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Life goes on

Posted on Sun Jun 14th, 2020 @ 1:01pm by Lieutenant Ameri Ó Flannagáin & Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters - Calhoun
Edited on on Wed Oct 21st, 2020 @ 4:21am

Mission: Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Location: Deck 3- Officers quarters-Jennifer's quarters
Timeline: MD001 0945 hrs

Jenn came back from sickbay in to her quarter after she had rand out. She stood in her quarters looking around. Looking at the couch where she sat with Dana when she was blind, and where had comforted each other.

She walked to the couch and screamed to the couch, "Why!" She then fell to the floor. And put her head in her hands as she softly started to cry. She always had a problem making friends. Trusting was something that didn't came easy for her. She there for didn't have many friends, let alone female friends. Pioneer had changed her life in more ways she would imagine years before.

Dana changed her personally. Both of them had their secrets, but they accepted each other no matter what their past was. They weren't afraid to tell each other anything. And there was this trust. Somehow this felt worse than when Daniel betrayed her. When Daniel betrayed her, she trashed a club and almost killed Dan.

But this was so different. And even though she could feel her blood boil, she couldn't go around and trash her quarters. She got up and walked to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. She pulled her hair loose as she heard Dana's voice when she said her last words to Jenn. Don't go getting soppy and sentimental on me now Masters, I'll see you later, now get back to work and keep our boys safe, Wakefield out.

Her wavy curly hair was now loosely on her shoulders. But when she saw Dana later she was gone. She would never be her maid of honor. She would not stand with her. She wouldn't be there when she had her first child and when she would ask her to be the godmother. She fell on the bathroom floor again crying. One of the two best friends she had was gone. She didn't know how to go on.

Ameri walked through the ships corridor, she couldn’t stand the silence, had not passed anyone on the way to Masters quarters. She remembered her last visit to see Jennifer when she had been blind and brought her some dinner. Ameri had meant to come back but it hadn’t happened. She liked the warrant officer and would like to have a friendship with her.
Ameri knew she was close to Dana, another person Ameri has meant to patch things up with. It would be a regret she would carry forever.

Stopping outside Jennifer’s door for a moment she almost left but instead, rang the buzzer. Jennifer needed a friend and Ameri was going to be here for her. No one should be alone.

Jenn stopped her sobbing when she heard the chime. She tried to wipe the tears away. "Who is there?" She tried to hide the trembling in her voice. She pulled herself up and started to wash her face with water quickly, almost to erase that she had been crying.

“Jennifer,” Ameri called out. She wasn’t using rank right now. They were off duty and she came as a friend not an officer.

She heard the familiar voice of Ameri. Ameri had been kind to her when she was blind. She was trying to clean her face of her crying. "Please come in, Ameri." She said as she grabbed a towel. She dried her face and then looked in the mirror. This would have to do. So she walked out of the room, but her hair was still loose, Ameri never saw her hair loose like that, cause it was always braided.

Ameri’s first thought when she saw Jenn was how beautiful she was with her hair down. She thought it a shame she kept it pulled up but understood as she did the same. Her eyes went to Masters face and compassion washed over her. “I am here for you, whatever you need just say it.” Ameri meant every word, she wanted to help in any way she could even if it was just to listen or for Jenn to not be alone.

Jenn was standing as if she was nailed to the ground for a moment. She was trying to stay in control of her emotions. She swallowed. She could feel the tears behind her eyes. She took a deep breath. "Thank you, I appreciate that. Can I get you something to drink?" There was a tremble heard in her voice as she tried to her best keeping her emotions down.

Ameri didn’t answer her, she just walked over and gave Jennifer a hug. “It’s okay to let go, I am here for you.” She didn’t know how Masters would react but this was who Ameri was.

Jenn was a bit surprised by this reaction. She wasn't so good with this. She never had many friends. Trusting was really hard for her. But Ameri has always been kind to her. And somehow at this moment she couldn't fight her emotions. She was now totally overwhelmed. She dropped, somehow burdened by the weight of all her emotions and started to cry unstoppable. And also she could push out was, "Why?" She hadn't even cried this much when her parents died. She didn't knew them that well as they were absent a lot during her childhood.

“I wish I had an answer,” Ameri whispered as she held onto Masters as she cried her heart out. Tears formed in her own eyes as she felt for Jennifer. Her pain was deep. “I keep asking myself the same question.” She could have said it will be okay or things will get better but Ameri hated those sayings. Though time would help ease the pain those words were not helpful in her opinion.

Jenn shivered a bit. She tried to dry her tears. "I just don't know how to go on. Not so long ago I asked Billy to marry me. And I had so many plans, and now I don't know what to. I am a little stomped." She really didn't know at the moment. She never was confronted with a loss, and she never expected it would touch her this much.

“You do it for Dana,” Ameri whispered. Though she and Wakefield had never been friends, she knew loss. “You make her loss mean something. It isn’t easy but that is the way you go on. And knowing she would want you to fight and help take back what was stolen.”

Jenn wiped her eyes dry as far as she could and just nodded. She took Ameri's hand. "Would you stand in her place then? As my maid of honor?" To her it meant everything if Dana could be there, but besides Dana she couldn't think of anyone better than Ameri to stand witness of her wedding. She had not many friends and she wasn't that close with her twin sister to ask her.

Ameri was shocked at the question but put a smile across her face. "I would be honored to stand up for you. I could never fill her shoes but I will certainly be there to help make it a special day for you."

Jenn in the meantime had calmed down now that the subject had shifted. "Thank you, Ameri."

"You're welcome," Ameri said quietly. "I want to do whatever I can to help." She could tell there was a closeness between Jenn and Dana, they were family in all ways that mattered. Ameri could only imagine the pain for her and Quinn if something happened to Tyler or Kat.

Jenn felt a bit calmed down, not that she wasn't alone with it.

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