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Gauging Interest
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD003 1530 hrs

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A typical Masters Reunion

Posted on Sun Sep 27th, 2020 @ 11:15am by Chief Petty Officer Leslie Calhoun & Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters - Calhoun

Mission: Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Location: Calhoun/Masters Quarters - Deck 2 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD009 1300 hrs
1368 words - 3 OF Standard Post Measure

Finally Jennifer's family had boarded the ship. And Willy thought it was time to meet Billy. Which was not an easy feat she found out, as Billy spend most of his time in the SCIF and she was told she had no clearance to go there. So she waited till he came off duty. She had asked the computer to alert if he was back in his quarters.

The blond Londoner was not the shy type and there for was quickly at Jennifer's quarters when she was informed he was there. She pressed the door chime and waited for him to open the door.

Billy had gotten off another long shift. It seemed that the move to this area of the galaxy had only served to double his work load. He still worked on the information from Empok Nor, and the information that they just obtained from Operation Whackamole. On top of that new data from the Romulans had been coming in, and he had to separate fact from fiction. He unzipped his uniform and collapsed on the couch. Calhoun missed his finace but in in the moment he was happy to have the alone time. Just has felt the relaxation setting in the door chime rang. Absent mindedly he grunted "come"

As the doors slid open, Willy walked in and looked around, finding Billy on the couch. She walked over to the coffee table and came to a halt there putting her hands in her sides. "And what do we have here?" She called out. She really wasn't expecting to find someone that looked like her age. She then remembered that his file stated he was an El Aurian, like Linda's husband. Aside from the fact Zaral looked more Linda's age, the man fought in the Klingon war. This man actually looked like he could actually have fought in world war three as well. "Do you know you are pretty hard to get a hold off, Mister Calhoun? One might think you were trying to avoid me."

Internally Billy's eyes rolled, externally he smiled and stood up. "No ma'am my duties on this ship keep me fairly busy. You must be the Aunt I have heard so much about. I hope you are enjoying your time aboard the Pioneer. Jen should be along shortly. Is there anything that I can do in the meantime?"

Willy pulled a chair from under the dining table and sat herself down at the table. "How about you get us both some tea from that thing...what do you call it, a replicator? I like some earl grey with a bit of milk no sugar. And then join me, I would like a little chat."

Billy retrieved the tea as requested and took a seat across from Willy. "What would you like to chat about maam?" What little he knew about Willy Masters was that she did approve of formality. So Billy decided that he would continue to play to her likes. It may make this go somewhat quicker. he thought.

She sniffed the tea a moment and smile, "Well, I would like to chat about you a little bit. I am suppose to be her replacement parent so I would like to know who we got here. I am sure you are a nice gentlemen, Jennifer has people knowledge and she can hold her own. Between her and her sister, I am the least worried about her."

"Yes ma'am! I can understand that. I find that with a lifespan such as mine it may be best for you to ask specific questions rather than have me prattle on about all sorts of nonsense. So when you are ready feel free to fire away." There was not much that Billy would not tell her. However, if she did hit a nerve he would steer the conversation away. Billy hoped at least that he could steer the fierce woman.

Willy put the cup down. "Could you tell me something about your previous wives?" She looked up to him. "Why did you chose them? And what is it that got you to Jennifer now?"

Billy was impressed, he did not expect that question. However, it was a justifiable and a good question. "Well I have been married four time previously throughout my lifetime. My first wife was Amanda. She was a human and completely spiritual. We met just after the second great war on Earth and I was smitten. She taught me that there was a lot more to life than me, and she taught me how to truly be a listener. We had two wonderful children Robert and Mackenzie. Both of whom are going to be at the wedding. When I lost Amanda I was inconsolable for centuries, I truly felt that no woman could compare. That is until I met T'Porra. We met at the dawn of the Federation. I was assigned to get to know all I could about our new friends the Vulcans. She found me exceptionally emotional and I found her exceptionally interesting..." His voice trails off as he smiles and is lost in the memory. A moment later he returns to his story. "...I was a ball of emotion. T'Porra was patient with me and showed me to not let my anger, my emotions run my life. However, they are important. We has a most logical daughter T'Ving who is now serving in the Vulcan Science Fleet and will also be at the wedding. About a hundred or so years later I was to meet B'Relor. We met while I was on Q'onos in deep cover. So deep that B'Relor did not know that I wasn't Klingon. It was the dawn of what would become the first Klingon war. During a particularly long night over blood wine. She taught me the way of the warrior, a lesson that I have not long forgotten. After B'relor got over the fact that I wasn't Klingon we were married and shortly thereafter Talia was born. My most recent wife was Mila, a Cardassian. During the aftermath of the Dominion War I was assigned to assist Cardassia in rebuilding their intelligence division. If you can believe that the Cardassians needed help with intelligence. However, she was the head of Intel. Our time together resulted in the most valuable lesson that I have learned until I met Jennifer. That lesson was the most valuable secrets are your family and they should be kept closest to the heart. We have a son together named Melek." Billy sipped his tea as he paused in his long story.

He regarded the woman's second question for a moment and then came to the answer. "Well ma'am Jennifer has taught me the most valuable lesson that I could learn throughout all of these centuries. That lesson is to simply be yourself. Love life and everything in it and most of simply live. You have raised what could be the best living being in the galaxy."

"Thank you," Willy said. She emptied her cup and put it down. "Jenn and I had a very restrained relationship when she came to me with her siblings. I tried my best to raise her, but she has always been a free bird. And so aggressive. And yet, despite that, as I said before, I wasn't worried about her the least. Somehow I feel sorry I didn't spend more time with her, or even shown interest in her career." Willy looked around. "she did good for herself here."

"Do not sell yourself short. In order for to have done so well she would have to be shown the way. If I may be so bold it is never too late to start spending time with family." In that moment Billy knew two things. The first was that he should take his own advice sometimes. The other was that he was really going to enjoy his time with Willy.

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Chief Petty Officer Leslie Calhoun
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