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You know me and Meatloaf

Posted on Sat Jun 27th, 2020 @ 9:41pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Clarissa Rockwell & Lieutenant Junior Grade Jayden Robertson
Edited on on Sat Jun 27th, 2020 @ 9:42pm

Mission: Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Location: Mess Hall
Timeline: MD002 1600 hrs
1420 words - 3 OF Standard Post Measure

Clarissa was the first one to arrive in the mess hall. She was heard it was meatloaf night, and she wanted to beat the rush into the messhall. She managed to sit down, before Jayden walked in. There was a couple of junior officers that managed to arrive at the same time as her. Sadly not Jayden.

Jayden walked into the mess hall and looked around. He smiled when he saw Clarissa and headed over to the table where she sat. “Sorry I am late, I got tied up.”

"Tied up huh, kinky." Clarissa said, trying to make light of the fact that he was late. And hoping that comment, would spark him to give a better reason why he was late.

“The Chief had a meeting with us that was supposed to be short but there is this new Ensign who had a million questions to ask,” Jayden smiled. “Finally the boss just cut him off and said we were done! I took off out of there fast because I didn’t want to get caught by him.”

"Boring, I would have stayed with my comment of kinky. And made some snappy retort." Clarissa said, with a big grin on her face. She loved just thinking of that idea. If the roles were reversed, she would have said that to him.

Jayden laughed at her reply. “I am a bit slow today I should have had a better answer. You are quick witted.”

"It's okay, being a little on edge, ever since we were forced to go to Wakefield's memorial." Clarissa said, trying to put that dreaded event behind her. She hated the way that lady treated Jayden.

“You and me both,” Jayden nodded. “She never spoke to me again after all that happened except for when she apologized. “ It hasn’t felt much like one but he had still been upset at the time.

"The apology was nice, but it can not excuse what she has done. Maybe I wrong, but one kind act does not undue all the wrong she did, does it?" Clarissa asked, wondering if she was being to harsh on the lady.

“Not really,” Jayden nodded. “I mean it may have been sincere but I kind of felt like she did it because it was expected.”

"You deserve better than that. We all deserve better than that. No one deserves to be miss treated. I know I should forgive, but I can not allow one good action to subdue countless wrong doings." Clarissa said, finding it in her heart not to forgive Dana.

“It would be wrong for me to say that I had no bad feelings.” Jayden murmured. “You are right we all deserved better and though I didn’t wish her dead I am relieved not to have to work with her.”

"I care about how others treat you. And you did not deserve her wrath." Clarissa pointed out to him. Thinking about how Dana treated him, just pissed her off more.

“I‘ would be pissed if someone did that to you,” Jayden acknowledged. “It is the hardest thing because we both fight our own battles and I know you wanted to let her have it and I would feel the same way in reverse.”

"So you get how I am feeling. Sad part is, she did not attack me directly, like she did with you. But in my own way, she might as well have. No one messes with my man." Clarissa said, with a stern look on her face, that boiled into a smile.

Jayden loved her referring to him as her man. It was a fact but he liked hearing her say it. "As close as we have become any attack is one on both of us. I just hope from here on out everyone works together the way they are supposed to."

"They will, your new CO is top notch, and a sweet heart." Clarissa pointed out to him, with a big grin on her face. Clarissa really liked Ameri, and knew that Jayden could learn alot from her.

“She is the best,” Jayden nodded. “Very fair with all of us and she has adjusted the schedule a time or two.” He smiled at her. “She even told me that she will give me days off when you have hours when possible.”

"Then we better make the most of those days off." Clarissa suggested to him, with a play grin in her eyes. She too really liked Ameri. This girl understood the importance of a good relationship.

“And we will,” Jayden smiled at her. “We both know how to pack our days off with fun and time together.”

"Sometimes less is more than enough. Quality over quantity." Clarissa suggested to him, with a wink in her eyes. She was not sure what he was planning, but she hoped he would want to spend personal time together, in a more intimate way.

Jayden just smiled at her. He was making plans for them for their next two days off. He had to think long and hard and he wasn’t spilling it. “Sometimes that is true.” He said taking a drink from his glass.

"Sometimes?" Clarissa said, with an annoyed look on her face. She knew that he he knew, that quality was better than quantity.

“I was teasing you,” Jayden replied with a laugh. “Quality is always more important.” He looked at her. “You okay?”

"Baby, I do all the teasing." Clarissa said, trying to sound cute. But in reality, she loved his reaction, and his attempts at teasing her. It showed, he was willing to be himself, around her, and it was not all sexual between them. They had more potential.

“Most is the time,” Jayden nodded. “But on occasion I like to see the look in your eyes when I tease you.”

"Oh really, what look am I giving you?" Clarissa said, as she gave him another look, one of curosity, and wonder. What was he thinking.

"Let's see," Jayden said, tipping his head to the left. "Like you aren't really sure where I am going with all of this maybe." He paused for a moment. "Just that what I love is you are ever changing. You have basic character traits but you don't like seeing me get comfortable or settling with myself. It is something I like, I feel myself growing as a person, not changing, just reaching for things I never had before."

"Anyone ever tell you, you over think things sometimes?" Clarissa asked him, with a humble voice.

"I do," Jayden replied with a smile. "But there will be these times when I just say what I am feeling." He grinned. "Kind of scary huh?"

"Not for me." Clarissa pointed out to him. "It's not scary to be worried or concerned. Just don't let it consume you." Clarissa pointed out to him.

"Never," Jayden nodded in agreement. "I'd rather spend my days enjoying my job and when I'm off spending time having fun with you. Worrying solves nothing."

"You need to make days for you." Clarissa pointed out to him. She went on. "WE both need to have things we like to do. Even if those things are not the same as our partners. We can't spend every moment together, without wanting to strangle one another." Clarissa pointed out to him.

"I agree," Jayden nodded. "What we have is special but friends and things we do separately are just as important." He grinned at her. "I won an arm wrestling contest at the bar the other night."

"Against who, Chloe?" Clarissa teased him, with a big grin on her face. She wanted to rile him up a little bit.

“Flarn,” Jayden replied with a grin. “He is a Marine. I thought for sure he was going to beat me but in the end I won.”

"Flarn that old tough Tellarite?" Clarissa said, with a big grin. "Good, he needed to be defeated at arm wrestling." She said, with a big barrel laugh. She loved hearing how strong her man was. The scene starts to fade. "Let's go get something to eat." She did not feel like unpacking at the moment. They needed to celebrate her boyfriend's victory.

A joint post by:

Lieutenant Junior Grade Clarissa Rockwell
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer, USS Pioneer

Ensign Jayden Robertson
Operations Officer, USS Pioneer


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