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Docked at Starbase Sirius
Speed: Docked
Shields: Nominal
Hull: Nominal
Systems: All Systems Nominal

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The Tour Part II

Posted on Wed Aug 12th, 2020 @ 1:56am by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Captain Cornelius Tremble
Edited on on Wed Aug 12th, 2020 @ 2:03am

Mission: Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Location: Sirius Station / Fighter bays
Timeline: MD004 1630 Hrs
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Last Time On The Tour Part I

The two Pioneer officers saluted and followed Master Gunny Wild from the chamber and toward what Neil recalled was the squadron bay.

Tyler smiled at the exchange. He liked a General who could poke fun at himself, it was a refreshing change of pace. He gave his Second Officer a knowing look in reference to the latter's comment. As they walked Tyler thought how much progress was made at Sirius in such a little time. He was certainly glad that the resources were available to him, but hoped that he would never have to use them.

And Now The Continuation

As Neil and Tyler made their way from the CnC toward the stations flight bays, the Marine looked toward Pioneer’s CO and stated, “Interesting notion of doing a combined fleet command element headquarters. I wonder how it’ll work if and when the balloon goes up.”

"It isn't a matter of if. The Romulans are up to something. It may be good, and it may be bad. We just do not know yet. The Klingons have a vested interest in what happens. However, the Ferengi is what strikes me as odd. Why the hell would they want to be here?" Tyler spoke and he looked a bit puzzled.

"The Ferengi aren't stupid," Neil said thoughtfully. "Their rules cover everything, giving the Daemon's excuses for their activity. However, the Romulans, Breen, and other's aren't exactly friendly with anyone, and have even less time for the Ferengi. The Federation however, even though they can be a pain in the rear end, ensures everyone gets a fair shake.."

"Hmmmm, you have a point. I still would like to keep an eye on our friendly Ferengi. I have never become trusting of Ferengi, especially when they claim to be on our side." Tyler replied. He knew that Neil had a point however, the Daemon still rubbed Tyler the wrong way.

"Consider this, Captain," Neil said, "I tend to agree with you individually on the Ferengi. But, they're very big on contracts. They signed the accords and so far seem to be operating in good faith. The Klingons however look at agreements favorably until those agreements don't work for them anymore and they'll break them at the drop of a hat."

Tyler looked at Niel with a look for appriciation for his insights. He was right about both the Klingons and the Ferengi. "Well put! However, that may be for another time. Right now we have a tour to finish." He smiled and motioned ahead of then. "So lead on McDuff..."

Walking into the hanger area, the two Pioneer officers took in the six fighters at rest in the extended bay and could see another six in the adjoining bay through opened blast doors.

If the fighters are at rest, the crews were not. All of the ships had some sort of work being done to them by handful’s of what Neil supposed were technicians. All were starfleet personnel by their uniforms, but they also wore variably colored vests which held multiple pockets. One passing crewman in a green vest eyed them and slowed down, “Something I can help you with, sirs?”

“Aye, crewman” the marine answered. “Where can we find Captain Rein? He should be expecting us.”

The green vested human looked around then pointed to a second series of boxlike structures on, if Neil remembered correctly, were built into the bases superstructure. “He’s in Pri-Fly, sirs. Follow the red line with no deviations if you please to that door over there and take the lift?”

Neil noted a red line on the deck and his eyes traced over the decking where several lines of various colors, much like the tech’s vests ran hither and yon. The crewman saw the look and grinned, “You’ve seen follow me’s in various really busy ports and places. These are similar. Red means if you stay on it, you’re doing your part to be out of everyone’s way. Don’t worry about the other colors for now.”

Neil nodded, catching Tyler’s eye and shrugged as the two officer’s set out across the bay. “Different world, I suppose, he commented.”

Malbrooke glanced around, he was not too impressed and if he truly admitted it he was a little put off. It didn't matter if he was in the way or not. However, Tyler kept his feelings well hidden. "Quite different indeed. I have been told that the fighter jocks have their own way of things."

Once the two reached the lift and it arrived to the cupola they’d been directed two, they found marine guards who quickly saluted and activated the hatch. The two Pioneer officer’s stepped into the hatch and blinked. The primary control room did intact have view ports into both the launch bays and through the bulkheads out into space. This room was even busier than the bay’s had been and they stood there for several beats before a man wearing a standard federation flight suit with the rank of Captain on it’s breast and a tan colored Stetson hat made their way over.

“Hey there, you two must be Captain Malbrooke and that Marine I’ve been suggested to refer to as Major Tremble,” the pilot said, “I’m Captain Rein, Ichabod Rein. Call sign Itchy. Welcome to the 8083rd Combined Air Wing. They call us that because we have five squadrons based here at Sirius,” the man said in a baritone.

“Two fighter, the Sh’vor and the Highwaymen. One bomber/attack squadron, the Regulators. And then there’s a scout/SigInt squadron, the Sounders and finally a transport squadron that think’s it’s named itself the Chatterley’s.”

Captain Rhein shook his head and said, “After some book on Earth. Has absolutely nothing to do with hauling gear and personnel around but…anyway.”

He led the two men Pioneer officers toward the bay side of the compartment and gestured to the planes below. “That’s a total of fifty four space frames ready to respond as needed through the sector. All of the combat craft are purpose built variations of the Valkyrie model, which gives us the benefits of swapping parts and co-mingling techs as needed.”

