed to be doing my homework but I have stuff on my mind. She thought for a moment she might have bothered him because he was in his office and there was stuff behind him on the desk. “I wanna ask you about your job, bein in security.”

Aaron was surprised, wondering what this was about. Was she worried about him, security wasn’t the safest job on a ship but he loved what he did. “You can ask me anything and I’ll try to tell you what you want to know.”

“How come you wanted to work there,” Enya asked him. “And not in some other job on a ship?” She waited to hear what he had to say.

“Why am I in security,” Aaron repeated her words and smiled at her vigorous nod. “That is a good question.” He thought for a moment. “When your Grandma died it was up to us to take care of each other and I sort of became the protector of my sisters.” He smiled at her. “Your mom and Aunt Gail.”

Enya listened to him and nodded. “So you already kept people safe.” It kind of made sense to her. After all, that is what she wanted to do as well.

“I made sure no one picked on them in school,” Aaron said. “It was a hard time for us. As I got older I found out I was good at keeping people safe and I wanted to do something that made me feel good about your Grandma so I made the choice to go into security.” He paused. “It isn’t for everyone, you really have to love it.”

“I’m thinkin about either security or engineering and I wanted to talk to you and Uncle Timothy to see if I can decide.” Enya explained. “So I want the good and bad stuff so I can think about it.”

Aaron took a deep breath. He didn’t know what to say, he wished Ameri or Quinn had warned him. This was their only child and he wasn’t sure how they felt about this. “You have to go through physical training to be able to defend yourself in case you lose your weapon.”

“I took some from our marine people,” Enya told him. “With Mom.”

“That is good,” Aaron said with a nod. “It is a start but it doesn’t begin to touch in the physical training and then their is the class time.” He smiled at her. “It is rewarding and I love what I do but, Enya, you have to have a feel for it.”

“How will I know?” Enya asked him with a frown. She didn’t have a clue at this moment.

“One of the most important things to decide is can you handle and accept that there will more than likely come a time where you have to take a life.” Aaron’s eyes met hers with a serious tone. “Not everyone can do that and be able to move on and do the job.”

“It’s an important job on the ship,” Enya said. “And those officers get noticed for promotions. I wanna be a Captain.”

Aaron smiled. “They look at all the positions on a ship for different reasons. The important thing is that you do what you like to do, no matter what it is. Your family will support you one hundred percent.”

“I am going to call Uncle Timothy too,” Enya said. “And see what he has to say about his job.”

Aaron grinned. “He is going to tell you to follow your heart and then explain the same thing I did about my job which is what you need to hear. Only you can know what you want to do, just keep in mind your nine years old, you could change your path a lot before you are done with school.”

“I been thinking about that,” Enya said. “Mom and Dad said the same thing but I want to take classes that will help me when I go to the academy so I will be ahead already.”

Aaron was impressed by Enya’s thought processes. She was wise beyond her years. Most children’s biggest concerns were what toy they wanted next or what adventure in make believe to go on. He thought of himself at that age, his biggest thing was heading into the hills of Ireland with his friends.

“That is good,” Aaron nodded. “I think it’s good you called me and are going to to talk to Uncle Timothy. It is always good to learn all that you can.”

“That’s what I was thinkin,” Enya said wish a smile. Uncle Aaron though she was smart!

"How are your grades," Aaron asked her. "You have to work hard to get accepted into the security program. Both in school and if you decide that this is what you want, you are going to want to go to the gym and exercise, gain some muscle so that you will be prepared for the training. When you are in security that becomes a way of life."

Enya thought for a moment. She liked exercising but the training was something for her to look at. She liked what she had learned from Captain Tremble but was it something she wanted to do a lot of. "I gotta think about that one."

"You will also want to talk to your Mom and Dad about weapon training," Aaron said. "Even if you go into Engineering, you should know how to handle a phaser being on a ship."

"I know a little about it," Enya said quickly. "But I will ask Dad about learning. Mom is a little weird about me talkin about being able to protect myself. I asked her and she is all upset that I am worrying about dying."

"Are you?" Aaron asked her, concerned about her. "It's not bad to want to be ready just in case." It was one thing to be prepare but another if she was spending too much time on it.

"That is what I am talking about," Enya grinned. "You get it. I wanna be able to take care of myself just in case." She took a deep breath. "And I don't like having to leave the ship and they don't."

"You want them safe," Aaron replied carefully. "I get that but think about this. If you aren't safe they will be worrying and not able to do their job to keep you and everyone safe. You getting off the ship makes them feel better." He took a deep breath. "If this still doesn't make sense talk to your Dad. He needs to know how you are feeling."

"Okay," Enya nodded, thinking that what he said made sense to her. "I think I will." She thought that was a good idea. Her mom had listened but she was set on Enya being safe, her Dad looked at things different. She grinned at her Uncle. "You got me any cousins yet?"

Aaron laughed. "Well, Sweet Pea, first I have to get married." He winked at her. "I did find me a girl though. We're planning on that very soon." He smiled at her. "Now, don't you go telling your Mom and Dad. I plan to call them myself and share the good news."

Enya crossed her heart. "Stick a needle in my eye, I won't tell." She hated keeping stuff from her parents but this was a good news so she didn't think they would be mad. Plus she had promised and she was always told to keep her word. "You been a lot of help, Uncle Aaron." She meant it, he had given her a lot to think about.

"I hope so," Aaron said seriously. "I would be proud to have you serve in security but only if it is what you are meant to be. And you will know it, we all get to a point where we know what we want. The good news is you have everyone behind you no matter what you choose."

"I better let you go," Enya said with a grin. "I know you said I didn't but I think I was bothering you cause you have work out on your deskd. I'm sorry, I get things in my head and I need to know right now. I will get a hold of Uncle Timothy and see what he says about engineering.

"You can call me anytime," Aaron said and he meant it. There had never been the time for them to go fishing, or to a movie, or wrestle around the living room. Normal things that Uncles do with their nieces and probably never would be. All they had was these subspace calls and rare times when their ships were at the same station. "I mean that. I don't care what time it is, I am always here." He grinned then. "Don't forget to give Uncle a call. He will be glad to talk to you. Make sure you say "Uncle Timmy, we both know how much he likes it."

"Same back at you," Enya grinned. "I know I'm a kid but I am good at listening when people talk. I hear all kinds of things that Mom and Dad think I shouldn't know." She laughed then. "I will make sure I call him that, just for you."

"I love you to infinity and beyond," Aaron felt a little emotional but he pushed it away, not wanting to make Enya sad. It was times like these when he wished he could just come and visit her and the family. He loved his job and what he was doing. His promotion to first officer was coming any time now. Something he had been waiting for.

"Love you further than infinity and beyond," Enya said with a smile. She loved how they had these special words between them. "Be safe Uncle Aaron," She said and waved at him. He waved back and then the screen went blank.

Enya walked silently to the kitchen and got a glass of water. She headed back into her room and thought about what Aaron had told her. She thought about calling Timothy the next day but Enya didn't want to wait that long, she had it fresh in her mind about security and she wanted his thoughts on engineering to think them over. If Uncle Aaron said to call him he was probably home and off work.

Enya giggled to herself, it would be just like Uncle Aaron to want her to call him while he was busy doing something. Her uncles loved to pick on each other. She decided she was going to call him and if he was busy she would put the blame on Uncle Aaron. Then, tomorrow she would need to call her Aunt, because by he time she got done with the next call she would have to get her homework done or explain to her parents why she hadn't done it.

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