USS Pioneer NCC - 74757


Docked at Starbase Sirius
Speed: Docked
Shields: Nominal
Hull: Nominal
Systems: All Systems Nominal

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Trouble Comes in Twos

Posted on Sun Aug 2nd, 2020 @ 12:51pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Kara Li & Sergeant Kaia Li
Edited on on Sun Aug 2nd, 2020 @ 1:15pm

Mission: Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Location: Starbase Sirius
Timeline: MD005 1300 hrs
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Starbase Siris, Main Promenade

The station seemed a lot busier today, it was something in the air. Kara couldn’t place her finger on it but something had the station buzzing with activity. The young Lieutenant leaned over the railing looking down at the decks below. When on a station, the Promenade was always her go-to spot. From here, she was able to view the comings and goings of so many people. She enjoyed people watching. She looked up for a brief second, at the various dining establishments knowing that sooner or later she was going to have to get a bite to eat.

Kara decided that she would wander the promenade, see what she could find there for lunch. Eating from a replicator was out of the question, not when there were so many places to pick from. She had been on the Lighthouse for a while now, the break on Sirius was a much-needed respite. She looked at a nearby clock display, she wasn’t entirely sure what time Kaia would be arriving, but she had felt her sister's presence growing stronger over the past hour. It was only a matter of time. She strolled into a small Cantina and ordered a non-alcoholic drink as she studied a menu as she waited for her sister.

Elsewhere, Kaia had been on the station for almost an hour now. She’d managed to secure her belongings, check in with the local detachment, and ensure that things were in order. She wasn’t one to leave things to chance. Even if it added a few extra steps, she had to know that things were properly taken care of. She was still in her uniform when she stepped off the lift and onto the Promenade. She paced back and forth for a while, trying to get a feel for where her sister would be. Making her way to a small Cantina, she ordered a Bajoran Fruit Juice. "Something wrong…," she asked, taking note of the bartender’s odd look. She stopped mid-sentence, as she felt a presence, she turned to see her sister. By now the twins had been gathering a lot of odd looks. Two completely identical women both in Starfleet uniforms; no doubt the drunks were passing on their next drinks.

"Kara," she said out loud, as the two embraced.

~You were supposed to meet me an hour ago, I have been wandering this station for a while waiting for you,~ Kara smiled talking over their shared connection.

"I got busy," Kaia replied.

Kara, the more devilish of the two, enjoyed mixing spoken and telepathic words. It always made people more curious. ~You know it will be nice to serve on the same ship, oh the games we could play,~ she let out a laugh that cut the silence.

"But you're a Senior Officer now," Kaia replied. ~You cannot go around playing pranks on crew members like you used to do. You have a lot of responsibilities.~

Kara could not help but notice one of the drunks near her, he had already slid his glass away from him and continued to look at the two, she smiled. ~Oh, please, a swap in comm badges, interrupting each other's thoughts in meetings,~ she continued, "It's all in good fun."

"Until of course, till we get caught,” Kaia reminded her sister. "You remember that Betazed Minster, what was his name," she stated, ~he used to get so mad at us, mom used to...~ she was interrupted.

Kara laughed, “..she always said that if we could put our two brains together to cause trouble, then we could use them constructively.” ~She wasn't that effective at punishment,~ Kara smiled.

“Minster Chou," Kaia shouted as she snapped her fingers, “that was his name."

The patrons around them jumped slightly and looked at the twins, who had thus far only said fragments of sentences aloud, then shouting a name suddenly. Kara laughed merrily. "You shouldn't startle others like that." ~Who knows how some of them…~

"React, they might call Security," Kaia said out loud, finishing her sister's thought. Their bond was getting stronger and stronger as the two were closer now, soon they would be inseparable, always together. It used to drive their teachers crazy when they were younger. Given their similar DNA even sensors had a hard time telling them apart.

“When can we board the ship,” Kara smiled with a twisted grin.

Kaia sighed, “I feel sorry for Captain...”

Kara interrupted her sister, “Malbrooke.”

“I know his name,” Kaia sighed…

Kara picked up a menu and smacked her sister with it, “lighten up, this will be great… now…”

“Food,” they both said.

::30 Minutes Later::

Kaia smiled as the two walked the decks of the station making their way to the docking port that led to the ship they would call home. The twins stood for a second, each of them handing a padd containing their transfer orders to the Security Officer. "Kaia and Kara Li," Kaia smiled, "Reporting for duty," she smiled at the Security Guard, ~He's cute.~

~If you say so, not into the overly rigid type.~ Kara smiled at the guard, as he looked back and forth between the two of them and their PADDs with a perplexed look on his face.

~I don't know,~ Kaia replied, with a smile and a nod to the guard.

"Something wrong, Ensign," Kara asked?

"No-no, ma''ams," he stuttered. "Um, everything is in order, and all of your belongings will be transferred to your quarters...Uh...have a nice day."

"Thank you," Kaia replied sweetly. "You have a good day, too."

~Are you going to play with him or can we go?~ Kara asked her sister.

~No, I think I did enough, for now,~ Kaia smiled.

Kara took both PADDs from the guard, "You should come visit me in the Counselor's office. You seem a bit stressed." Kara turned and entered the ship, handing a padd to her sister.

“So, what do you think of this assignment," Kaia asked.

"Most of these types don't come to the Counseling Office unless ordered too," Kara sighed.

~Then you'll have a lot of time to catch up on all the reading you wanted to do.~ Kaia smiled as a young crewman passed them,

“Crewman,” the Counselor nodded.

Looking down at her PADD, Kara caught her sister’s switch. “Starting already, are we?”

“When in Rome,” Kaia laughed as she smiled. “It’s good to be back together,” she jumped and hugged her sister.

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Kara LI
Chief Counselor, USS Pioneer

Sergeant Kaia Li
Combat Engineer, USS Pioneer


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