USS Pioneer NCC - 74757


Docked at Starbase Sirius
Speed: Docked
Shields: Nominal
Hull: Nominal
Systems: All Systems Nominal

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Father of the Horde

Posted on Thu Apr 9th, 2020 @ 1:25pm by Sergeant Tevil Eubilex
Edited on on Thu Apr 9th, 2020 @ 8:31pm

Mission: Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Location: Starbase Sirius
Timeline: MD004 1100 hrs
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The door hissed open and Tevil Eubilex staggered backwards, two hands on the doorframe to try and stop everyone inside the room from getting out, and another hand trying to loop the strap of a kitbag over his head.

Piret Eubilex folded two arms sternly, the third shifting the child on her hip. "I mean it, Tevil," she said with a voice that could have cut tritanium alloy.

"I don't doubt that, amber-eyes," Eubilex reached down and peeled another child off one of his legs, holding him up he rubbed noses with the boy before putting him back down, "I'll get it sorted."

"You will, Tevil Eubilex," she waved at the room they were in, the one that Eubilex was currently trying to stop small people pouring out of, "when I say: this is a cargo hold, I don't mean: it's as big as a cargo hold. I mean it is literally a cargo hold. That's an exterior hatch there. Your children are sleeping on camp beds near an exterior hatch."

"The Operations officer said he'd have to reorganise some quarters, that means turfing out a few enlisted officers and moving families, all so ours has enough room," Eubilex tried to explain patiently, he worried that he was veering towards patronising, "just give them time."

"Time? It's been three days! Three days of hoping the controls to the cargo transporter are actually disabled and that Navuxx isn't going to beam Dubul onto a passing freighter. In the meantime, my love," Piret replied with ice in her words, "where will you be sleeping? In a cargo hold teeming with children? I don't think so."

"Worse, I'll probably be bunking in with humans. There'll be hazing and strange smells in the darkest hours. I'll then be risking my life for the Federation and all good people of the galaxy."

"You'll be risking more than your life, if you don't get decent quarters sorted," Piret growled, but her tone softened and she nuzzled Tevil affectionately. "Say goodbye to your Father, kids, he's off to play soldiers!"

A stampede swarmed Eubilex then, the smallest ones grabbed his legs, one or two shinned up his skinny torso and a particularly small child grabbed a hand and swung from it. Bits of coloured paper and card were thrust into his hands as one-by-one, Eubilex acknowledged the swarm of children and placed them back inside the room.

"Navi, that's great. Help your mother while I'm gone. Watch Tila. Nexixn, concentrate on your studies, what do I always say?"

Nexixn rolled her golden eyes, "no boys until after I graduate... whatever."

"That's right: Telad, we'll find you a team, there's bound to be a league on the station, you'll be fine. Dito, I love it I will put it up over my bunk. Naxuxx, put Dava down right now and step AWAY from the console. Pater, be kind to your sister... all of them. Boboxx, little buddy, oof, you're getting strong. Wivulx, stop wobbling that tooth, it will sharpen when it's ready. Lerax, no wait, Tila, Piret honey, Tila's trying to get into the waste reclamation... Dela, Dubul, Darolu, just stay this cute as long as I'm gone. I love you all. Yes I'll put the pictures up above my bunk...."

Eubilex staggered backwards, pushed the last wayward child in and slapped the door control to contain them. He took a deep breath to steady himself, then adjusted his kit bag again and strode through the corridor towards the transporter room.

Sergeant Tevil Eubilex
Rifle Fire Team 2 Leader, USS Pioneer


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