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Docked at Starbase Sirius
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Shields: Nominal
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Dinner plans for four

Posted on Thu Jul 30th, 2020 @ 3:09am by Lieutenant Junior Grade Clarissa Rockwell & Lieutenant Ameri Ó Flannagáin
Edited on on Thu Jul 30th, 2020 @ 3:10am

Mission: Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Location: Mess Hall
Timeline: MD006 1200 hrs
821 words - 2 OF Standard Post Measure

Ameri headed into grab some lunch and after making her selections looked around for somewhere to eat. She had hoped to eat with Quinn but it hadn’t worked out.

Looking around, she saw Lieutenant Rockwell, who she had wanted to talk to and headed over to her table, pausing beside. “Mind if I join you?” Ameri asked her. She could have just taken a seat but that wasn’t her way.

"Not at all ma'am." Clarissa said, wondering why now? She had nothing against the chief of operations, but typically she ate with her husband, but he was no where to be found, for that matter neither was Jayden. It was not uncommon for Jayden, to have a different lunch time.

“I have been wanting to congratulate you on your promotion,” Ameri said as she sat down and prepared to eat. “You more than deserved it.”

"Thank you Ma'am." Clarissa said, wondering why her boyfriend was not promoted. His boss was meeting with her, and congratulating her on her promotion.

“Your welcome,” Ameri said with a smile. “I have a question to ask you.” She set her glass down. “I would like to ask you and Ensign Robertson to dinner on Saturday night at our quarters.”

"Dinner? I believe we are free that night. Any particular reason, you want us over for dinner?" Clarissa asked, being a little nosy. This was a little unsual. She wondered why she did not ask Jayden. Why her?

“Quinn and I like you and Jayden and we would like to get to know the two of you better which is why I am asking.” Ameri explained. The truth was she hadn’t even mentioned it to Quinn yet but he had said he wanted to get to know the crew.

"The first officer?" Clarissa said, with a tone of shock. She thought she had been invisible to him. But clearly, he had kept tabs on her and Jayden. She wondered why that was. She knew the only wat to get answers, was to go to that dinner. "Would be delighted." Clarissa said, with a big smile.

Ameri smiled back. “For a moment she had been worried that Clarissa wasn’t comfortable with this but now she seemed happy. “How are things going in engineering?”

Ameri had no idea, how uncomfortable Clarissa felt. She hated surprises, but she was doing her best to roll with the punches. "Pretty good, Lieutenant Diari has a good crew, happy to be among them." Clarissa pointed out.

“That’s good,” Ameri smiled. “I remember how nervous I was when I took over as Operations Chief. I am lucky to have a good crew under me as well.”

"I hope I did not cause any issues for you." Clarissa said, remembering back on how Dana treated Jayden her boyfriend and how she was dragged into it.

“You didn’t at all,” Ameri smiled. “I believe in treating everyone with respect and making them feel that their position is just as important as everyone else’s. It is the truth after all, there is no ‘I’ in team.”

"I completely agree with that. I feel the same way, I am glad we have had this chance to talk." Clarissa said, as a big smile hit her face.

“As am I,” Ameri nodded. “The few times we have spoken I have really enjoyed our conversations.”

"Me too, but I am very grateful for this opportunity to get to know you better." Clarissa said. The smile on her face was beaming from ear to ear.

Ameri smiled. She had hoped to develop a friendship with Clarissa. She liked her front she gatherings the crew had had. “Look forward to a good meal, not something like our replicators make.”

"I can not wait, we need a full time Chef on the Pioneer, maybe the first officer can help us convince the Captain, to get a new Chef. We have Chloe, and she is great at mixing drinks. But we should have a Chef, don't you agree?" Clarissa asked Ameri.

“Yes,” Ameri’s eyes lit up. “I think I will discuss it with Quinn...the Commander.” She grinned then. “Well you know.”

"Over dinner?" Clarissa asked, hoping that Ameri would agree. They were still at the station, they could easily find a chef.

“Yes,” Ameri nodded. “It will be good to have backup.” Her eyes were lit up. “Real food from a chef I can hardly wait.”

The two ladies talked for a bit, then Clarissa noticed the time. "I have to go now, see you for dinner tonight?" She asked, as she looked over to Ameri.

A joint post by;

Lieutenant Ameri Ó Flannagáin
Chief Operations Officer, USS Pioneer

Lieutenant Junior Grade Clarissa Rockwell
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer, USS Pioneer


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