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The Hollow Wounded Part I

Posted on Wed Sep 16th, 2020 @ 4:41pm by Lieutenant Commander Larim Myles & Lieutenant Richard Ballston M.D. PsyD & Captain Cornelius Tremble
Edited on on Tue Sep 29th, 2020 @ 4:40am

Mission: Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Location: Holodeck 1 - Deck 5 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD003 1400 hrs
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Richard walked on the deck and took in a deep breath. There was a smile on his face, something that had become quite rare for the physician but was coming back now that he knew his daughter was safe.

The holodeck was not activated yet and he looked around at the lines that formed a grid on the entire room, "this ought to be fun."

Larim walked in a little bit afterward, smiling when he saw the doc. He was carrying a small case, which he put down as the doors closed behind him. "Well, hey doc." He said.

Turning to face the man Richard offered a broad smile, "not too bad," he offered and then chuckled, "I can use a little escapism."

Not quite knowing what he'd gotten himself into, Neil squared his shoulders and headed into the holo-deck. He'd opted for fatigue pants, worn boots and a FMC blood red long sleeved henry for the occasion. Stepping through the hatch as it cycled and through the arch, he stopped in front of the security chief and Pioneers chief medical doctor. "Gentlemen," he said by way of greeting.

"Good of you to join us, Captain Tremble," Richard replied with a smile, "I hope there's no hidden surprises that put any of us in sickbay."

The marine chuckled at that. "C'mon Doc," he said to Richard, "A few broken bones and bleeding means you've put everything into a good time. I know a couple of Klingon women that would probably offer to show you... And call me Neil?"

Glancing to Larim he asked, "You sure you have time for this, Larim? I thought you'd be hip deep in planning for Jenn's wedding?"

"I could use the exercise, Neil." Larim chuckled. "Plus I got Lax helping, she knows fashion and all that." He laughed

Richard chuckled, "or is it you needed an excuse?"

He shook his head, "after what I've been through lately I can't see myself getting bonded with anyone again."

The marine shoved both hands in his pockets and looked at the security chief. "Again? Who said anything about getting bonded again? Back when my folks were trying to patch things up, before they split, my mother suggested they renew their vows."

Neil shook his head slightly before finishing the story, "Dad asked her, and I quote, Great Space! Why would I want to return to the scene of the crime after I've already working on a ten year sentence."

Chuckling, the marines hands came out and he held them up, palms facing front. "I'm not saying that wasn't a big part of them splitting...but he kinda had a point."

Richard nodded, "I'm afraid my sentence isn't over yet, I've got one which ran home and the other who blames me for the whole mess." He drew in a deep breath, furrowed his brow and looked between the marines, "I believe there was an old earth song that fits this quite well."

One of Neil's eyebrows went up and he glanced around the deck. "Song? We're not going to start singing are we? A cover band of some type?"

"I hope not," Richard chuckled and shook his head negatively at the idea, "I'm not such a great singer."

Larim snapped his fingers, and put on a fake frown. "So I guess that means I cant book you for music then? Oh darn it." he said

Neil shook his head. "I typically need to be half in the bag or a mood before I do something like that. But, I'll follow your lead, Sir's.." The marine gave a half salute and glanced around the suite. "So, what's on tap here?"

"I believe it's a look into the Earth in the time period of 1920's," the physician offered with a smile, "some sort of training exercise regarding solving a mysterious disappearance." He raised an eyebrow and added, "I understand there is a temporal shift involved."

"Definitely sounds interesting to say the least" Larim said

Neil considered the doctor's words for a moment then said, "Whelp, were burning daylight, so to speak. Where do we start?"

Richard nodded as he looked at Neil and then spoke, "computer, begin program, training part one."

As he finished speaking the room changed to that of a busy train station. Behind the doctor and around them were passengers headed in various directions, intently trying their best to make their departure times.

behind Larim was the ticket counter. it was open on the top but with four sides for individuals to step up and purchase the paper vouchers that would let them ride.

They all looked out of place in their much more modern garb. Light streamed in from the tall, narrow windows send long shafts of light across the marble floor.

Various voices called out departure on different lines all of which seemed rather foreign to Richard and confusing. He glanced around and saw a woman in a black brocade dress. Her long dark hair curled slightly at the end and she held something that burned on one in of a long, thin black stick. Black netting hung down in front of the face shrouding her eyes from view as she walked across the hard marble floor.

"Any of you boys know where a girl can get a ride to the South Side, I need to meet a bloke about a clock."

Neil was taking in the surroundings when the woman approached and he was processing. Absently, he told her "That's funny. I think we needed to go that way to see a dog about a man...but there's probably a for-hire transport outside."

"What crosses my mind," Richard said with a grin, is the south side of what?"

The woman looked over at Richard and tilted her head down a little but left her gaze on him, "you boys are from out of town aren't you?" She raised an eyebrow and then added, "better get a change of suits if you're going to fit in Chicago."

Neil glanced around and said, "Yeah. Our luggage was stolen or lost. Maybe this south side has a shop of some kind..." The marine walked to where a pile of luggage sat and saw a man wandering toward a commissary. Not seeing anyone watching or any law enforcement types, he picked up a raincoat and a snap brimmed fedora. The former he draped over an arm and the other he kept down to a side and walked calmly back to the others.

"Or we adapt, overcome and persevere, though sticking around might not be a great idea," he said with a wink toward the woman.

"If your going to do a gooseberry lay," the woman replied with a wry smile, "You're the kind of egg I'm looking for."

