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In orbit of Jutus
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The Corruption of Lyie
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD000 2300 hrs - MD004 2130 hrs

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Bringing Families Together

Posted on Thu Mar 26th, 2020 @ 6:06am by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Lieutenant Commander Larim Myles & Lieutenant Lwaxana Myles
Edited on on Fri Mar 27th, 2020 @ 11:46pm

Mission: Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Location: Engineering Bay - Central Core Deck 19 - Empok Nor
Timeline: MD001 0930 hrs
1689 words - 3 OF Standard Post Measure

Lax Myles, normally the bubbly sort of person was nothing of the sort. And you didn't need to be an empath to notice. It was evident by the gloomy way she was rummaging through what used to be her engineering bay.

Larim Myles, CSTO of the USS Pioneer, and incidentally her husband walked up. Glad she was ok for one thing. He was intent on taking her out. That is until he was hit with a wave of gloomyness. He knocked on a bulkhead. "Knock knock" he said.

Lax lit up. "Larim!" She said, running into her husband's arms. "Look, its horrible." She said, tears forming at her eyes. "Reminds me of Betazed." Lax said. "Just horrible. I don't want to be separate anymore."

"I know how you feel, Lax. Believe me" Larim said.

Tyler had the meeting with Lancaster and despite his best efforts the Admiral would not budge. The Pioneer was expected at Starbase Sirius. It seemed that another ship would be inheriting the task here at Empok Nor. Tyler had no idea how he was going to break it to the crew. For the next few hours he decided he would let them enjoy the time away. He would recall them in due time, as the ship would leave later that afternoon.

Kat decided to lend a hand bringing the station back to some semblance of normal. So Tyler decided to take a stroll through the station one last time. First he wanted to see his wife so he headed for the Engineering Bay. When he arrived he saw Larim and his wife having a chat. Tyler was informed that Kat had been sent into the crawlspaces to shore up some hull plating. He smirked at this, it was one of her favorite things to do. Not wanting to interrupt the other couple in their private moment he turned to leave.

As Tyler began to turn the couple had the same idea. Larim was first to spot him. "Cap?" He said. "In sorry. We didnt see you there."

"Hey Captain Malbrooke." Lax said, attempting a smile

"Larim, Lwaxana. I hope you are getting reacquainted with home. Lieutenant I am sorry for the mess, but sometimes equipment takes a sacrifice during battle. But, I did not want to interrupt. As you were." Tyler said with a smile, and he meant what he said. He did not want to interrupt any family time before the chaos started again.

Lax shrugged. "Its just stuff." She said. "I'm just glad my people got me to the infirmary." She said, looking at Larim. "Gave me time to think at least."

"Think?" Larim asked, slightly curious.

"Yeah. Whether I want to move on from Empok or not." She said

The idea that she would want to leave the station is what caught Tyler's attention. The ship was leaving with or without her and it would be a shame if she remained while Larim left. "Can I ask why? I mean after fighting for something and then rebuilding it, I would imagine that you want to stay there."

Lax shrugged. "Its more of a feeling than anything else." She began. "I guess feeling of I dont want to lose anything I guess. Seeing cardies brought flashes of childhood. I dunno."

"I can understand that, but the Cardassians need our help just as much as anyone else." Tyler replied as he attempted to give a sense of hope to the woman. Although Starfleet has other plans for us, and apparently disagrees with my statement. He thought rather hopelessly.

"That's true. And these were idiots who decided to follow a bigger idiot who tried to take over the Federation. " Lax laughed.

"Now thats the Lax I know'" Larim said.

"Yes quite so, but sadly that idiot got way. Which means that he can raise a fleet again. All the more reason that there is a need for people like you here Lwaxana..." Tyler said and then his tilted quizzically as he heard himself say her name. "Say I have always wondered were you named for Ambassador Troi?"

"You know what? Now that you mention it, so do I. I'll have to call home and ask." She laughed. She was feeling better and better. "Hit me with a theory. If it's good we'll go with it." She grinned.

