USS Pioneer NCC - 74757


Docked at Starbase Sirius
Speed: Docked
Shields: Nominal
Hull: Nominal
Systems: All Systems Nominal

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Posted on Sun Oct 27th, 2019 @ 7:30am by Ensign Dana Wakefield & Private 1st Class Aiden Pearce
Edited on on Mon Oct 28th, 2019 @ 11:28pm

Mission: Episode 8 - The Silence
Location: After 11 - Deck 11 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD003 1900 hrs
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Dana was not one to frequent After 11 all that often, but after today's events she needed a stiff drink. As a plus, it should be quieter than normal as most of the crew had been invited to a pirate-themed event on the holodeck, she had contemplated going but she didn't want to spoil it for everyone else 'perhaps next time' she thought to herself as the doors to After 11 opened.

Aiden was sat in a booth on his own when the sounds of the doors opening made him glance up, a red flush on his cheeks swept over him, as he glanced at who had just walked in, it was Dana. His flush soon turned to a confused look, she was still here? wasn't she meant to be shipping out?. He swallowed his last mouthful of whisky as he sensed her hesitation, then several people whispered from behind him, no matter what they were saying, it had taken guts to show her face, he got to his feet and slowly approached her.

Dana heard the whispers and felt the gaze of several people focusing on her, no doubt she would be the talk of the ship for some time, but she no one but herself to blame. She nearly turned and walked out, but she had to show she was better than that, she had a lot to prove now.

"May I have the pleasure of a drink?" Aiden asked

Dana was just about to shoot him down dismiss the idea, but the voice sounded familiar as she turned her head, her stomach wrenched, it was the young marine that had shot her and whom she had head-butted and knocked to the floor, but in the end he was the one who finally restrained her, his soft whisper made her relive the moment.

"Calm down their Tiger, I don't want to see you court-martialed, or hurt."

She blushed as she reheard those soft, gentle, words. Why did he care so much, it wasn't as though as if he knew her. But she defiantly owed him an apology and as he was asking if she wanted to join him for a drink, now would be a perfect time.

"I'd like that, thank you," she said, raising a smile

Aiden was slightly taken back, her girly soft tone and response had made his heart skip a beat, he simply smiled and ran his fingers through his hair, he was expecting to be flatly turned down on the spot.

"Erm, what can I get you?" he asked, almost stuttering

"Something strong, real and not Synathehol,"

"Grab a seat." he replied nodding to the booth, "I know just what you need."

"Okay," Dana said smiling and heading to the table, the young man seemed nervous and she swore she saw him blush, but she was more concerned about the whispering, and the eery quietness.

It didn't take Aiden long to return from the bar, he was carrying a bottle, ice and a couple of decanters.

"Now don't tell anyone, but the barman keeps a couple of bottles of this stock for me, pure Scottish Whiskey, good stuff and just what you need," he said and he placed everything down, he pondered for a moment, should he sit opposite her, or next to her.

"Sounds just what I need," she said, tilting her head slightly watching at him squirm. "I might pull hair, but I don't bite," she said as she moved across a little, signalling she didn't mind him sitting next to her.

Aiden almost let out a sigh, a dimple forming in his cheek as he smiled and gently sat down next to Dana, before pouring her a drink.

"I thought they were shipping you out?" he asked

Dana raised her eyebrow "Nothing, like been direct."

Aiden's eyes widened, did he really just ask that as his first question. "I'm...I'm sorry."

"Oh don't worry," she replied laughing, "Change of plans, I'm staying after all."

Slowly pouring her a drink, he smiled again. "Good, I'm glad."

"You are?"

"I...I..." he stuttered "I..."

Dana couldn't help but laugh, his face was growing redder by the minute, she reached for the drink he had just poured her and downed it in on mouthful.

"Wow," she said coughing and spluttering as it burnt as it went out "That's good stuff."

Aiden smiled and simply nodded, he couldn't take his eyes off her. He picked up his own drink and took a sip, this was to be savoured and not rushed.

(( An hour later ))

Dana was a little tipsy and had consumed several more drinks, but Aiden had been a perfect gentleman, he'd only a couple, for some reason he wanted to look out for her.

"Sooooo, I probably shou....shouldn't mention it, but now would be a perfect time to ask me anything you wanted to know," she said slightly slurring and hickuping

Aiden smiled, she was definitely drunk but he was exactly the same, he tended to have a loose tongue when he was drunk. "So are you single?" he asked raising an eyebrow.

Dana finally blushed herself, she couldn't remember the last time a man had actually shown some interest in her. "Yeah, but I like men, not boys," she said taking a little jab at his youthful looks.

Aiden filly broke eye contact, the smile falling from his face, that was the most unsubtle hint that she wasn't interested in him and to be fair even though he had a macho reputation as been a lady's man, it wasn't true, truth be told, he was still a virgin.

Even though she was tipsy, Dana still picked up on the fact that the cute smile and confidence he had shown a minute ago had gone, perhaps she had hurt his feelings, but her brain couldn't fully process things when she was like this, did he like her, was he hinting, after all she was simply teasing him with the previous comment, letting out a loud sigh she shook her head, she was shit at this flirting and reading men situation.

"Well, I better call it a night, I have an early shift tomorrow," she said attempting to stand up, before wobbling and falling back into the chair.

Aiden laughed at the sight, "Come on Tiger, let's get you back to your quarters."

((Dana's Quarters - Deck Three - Twenty Minutes Later))

Even using the turbolift it had taken Aiden twenty minutes to get Dana back to her quarters, she seemed to want to stop and talk to people or admire things, and generally staggered in circles.

"Here you are, safe and sound." He said propping her up as she attempted to place her finger on the scanner

"It's moving," she said, seeing triple and trying to poker her finger at it

Aiden smiled and gently stayed her hand as her finger finally hit the pad and the doors to her quarters opened.

"Why, thank you." She said giggling and then leaned against the door frame.

"Anytime tiger had to make sure you made it home safe and sound," he said blushing

Dana glanced at him, before she could change her mind, she leant in and gave him a soft gentle kiss on the side of his face.

"Thank you," she said as she slowly pulled away blushing.

Aiden immediately blushed and turned red, " welcome." he muttered and he really didn't know how to interpret it

"Night night cutie." she blurted as she stumbled inside, the doors closing behind her.

A Joint Post By:

Ensign Dana Wakefield
Operations Officer, USS Pioneer

Private Aiden Pearce
Corpsman RFT 1, USS Pioneer


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