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When I am with you

Posted on Sat Jun 27th, 2020 @ 9:37pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Clarissa Rockwell & Lieutenant Junior Grade Jayden Robertson
Edited on on Sat Jun 27th, 2020 @ 9:38pm

Mission: Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Location: Rockwell Quarters
Timeline: MD001 2000 hrs
1105 words - 2 OF Standard Post Measure

Jayden walked into Clarissa’s quarters carrying a box with a bag over his shoulder. He wasn’t one to hang on to too much, just what he really needed.

He smiled at Clarissa, setting his things down. “I am so happy we decided to do this. I always feel more at home here.”

"Good, my bed was pretty lonely the nights you stayed at your place." Clarissa said, as she helped him take his bag off his shoulder.

“Trust me it wasn’t the only one,” Jayden replied with a grin. “I sleep better when I am with you.”

"How did you ever survive before me?" Clarissa said in her teasing voice. She thought it was cute, and complete nonsense. But still cute of him to say.

“I have been asking myself that question for quite a while,” Jayden said with a laugh. “So far I have no answer.” He was silent for a moment. “I just like being with you to be honest.”

"If you can't be enough without me, you will be enough with me." Clarissa pointed out to him, then with a teasing grin, she said. "Perhaps we should wait." She said to him, trying not to laugh.

“Wait?” Jayden shook his head. “I am on board with this and solid. I am looking forward to sharing our evenings together, to making this step forward.”

"Then mean what you say, don't let your words trip you up." Clarissa said, with a big grin on her face. She was clearly teasing him.

“I am exactly where I want to be,” Jayden said with confidence. He smiled at her.

"Good, I suppose you can sleep in my bed, but only if you remember what side of the bed is mine." Clarissa said, testing him, seeing if he remembered.

“I do,” Jayden murmured. “You get the outside and I get the wall. I am good with that.”

"The left side Jayden." Clarissa said, with a little annoyance. She hoped he was teasing her. She preferred the left side of the bed.

“I know,” Jayden grinned. “I was giving you a hard time. I am the right of things, it is how I remember.” He didn’t care personally as long as she was beside him.

"Ya not buying that." Clarissa said, as she shook her head in disbelief. Now she was going to make him pay for picking on her. She liked to get even.

“What?” Jayden frowned. He had said something. She had that good natured your in trouble tone. He thought about what he had said and grinned. “Come on, you know I love you!”

"Oh I know you do." Clarissa said, with a big grin on her face. "I am just giving you a hard time." Clarissa said, with a big grin.

Jayden laughed. He loved it when she smiled. It meant all was right with the world. “You know I am an easy mark don’t you?”

"Not in every area, some areas you excel more than I do. Not that I complaining." Clarissa said, she hated the fact, and loved the fact, that she could have three to four orgasms before he had one.

Jayden grinned at her. “We make a good couple because we each have qualities that complement each other.”

"WHAT." Clarissa called out, hoping she had not heard him correctly. She had no desire at this stage of her life, to be a parent. She hoped she miss understood him. If not, they were about to have their first fight.

“Why are you yelling?” Jayden asked her calmly. “All I said was we make a good couple because we both have strong points that go well together. I like that we are both independent and confident in ourselves.”

"Sounded like you wanted to knock me up, make me fat and preggo with your kid." Clarissa pointed out to him.

“Definitely not what I meant,” Jayden grinned. “I am not ready to be a father.”

"Good answer, maybe down the road we can discuss it. But not today." Clarissa said, feeling a bit like a bitch, for shutting him down. But she was not ready to have kids.

“I agree,” Jayden smiled at her. “This is not the right time, I want to make sure we are both ready, if we decide we want them.”

Clarissa grinned and wanted to change the topic. "Okay moving on, do you want to go to After 11 tonight?" Clarissa asked, feeling they both needed a drink, to take the edge off.

“Yes,” Jayden nodded, smiling. He was glad for no more talk about babies. “You up for some dancing?”

"Perhaps, what Chloe's playing tonight." Clarissa pointed out to her, with a big grin that said, get over here and kiss me.

“I don’t know,” Jayden confessed. “We can always request something though.” He was thinking back to the first night they met, she was a terrific dancer and he loved to dance.

"Chloe is a sweetheart, let's hope she is in a playful mood. With what has happened. Most of the crew seems impacted by the defeat." Clarissa said, hoping that Chloe was taking it well.

“I think she will feel all our moods,” Jayden replied. “And will know just what we need to keep going.”

"Which is why we love having her on board, no matter what she knows how to lift our spirits" Clarissa said with a big grin.

"And that is what we all need," Jayden nodded. "To just have a good time and for at least a little while, not think."

"Chloe can help with that. But I still prefer to keep my wits. She can be a good distraction, but we should never stop thinking. That could be disastrous." Clarissa pointed out to him.

“A fine line of having a good time,”’Jayden nodded. “But not letting our whole guard down.” He wouldn’t be paranoid but it paid to be cautious.

"Never drop your guard with Chloe, if you do. You will have a hangover, and wonder what happened? But you will have a smile on your face." Clarissa pointed out to him.

“Thanks for the tip,” Jayden smiled. He wanted to remember every moment of this evening.

"Thank me, after we survive the night." Clarissa said, with a big grin, as the scene starts to fade away.

A joint post by:

Lieutenant Junior Grade Clarissa Rockwell
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer, USS Pioneer

Ensign Jayden Robertson
Operations Officer, USS Pioneer


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