"The Ambassador is the holder of the Sacred Chalice of Rixx, so it is possible that your parents wanted to honor her. However, I think that we may have gotten off topic. Do feel like you should no longer serve on the station?" Tyler responded with a look of curiosity about him. Quinn had talked at length about bringing the Pioneer families home, perhaps it was time.

"Yeah." Lax said. "Sorry about that, Captain. " she turned red

"She does that, Cap." Larim laughed. He immediately winced afterward. Lax had jabbed him in the arm. "That too." He smiled.

"Oh, Yeah. I've been feeling that way for a while." Lax said. "Only I've never told Larim. Hes been telling me about all your missions and everything and it just made me feel a little lonely I guess."

"Add to that I've been literally burned by this place." She laughed. "Sorry, it's what I do. Anyway, back on topic. Everything in my body is telling me it's time for a change."

The wheels in the Captain's head spun in overdrive. He smirked as an idea occurred to him. There was a way to invite Lax aboard the Pioneer without revealing their new orders, at least not yet. "Larim, how do you feel about married life in the fleet?" Tyler decided to play it the same way that Quinn had with him.

Larim thought for a good bit. "Funny you should ask, Tyler." Larim said. He figured since the CO used his name, he'd return the favor. "When we started our journey in this business we started together. And it was a good ride. Newlyweds exploring the galaxy. That sort of thing. And it was fun. Then the fleets needs necessitated a split. Such is life I guess." He said. "And before you came up Lax was telling me that she didn't want to be separated anymore. And I agree with her to be honest"

"Up until recently I thought the same thing. That the needs of the fleet were often times more important than my own needs, or my wife's. However, a good friend recently opened my eyes that one should not live life for the fleet, one has to live their own life. So now I think I will return the favor. Lieutenant Myles, I know that it can be very hard working with your spouse, believe me I know this from experience. However, what can be even harder is taking orders from them. Suppose you had to take orders from Larim. How would that make you feel?" Tyler was going to offer her a job on the ship, but he was going to make her work for it.

"Well, Captain. " she began. "Larim and I have always seen ourselves as more or less equals. The "dynamic Myles duo" she added. "And off duty it'll stay that way. But yeah, he outranks me...for now." She laughed

"For now?" Larim asked, lightheartedly

"Shut up, Larim." Lax smiled. "So sure, I'll follow his orders no sweat."

"What's more are you going to be okay if the Pioneer is in danger, and Larim has to go on an away mission wherein he may get seriously injured, maimed or even just plum dead. For that would be his job, and yours would be to watch." Now Tyler was really laying it on thick, what he just said was partially right. She may have to watch him die.

Lax looked down. That was the reality wasn't it. "Yes, risk comes with the uniform. Especially this color. I wont deny it'd be rough. But if I have to I will."

Tyler regarded the woman for a moment. He attempted to decide if she was telling the truth, or just telling him what he wanted to hear. He chuckled to himself as he thought it would be great if he were a Betazoid at the moment. Tyler looked at Lwaxana for what must have been a solid minute, and then came to the conclusion that he would roll the dice on her. "Right so here is the deal Lieutenant. You continue the project that you are on and have it done by 1300 hours. At that time report for duty to Lieutenant Diari aboard the Pioneer. Lord knows she can use another good engineer. I will work out the details with Captain Hood. However, if you don't have the work done for the station, then I am not sure we can take you from your duty here." Tyler added the last line with a bit of a smirk.

Larim sort of smiled. He was as surprised as he was sure his wife was. But he only said one thing. "Welcome aboard! Tyler, I'm going to head to the ship. Quarters are a mess." He laughed.

Lax lit up. "Of course sir!" She said. "And yeah, you better clean!"

Tyler laughed out loud. "As you were Commander, and I suggest you get those quarters ready, or you will have to answer to someone higher than your Captain. As for you Lieutenant as you were." Tyler turned and headed back toward the Pioneer. He would catch up with Kat later, and he knew that Mrs Myles would make for an excellent addition to the crew. Family... It is what I wanted my ship to be, and it is what it is becoming. He thought with an extra bounce in his step.

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