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Docked at Starbase Sirius
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The Ensigns Of Command

Posted on Wed Sep 23rd, 2020 @ 8:37am by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Petty Officer 3rd Class Sofia Cipriani & Enya Ó Flannagáin

Mission: Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Location: Ready Room - Deck 1 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD010 0900 hrs
1619 words - 3 OF Standard Post Measure

Enya had woken up early, too excited about the day ahead of her to sleep. She grinned as she thought about how fast she had gotten ready, even hurrying through breakfast, much to the dismay of her mother.

One of her homework assignments was to shadow someone for the day during their work schedule and she had chosen Uncle Tyler. She shook her head as she headed to his office. Today he was Captain Malbrooke and she was his Assistant.

Enya had thought about choosing one of her parents but since her dream was to be a captain one day and have her own ship, she wanted to see what it was like so she had asked to spend the day with him while he worked. She was so excited that he had agreed to it.

Stopping in front of his office door, she looked down at the uniform the replicator had generated for her, making her an ensign for the day, in the same color as the captain. She smiled as she pressed the buzzer and waited for permission to come in.

Sofia had been laying a PADD or two on the Captain's desk, the way she always did at the start of a new day. This was simple ship business, requests, updates etc. He was not yet in, due soon, but the door chime went all the same.

As it opened a little girl she recognised as Enya O'Flannagain, daughter of the XO. They had never spoken but she made a point of knowing senior staffs important people.

"Hello, Ensign." she said with a smile. "Red suits you."

Enya smiled back, feeling nervous but encouraged by the smile. “Good morning Crewman Cipriani, I am a little early I know but I was a little anxious.”

"That's alright, everyone gets a little anxious now and then." Sofia said welcoming her into the ready room. "The Captain shouldn't be too long. I usually tell him off it he's late." she said with a little wink.

Enya grinned. “I haven’t ever heard anyone yell at Uncle..errr Captain Malbrooke.” She laughed. “That sounds so weird!”

Tyler had been on the bridge making the final preparations for the launch from Starbase Sirius. As he read through what must have been the one hundreth message from Admiral Lancaster he saw the young girl enter thr bridge. The determination on her face and in her step there was no dispute she was an O Flannagain.

Tyler allowed her to go into the Ready Room and wait for a moment. Truth was he was a bit uncomfortable being made the center of attention. However, he could not interfere with the young lady's education. About five or so minutes after Enya had arrived Tyler turned the bridge over to the officer of the watch and strode into his Ready Room determined to treat Enya as he would any new Ensign aboard the Pioneer. "Morning Sofia cup of Joe please. Ensign good morning welcome aboard." He spoke in passing without looking at Enya at least not until he sat at his desk. It was then that he looked and saw the girl in uniform and smiled.

“Good morning, Captain Malbrooke,” Enya replied, using her best, polite voice. She had almost sat down but remembered that she was supposed to wait for permission. “I am happy to be here.”

Sofia had moved to make the Captain his drink before placing it down in front of him. For a moment she turned to Enya. "Would you like anything, Ensign?" she asked.

Tyler sipped his coffee immidiately and relished in the sensation as his nerves calmed. The flavor, the aroma it always made him feel better. This is truly the greatest suspension ever devised. Tyler thought paraphrasing the Captain he idolized. "Sofia, Ensign O Flannagain here will be shadowing us today. She is to learn the ways of Command. Enya, I would like you to take note of all that Sofia does around here as well. The crew behind the Captain is what makes a Captain great. Tell me why do you want to be a Captain?"

Enya thought for a moment. “I want to help keep people safe and go meet people no one has.” She smiled at him. “I am a leader and even Da...Commander O’Flannagain said I have great decision making skills. Ever since I can remember that has been my goal.” She grinned at him. “And I will look good in the uniform!”

He chuckled at the comment as he set the cup down on the desk. "Yes it seems that the red is the most slimming of the uniforms." Tyler thought for a moment and decided to test her Fleet History knowledge. "You say you look good in red. However, if you were serving aboard the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 and wore red. What department would you be working in?"

Enya thought for a moment. “It would be Engineering I think.” She said finally. “And if I am right the communications officer wore red back then as well.” She smiled at him. “I almost said security but I think they wore yellow or as some call it gold.”

"Excellent work Ensign. I see you know your Starfleet history. So... what questions do you have for me. After all this is your time to learn about Command." Tyler asked and sipped his coffee.

"What do you like most about being in charge," Enya asked with a smile. "Well besides getting to boss everyone around."

"Captains never boss anyone around. A true Captain requests others to perform tasks. One must never ask someone to do something that they would not do..." Now that the official answer was given. Tyler leaned forward with a smile. He waved his hand for Enya to lean in conspiratorially. In a slight whisper he continued speaking. "My favorite thing about being in charge is that I get to go where I want within reason. I can spend my whole day just looking at the stars." He smiled and winked at Enya then leaned back. "Actually the best thing about being a Captain is the ability to help people. Those under your command those who are not."

"So it's about helping and less about ordering," Enya said with a smile. "What if someone doesn't do what you say or they argue? Do you listen to them or are you always right." It seemed like a good question to her.

"The best Captains take the advice of their entire crew. Your crew are experts in their fields and therefore there is nothing but benefit to listening to them. However, once you make a decision it is not to be disputed." Tyler smiled as he responded to the young woman's question.

“What’d you do before you became the captain?” Enya asked him. “And weren’t you afraid you’d miss that job?”

"Before I was a Captain I was a Chief Operations Officer, just like your mom. I don't really miss it, only because as Captain I still do it from time to time. When you command a starship, you have to know a little bit about what everyone does. At times you even have to perform those tasks. If need be this whole ship can be operated for a short period of time by one person. Now Ensign O Flannagain I have a question for you. Why do you want to serve this fleet?"

“Because I know I have a lot to give,” Enya said. “I am the best part of my parents. I know how to stay calm and to talk to people. I will be a good engineer and when I get my down ship I will take care of my people and protect others and also try and meet new people and be nice to them.” Enya knew her words just came out like a big sentence but she was honest.

"Well if you want your own command you have to make a promise to yourself. You have to promise that you will never stop learning. No matter how old you get, or how far you go in the fleet. There is always something to learn, growth to be had. I learn everyday from everyone, even you." Tyler replied, he wanted her to understand that even though he was in charge he never stopped learning or growing.

Enya listened to what he said. “I can promise myself that and do it.” She grinned. “I like to learn stuff, it makes me smart.”

Tyler knew that with the parents that this girl had she would go far. "Ensign I have some things I need to attend to. I would like you to go with Crewman Cipriani here and she will show you why a Yeoman is important to Command. When that is done I will see you again for you bridge work." He smiled and winked at Enya. "Sof, if you would be so kind as to show the Ensign around and tell her about your job."

"With pleasure sir." Sofia said as Enya stood. "My job is to boss him around, don't let him fool you that he has the power." She joked quietly out of Tyler's earshot. She heard him ask and with a quick, "Nothing sir." And a playful smile she had left with Enya.

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