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Family Operations

Posted on Thu Jul 30th, 2020 @ 2:06am by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Lieutenant Ameri Ó Flannagáin
Edited on on Thu Jul 30th, 2020 @ 3:12am

Mission: Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Location: Officer's Mess Hall - Deck 2 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD005 1230 hrs
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Ameri finished her selections and then looked around, seeing Tyler sitting at a table, having just started eating and headed over. She smiled as she paused next to it.

"Mind if I join you?" Ameri asked. "I have something I want to talk to you about and this would be a good time. We both know there isn't much that can be hidden from Quinn."

Tyler had been lost in his own thoughts as he read a book about the trials of becoming a father. The sound of his Ops Chief's voice snapped him out of his reading. He quickly made to cover up what he read and looked up with a smile. "Absolutely Lieutenant please join me. Is there anything that I can get you?"

Ameri held up her mug. "I'm good! I just made myself a cup of tea. An old recipe from back home so I am good." SHe glanced at the book. "What are you reading?" She asked with interest.

"The Expectant Father: The Ultimate Guide for Dads-To-Be..." Tyler blushed a small amount as he told Ameri. It was hard for the Captain to admit to one under his command, even a friend, that he did not know something. "...Kat and I are going to start trying as it were."

"That is good news," Ameri nodded. "When I was pregnant with Enya we devoured books on pregnancy and being parents." She smiled at him. "I was terrified to be a first time parent. I kept worrying that I would mess up her whole life."

"That is exactly what I am worried about. On top of that I am worried that I am going to screw up the lives of everyone aboard this ship. I mean what if I am the kind of new parent where my child becomes everything. Then the ship will suffer. For the first time in a long time I am unsure of how to act, or what decision to make." Tyler replied, he implored Ameri to offer up some advice. He sipped his coffee to cover up the fact that he may be ranting.

“That you are concerned says a lot,” Ameri replied with a nod. “You won’t let it happen though your child will be very important to you so is the crew. This is your family and there is no way you will fail us. It is normal to feel this way, a child is a whole new chapter in your life and it changes everything but one thing I know you are going to be a great father.”

"Thanks... It is just from what I have read most of Starfleet that are parents become parents before becoming a Captain. It seems that I am doing things in reverse. Thanks for the vote of confidence, I am sure that we are going to be talking a lot more about parenting as it comes up." Tyler replied and then took a bite of his food. "Just tell me it gets easier..."

Ameri grinned. “In some ways it does and it others it is harder but the end result is rewarding.” Memories flashes before her of Enya, Quinn and her. “Sometimes I look at her and I wonder how she managed to end up so smart and well adjusted with me for a Mother. All we can do is our best.”

Tyler smiled warmly at the sentiment. "Well it is not surprise to me that Enya is smart and well adjusted. After all she has you for a mother, one hell of a brilliant woman. But that is enough about my trials and tribulations. How is everything with you and Quinn?"

“Quinn and I are good,” Ameri smiled. “With all that crews been through we have been each other’s strength I am sure it’s been the same for you and Kat.”

"Indeed it has..." Tyler began. "...I will say that it is a pleasure to have Kat here. Someone to confide in when you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders is a god send. However, I guess my question is more how have you and Quinn been handling all that has happened? I mean it didn't just effect the crew, it effected all of us."

“It has been tough,” Ameri replied. “It helps to have each other. We both know when we need to be the strong one and then there is Enya. Some don’t think about the children but it affects them and they can’t process it the way we do.” She smiled. “I see it on Quinn just like you, it’s changed us all in subtle ways.”

"Did the time jumps have an effect on Enya?" Tyler had not thought that something like that could have effected her. But, it did effect everyone on the ship. These thoughts did reiterate Tyler's original policy on no families. A mission like those parallel universes presented too large a danger for children. "I hope that she did not come to harm in any way from those universe shifts."

“No,” Ameri assured him. “Enya just is a deep thinker and independent. She tries to solve things on her own, quite a lot like Quinn.”

Tyler chuckled briefly. "You know it will be the saddest day of my life when he takes a command for himself. However, it will be the greatest day for the fleet." He paused for a moment as he sipped his coffee. "You know if you have a moment I should show you my favorite holodeck program, it is a small touch of my home. Larim designed it for me."

“I would love to see it,” Ameri replied with a smile. She thought it was a wonderful thing that had been done for Tyler. He needed something to make him smile.

"Well then come on! We are off to saddle up and take a tour of Oklahoma." Tyler said with a broad smile and led the way toward the holodeck.

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