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Busting Balls

Posted on Tue Jul 9th, 2019 @ 11:40am by Ensign Dana Wakefield & Lieutenant Paul Michael & Lieutenant Junior Grade Sylvian Fairburn & Lieutenant Junior Grade T'Rish & Lieutenant Junior Grade Jayden Robertson
Edited on on Tue Jul 9th, 2019 @ 10:55pm

Mission: Episode 7 - Home Again
Location: Chief of Operations Office - Deck 6
Timeline: MD004 0900 hrs
2035 words - 4 OF Standard Post Measure

Dana pulled at her uniform and drank down the remnants of the coffee pot, she had called a whole departmental meeting; she had heard some disturbing whispers on the good old grapevine, and they concerned her. Normally she would heed no interest in the personal affairs of her subordinates, but when they had a protentional to affect her department and the professional interactions with other departments it became her problem. Perhaps she had let things slip recently, taken her finger off the pulse, after all, she certainly had her own issues at the moment, but she still had a department to run and if she needed to bust some balls, then so bit it. After all, it was one of the many traits her father had taught her. Placing her mug down on her table, she left the comfort of her quarters and headed to her office, where she expected her department to already be assembled.

Sylvian entered the room adjusting his tricorder. He offered The the chief a smile as he came farther into the room. He had all he could to keep all the COM stations running after the damage the ship had taken and the LCARS needed updating. But most had been accomplished as long as he extended his hours.

Jayden arrived shortly after, hurrying there when he got the message. He wondered if someone was in trouble, he knew he hadn’t done anything that he knew of. He has been on the holodeck as ordered by Paul Michael.

Dana's expression was blank, the look alone would ensure the crew understood she was displeased, her body language reinforcing her displeasure. This one of the problems, she had called a whole departmental meeting and it was timed perfectly between the ending of the night shift and just before the commencement of the day shit, her crew should be assembled already, not arriving in dribs and drabs.

"Gentleman, take a seat while we wait for the remainder of the department," she said without looking at them, instead her attention was focused on her console, as she watched the time tick by.

Jayden sat down. Someone was dead. He went through his schedule, had done exactly what Paul Michael had ordered, holodeck training. Was it something else. His eyes widened. She was going to nail him for last night right here in front of everyone.

The doors opened and Paul walked. He looked at Wakefield. "Sorry I'm late, lieutenant, I was delayed." He found a seat and sat.

T'Rish arrived exactly as she had intended and took the seat that was easily available for her. Her face was unemotional as normal. Only her fingers brushing across her neural blocker behind her ear out of habit might have seem out of place for a vulcan.

"Firstly, I want to say that when I call a whole departmental meeting, I expect you all to be here on time, for the record that should be prior to my arrival. I arrive exactly on time for the start of the duty shift, so those finishing a shift are already here and so should those starting a shift, otherwise, they are late and the operations department is never late. Therefore, starting today anyone arriving late for a duty shift will find themselves on report, am I clear? the next words I expect to hear from you are yes sir."

Jayden replied with the others saying yes sir. