USS Pioneer NCC - 74757


Docked at Starbase Sirius
Speed: Docked
Shields: Nominal
Hull: Nominal
Systems: All Systems Nominal

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More responsibilities

Posted on Wed Sep 9th, 2020 @ 1:37pm by Lieutenant Ameri Ó Flannagáin & Lieutenant Junior Grade Jayden Robertson
Edited on on Wed Sep 9th, 2020 @ 1:41pm

Mission: Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Location: Operations Chief’s office
Timeline: MD007 1400 hrs
1191 words - 2 OF Standard Post Measure

Ameri sat in her office waiting for Jayden to arrive. She had asked him to come to her office as soon as he was off shift on the bridge.

She got herself a cup of tea and was just sitting down when her buzzer went off and she called out for Jayden to enter.

“You wanted to see me, Lieutenant,” Jayden spoke respectfully. He was a little nervous as to why he was being called to her office.

“Yes,” Ameri said with a smile. “Please, have a seat.” Once he sat down she looked across the desk. “Would you like something to drink?”

“Water please,” Jayden replied. He took the bottle of water and took a drink while he waited for her to speak.

“I know you are wondering why I called you here,” Ameri began. “I wanted to talk to you about taking on some work within the operations department.”

Jayden sat up and looked at her. “Of course, Lieutenant.” He said quickly. “What did you have in mind?”

“You are a good operations officer,” Ameri Informed him. “I know it’s early in your career but I can see you will one day make one hell of a operations officer for some crew. I want to help you on your way.”

“I appreciate that,” Jayden said with a smile. “I want that as well, Lieutenant.”

“There isn’t an assistant at the moment,” Ameri continued. “I would like you to take on some of the duties until someone is assigned.” She looked directly at Jayden. “I will be speaking to Lieutenant Fairburn as well so that you both will be gaining some experience.”

Jayden listened as she spoke and really wanted to smile widely and maybe jump up and down. The Chief was giving him an opportunity to show that he could step up and perform in a semi leadership position. He knew she was waiting for an answer and looked directly at her when he answered. "I will do it, of course, Lieutenant."

"Don't get caught up in thinking that this will be a step into the assistant on this ship," Ameri cautioned him. "You have a long ways to go, this is your first assignment out of the academy and you haven't been here all that long, you have a lot to experience yet. Lieutenant Fairburn is more experienced than you are and in the event that someone on this ship would be promoted to that position it would likely go to him. I spoke with Captain Malbrooke and it was decided to have you both share in the responsibility.”

"I understand what you are saying," Jayden returned. "I appreciate the opportunity to get some hands on experience in the position." He knew that opportunities like this didn't happen very often. To do the job and get a feel for it while still an ensign, learning the ropes would be invaluable when he started to move up. At the moment he was happy with where his career was headed but he didn't want to get complacent or to give off the idea that he wasn't senior officer material.

Ameri smiled at his reply and nodded. This was the reaction she had counted on him having. Handing a pass across the desk to him she continued. “While you are on your scheduled hours be prepared to handle situations that arise as if you were my assistant.” She gave him a few moments to look it over. “If you have any questions, at any time please feel free to come talk to me.”

"Yes Lieutenant," Jayden replied with a nod. He knew that a replacement for the assistant would not take long but he planned to learn what he could to be a step ahead when he was promoted down the road.

"So be honest," Ameri smiled at him. "You spent the day wondering what I wanted?" She looked at Jayden and waited for him to answer, thinking back to her early days when she was just starting out.

"It is true I was," Jayden admitted. "I think that is pretty normal for most of us though." He almost hadn't confessed to being nervous all day but Jayden believed in being honest. "I am surprised, after all that trouble with the former chief I was concerned that my career might be held back some."

“That was an unfortunate situation,” Ameri murmured. “But one we all need to put behind us.” She smiled at him. “No one in command thinks of what happened anymore.” Ameri understood where he was coming from she had had some concerns for herself when she took this position but had learned to let it go.

“You’re right,” Jayden nodded, thinking about what she had said. At the time it had felt like a dark mark against him but whenever he saw the command staff they treated him just like everyone else. “I think I have been trying to stay out of the radar since that happened.”

“Well it’s time for you to move forward,” Ameri said seriously. “Show both myself and the command staff that you are more than a typical operations officer. They look for exceptional people.”

Jayden sat up and looked directly at her. “I am one of those people, I am glad you see that in me. Until this meeting I had not realized in trying to stay under the radar what I was doing.”

“You are exceptional as is Lieutenant Fairburn,” Ameri said, wanting to encourage him. “It is my job to train those under me as well as your serving necessary duties. I am looking forward to seeing how much you excel.”

“Thank you, Lieutenant,” Jayden replied. He was eager to get to work already. He was excited to share this news with Clarissa. Jayden knew it wasn’t a huge deal, like a promotion but Lieutenant O’Flannagain could have just had Lieutenant Fairburn take over, instead she had split it and given him an opportunity. Her belief in him meant a lot.

“That wasn’t all that bad was it?” Ameri said with a smile. “When I was first serving I likened a fall to the chiefs office with being summoned to the principals office. It was rarely for anything bad. But it’s our nature to think the worst.” She paused. “Just for future reference, If it is something I am concerned with I will have you stop here before shift.”

“That is good to know,” Jayden smiled at her. “I will endeavor to keep myself from any cause.”

“Good enough,” Ameri said with a smile. “I think that is all I have. you are dismissed, Ensign.”

“Yes Lieutenant,” Jayden stood and headed for the door. “Thanks again for giving me this opportunity.

Ameri watched him leave and then turned back to work. She had to speak with Lieutenant Fairburn yet.

A joint post by;

Lieutenant Ameri Ó Flannagáin
Chief Operations Officer, USS Pioneer

Ensign Jayden Robertson
Operations Officer, USS Pioneer


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