The pilot gestured toward the bay and said, “Last thing I can think of that you might need to know is that the frame crews are color coded so that we can make sure the wrong person isn’t in the wrong place.”

Then Rhein grinned, “And, now one of my favorite parts. Computer,” he ordered, “Sound boots and saddles!”

Immediately a klaxon blared once, and red lights began blinking in the bay and then some kind of horn began playing.

“That’s my touch on all this. An old fashioned cavalry call. It tells the pilots of a particular squad to get their butts in the spacecraft and ready for immediate launch.

Tyler smiled and laughed. "Well I'll be. I never thought there would be another cowboy out here. Nice touch."

Rhein grinned back, "Well, I think it adds character and it's always good for everyone to think a CAG is a bit loony. Mean's they think more than once before bothering me with anything that's not important."

Out in the bay, crews raced for their ships under Captain Rhein’s eyes and within about three minutes, the fighters engines were warmed and a operations officer nearby said, “All craft signal ready, Captain?”

“Hrmm,” Rhein commented. “Kinda slow, especially number four. Dawson must have had a big lunch…”

"How fast can we muster an alert squad if needed. Also, how well versed are your pilots in pinpoint drop maneuvers?" Tyler asked the Captain. It might have been the paranoia talking but Tyler had a gut feeling that there would be a reason for these fighters and soon.

Rhein considered Tyler's question for a few moments, then said "Well, we've got a Barrier Combat Patrol out 24/7, eighty thousand kilometers beyond the stations' sensors. Then we keep six spacecraft on alert status like you just saw, ready to launch in five minutes or less, though I like to have it at half that. The rest of the squadron can launch within within fifteen minutes of the order being given."

"After that, Rhein said, "We just need something to blow up."

"That sounds great! Let's just hope that we never have to give you something to blow up." Tyler said with a smile. Then after a moments pause he looked at both Neil and the Captain at the same time. "I would like the pilots here to coordinate training maneuvers with Lance Corporal Kunadt. My thought is there may come a time when the fighters here have to escort the Hawkeye. I want everyone to be on the same page before that time comes."

Rhein glanced at the two Pioneer officer's and chuckled. "Well, that might come sooner than you expect, Captain. I'd say more, but if you haven't spoken to Colonel G'rash, then I won't speak out of turn."

Gesturing around the area he said, "Not much more to see other than the birds themselves. We can do walk around of the birds themselves or I can see if the Colonel is ready for you?"

"I think a quick look at the birds and then off to the Colonel. I am eager to see what your cryptic comment meant Captain Rhein." Tyler said with a smile as he indicated the fighters.

Minutes later...

"So," Rhein said, taking on an instructor's tone, "These are the Mk-III-D model Valkrie. A multi-roll, two place, strike fighter. Four year old model of an old design, updated with pretty much everything they can be. Pulse phasers, quantum and photon torpedo's...air to ground ordinance for the support role...and I've got good pilots. There isn't a better unit in the Quadrant."

Tyler smirked at the Captain's last comment. He had become accustomed to Marines stating that they were the best in quadrant. Tyler often wondered how many best units the Marines had. "Looks like a formidable piece of machinery. How fast can we get them flying when needed?"

Captain Rhein gave the Pioneer CO a sideways look then said, "As I mentioned, we've got a Barrier Combat Patrol out , that's usually two flights of two, patrolling. After that there's the Alert five, fighters that you saw drill when you arrived. The rest of the squadron can launch within within fifteen minutes of the order being given."

Tyler nodded as in deep thought. He was worried about the Romulans and about what they may be planning. "Captain, I think we need to try to cut that fifteen down. Maybe even as far down as five minutes. With Romulans involved we can never be too ready. They want to talk right now but that can change at the drop of a hat."

Rhein glanced at Neil, who's face remained expressionless, then met Tyler's eyes and said. "Well, Captain. Right now our alert status is set per RDF requirements and the Standard Operating Protocols. If you want those changed, talk to the General and his staff. I don't take orders from you. Last time I checked, there's a chain of command."

Tyler's eyes shifted for a moment at Rhein, as Tyler wondered why the Captain would get so defensive. However, he wanted fire so Tyler would give him fire. "Actually Captain you are deployed at Command's request. At the moment Command has decided that your unit is to be placed at the disposal of Starbase Sirius. That means that your missions will come at the request of the Fleet Captains, and Admiral Lancaster. So while you are correct in stating that I should check in with the General and his staff about that, and believe me I will be. Your stance on whether or not you take orders from me is incorrect."

Rhein half glowered at Tyler and said, "Well, if that's the case. Then yes sir. No offense but I'll be checking on that. As of right now, my standing orders are what they are."

Tyler waited for the Marine to respond before he proceeded. "Also Captain I never gave you an order. It was more of a request. I will contact the General and then you will have your order."

"Fine. We'll let the General and Fleet sort it out, Captain. For now, I do have duties to attend to so you gentlemen have a pleasant day."

Rhein saluted, then turned on his heel and walked back toward the control area.

Neil, an amused smile on his lips, commented, "Touchy..."

With a quick nod of the head Tyler indicated that they should move on. He could not resist a small smirk at the other Captain's expense. "Indeed, someone needs a thicker skin."
To Be Continued...

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Captain Cornelius Tremble
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