The woman looked at the group and placed her hands on her hips, "come on boys, we have to find a crate and breeze our way out of here before buttons catch us."

Richard raised an eyebrow at the whole thing, "care, buttons?"

The physician shook his head the sugged his shoulders, "um, yes I think we better, scram."

Neil nodded and began walking toward the exit signs, angling into the crowd. Once outside, he slid the hat onto his head and shrugged into the coat. As the other's joined him, he gestured with a nod toward a row of black and yellow vehicles. "They say Taxi," he said. "I do believe that means they're for hire."

"I really don't know," Richard said with a light chuckle as he joined Neil outside.

The woman rolled her eyes as if annoyed by them, especially Richard, "are you going to bum gums or are you going to get into a bucket, and don't let 'em chisel your cabbage."

Larim just snickered. He couldnt help it. For the life of Kim he couldnt figure out why youd take a chisel to a vegetable but he just rolled with it as he draped a overcoat over his clothes. He looked at Neil. "Well are we?" He asked, smile on his face

"If nothing else, we can get the half credit tour," the marine stated as he picked a likely machine. The cabby was a rough looking man looking older than his years, wearing a visored hat that proclaimed him to work for "Checkered Cab". He had a stub of foul smelling cigar hanging from his mouth and leaned across the seat as Neil opened the rear door.

To the woman, he said "Well, look's like we're getting into vehicles with strange can call me Neil. As he waited for the others, the Marine considered their surroundings and decided to treat it like an E&E course, though they weren't being hunted by any enemy.


Neil activated his contact and subvocalized, "Computer, add appropriate currency for the time and place to the right hand-warmer pocket of this garment."

Without the slightest hint that the characters in the program knew anything about the request for currency Neil got his cash. Brick building jetted above the paved streets but none that would resemble a more modern skyscraper. People bustled all over, the men wearing buttoned-up shirts at least, most in suits with leather shoes and a fedora hat.

"Depends on your perspective," the woman replied back to Larum with an obvious tone about her.

She grabbed the back of the full length set in the front, "54th and Waterfall, and make it snappy."

"Seventy cents," the man blurted as he hit the lever on the taxi caps counter, "going to Harrison Place again Dish?"

"Pay 'em boys," the woman stated, "Franky here's bein' honest for a change."

Franky, the taxi driver, grave her quick sarcastic look but waited for everyone to get in.

Richard got in looking around some more at the darkening sky as it wasn't yet nightfall, "1920s, United States." There was a somewhat puzzled look on his face but he pushed it off.

Neil let the others crowd in the back while he got in the front seat with the driver and tapped the meter after a few seconds. It seemed simple enough. "Looks straight forward enough. So tell me Franky, what's the temper of the city these days. I've been out of touch."

The driver nodded, "Chicago is flowing with giggle water right now, "Capone's brought a boatload of the stuff down the river just last night, and stay off the streets after dark, there's been a lot of lead flying."

Neil's eyes nearly crossed as he deciphered that but decided that the driver was talking about alcohol, self-imposed curfews due to a criminal element...which apparently was this Capone. As he debated lead, his eyes automatically tracked outside the cab for threats and glanced into the back seat at Larim. "You'll protect us, right?"

Larim nodded and smiled. He muttered under his breath. "Computer, generate firearm period relevant. 38 calibur revolver into right hip pocket of this garment." He patted his hip. "Gotcha covered"

"What, me?" The driver asked raising an eyebrow, "do I look like a pigeon." He shook his head, "don't worry I know this town like the back of my hand, I'll keep you out of the heat."

The woman rolled her eyes, "always the worry wort aren't you Franky."

She offered a wry smile and looked over at Richard, "you look like someone who could use some giggle water a, you're the wise head of the group though right?"

Richard chuckled, "hardly sister." He tilted his head as he looked at the woman, "where do you think we can get some decent rags, willing to spend some cabbage on the right ones."

"We'll fix you up, and the rest of the boys, "all the skirts pipes will snap a cap. You'll look good in a good lid."

Neil heard Liam and debated. A weapon sometimes created more problems and he wasn't actually proficient in anything period firearms, so he decided to wait. Looking over his shoulder, he asked the woman, "The rest of the boys?"

The physician chuckled as he heard Liam's question, "period slang, I think we are in what I've heard was a violent time, prohibition on alcohol, gangsters but most of the violence is associated with those activities. We stay out of their way we should be safe."

Neil's eyebrow shot at that and he glanced over his shoulder again, "Safe? I wouldn't worry too much about trouble doctor." He gestured toward Liam and continued, "Liam and I know how to deal with any kind of trouble you get into."

Then he eyed the dark haired woman and said, "Well. Most of it, at any rate." Then he winked at her and went back to scanning the traffic and streets around them.

"I see," the woman said raising an eyebrow, "seems we got us some brunos, and one wise head."

The driver pulled the taxi over towards the curb in front of a large four floor building. there was sort of a courtyard in the middle of the sprawling building providing some green space and it was obvious the building was rather new,

"Here you go," he said with a smile, "just don't take any wooden nickels."

Neil peered at the driver curious, as he glanced at the meter and fished out one of the paper notes he'd gotten. It had an older man with what had to be a wig on it and artful design, with the number one in the corners. Shrugging, he folded it and, as he opened his door, told the driver "Keep the change. And if someone asks if you hauled us around, the extra should inspire forgetfulness, yeah?"

"Never saw you," the man stated with a grin, "thank you ser."
To Be Continued...

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