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Back to the Gym

Posted on Thu Sep 3rd, 2020 @ 12:59am by Staff Warrant Officer Mira Jayna & Major Cornelius Tremble
Edited on on Mon Sep 7th, 2020 @ 2:01am

Mission: Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: MD005 2100 hours

Mira Jayna had not been back to the holodeck since shortly after her arrival on the Pioneer. She'd enjoyed chatting with Mik, the old gym trainer, and wanted to stop by to say hello again. She found some time when the holodeck was available, changed into sweat pants and a tank top, and headed for the virtual gym.

Mik was sitting on a bench near the ring, oiling a pair of boxing gloves. The old man looked up when the hatch cycled and Jayna entered. Squinting, he recognized her and smiled "Well missy. Haven't seen you in a stretch. Have to say you're a welcome sight for these old eyes. What can I do for you?"

His tone was light and his eyes twinkled between amusement and a leer.

"I've been busy, and I was off ship for a bit," she said, walking over to him. "I wanted to stop by and say hi and maybe have you give me some pointers."

"Pointers?" Mik queried, setting down the glove he'd been working on and dropping the rag into a nearby bucket. "What do you want to work on. Or do you want me to whistle up someone for you to spar with and we'll look for holes?"

"I've never boxed before. I do Tai Chi and some weight training, but from what I've seen around here, I'm a little lacking."

Mik eyed her again and said, some of the fancy stuff. Ok, we can do that." He snapped his fingers and the lights came up around the ring and standing within the squared circle was a Shinobi, dressed all in white. The humanoid sank into a kneeling position, waiting.

"Level one," the old man said to Mira. "Taigiquan, Tai Chi boxing. We'll see how you go. With Federation martial arts and your Tai Chi, you should do alright."

Jayna wasn't so sure. She didn't do well the last time she sparred here. However, she needed to exorcise a few ghosts, and this was a good way to begin. Tai Chi boxing... She shook her head and walked over to her competitor.

The Shinobi jumped to it's feet, bowed to Jayna and then it's fists flashed through a series of warmup jabs and punches and it finished by doing a roundhouse leaping kick into the air before it settled into a ready stance.

"Okay," Jayna said, watching him. This was first level? Well, she would do her best and see what happened.

"To start with, all the strikes will be telegraphed red," Mik's gravely voice carried. "Just to make you feel comfortable with things."

"Got it," she said, and bowed to the Shinobi. She was grateful this was on the holodeck. She could generally hold her own in a fight, but this sort of stylized combat was not one she practiced. It was probably time she did.

The Shinobi shuffled forward and jabbed at Jayna, the arm flashing red as it floated toward her face.

She blocked the punch with one arm while jabbing at his ribs with her other hand.

The blow caught the Shinobi causing it to fold up at the waist and it's head flashed yellow.

"Yellow indicates a finishing move is open," Mik said, amusement in his voice."

"Thanks," Jayna said, punching the Shinobi in the jaw and knocking him backward. It was easier than she expected, but then, this was first level. She wanted to know what pointers Mik had for her, but she wasn't going to turn her back on the Shinobi until she was sure the match was over. She went into a defensive posture and waited.

"Level Two," Mik's voice called. The Shinobi's image blurred and appeared before Jayna in a ready stance. This time it moved toward Jayna, and first it's leg flashed red, then blue as she started to react to the kick. It's fists flashed red as it used the kick as a distraction and attempted to follow through with a pair of jabs at her mid-section.

Jayna dodged away from the kick and moved to block the punches. She wasn't as prepared as she should have been, so took a moment to center herself and prepare for the next attack.

Doggedly, the Shinobi followed, staying close, hands revolving, trying to grapple with Jayna. At the same time it sidled forward and it's leg flashed blue and Mik's voice called out. "Blue indicates a possible feint or distraction, but usually changes color..."

As the old man spoke, the Shinobi's leg flashed red as it went for a leg sweep.

She jumped the leg sweep and punched him in the side.

The Shinobi twisted with the blow as Mik's voice carried up. "Not bad. Level three." At which the Shinobi sped up mid twist, using the momentum to increase the chopping blow into Jayna's shoulder, narrowly missing her neck.

Then it's knee blipped red as it quickly reset it's feet and drove a knee toward her groin area while it's hands wove about her trunk, grasping at her shoulders and neck.

She grabbed his knee with both hands and head-butted him.

The Shinobi flickered for a second, an audible crack sounding and it windmilled back trying to get it's balance as blood began to stain the front of it's face mask.

"Good move," Mik's voice carried up approving. "Racially dependent. Not something you'd want to necessarily do with say a Klingon unless you absolutely had to."

The Shinobi shouted something in a language Jayna didn't know as it took two quick steps forward. A palm strike flickered red as it sailed toward her chin.

She grabbed his arm with both hands and spun around, pulling him forward to take him off balance.

The Shinobi seemed prepared for the move. As Jayna turned in an attempt to throw it, the Shinboi got an arm around her throat and curled it's legs around her trunk, choking her.

She let him pull her off-balance, falling to the ground on top of him so she could get a hand onto his shoulder for a Vulcan Nerve Pinch.

The Shinobi grappled at her hand, continuing to choke her and it said something in Japanese. Then the hologram winked out, leaving Jayna on the mat.

Mik walked up grinning and offered her a hand up, "Level three. Good basics, maybe a bit rusty. Probably would have gotten to level four. A word to the wise on that Vulcan neck pinch. You've got to be fast with it or as strong as a Vulcan. When the Shinobi grappled your hand, he could have broken it and finished choking you out."

The old man was grinning, a glint in his eyes as he looked her over. "I'd say you need more mat time to get the rust off. How do you feel physically after the session? Your wind ok? Any pains or injuries?"

"I'm fine. I over-thought the situation and was more concerned with figuring out what was going on than just throwing him across the room. I do have the strength of a Vulcan, I just try not to use it." She grinned. "As you said, rusty. I'll add overly cautious, too. My focus is usually infiltration, not combat." This little experiment showed her how much she needed to learn--or relearn. "So, where do I start?"

"Don't over-think a fight, for starters," Mik said, tossing her a towel from a nearby stack. "Get whomever you're fighting down or under-control and then you can do what needs doing. Fighting is serious business. As to infiltration," he gestured toward the Shinboi, "Those guys used to be about the best at one time on earth at that. If you want to incorporate anything like that into this training, that's fine too."

The mischief-eyed old man looked her over critically again and said, "Try to get more gym time in. You're not out of fact you have a nice shape," he said, grinning, "But more definition as you put in the mat time will help. Really, we just have to wake up the muscle memory you've got and fine tune it more."

"Thank you." She grinned back. "Gotta wake up twenty years of muscle memory. Well, probably not that much, but definitely ten. So, how often do you want me back here?"

Mik considered that and winked, "As often as you like dear. For training purposes, we'll draw up a training schedule for three days a week over the next two weeks. It will increase as we go along."

She nodded. "All right. I don't have a lot on the docket right now." She ignored the wink. "Is there anything else you want me to work on today?"

Mik considered that for a few beats, then gestured to a space beside the ring and the lights came up. "I'd recommend cardio like skipping rope or some running. Then time on the speed and heavy bags to get your strike rythems and work up a good sweat. However, if you have other methods or want to work forms, go ahead and do that. What's your pleasure, miss?"

"I like the idea of a jump rope. It could help with both cardio and agility." It also would be more fun than running.

A few more lights went on and Mik nodded, tossing a jump rope from a wall hook to her. We'll start there...later the road work can come in.

A joint post by:

Captain Cornelius Tremble
Marine Commanding Officer/Second Officer, USS Pioneer

Warrant Officer Mira Jayna
Infiltration Specialist, USS Pioneer


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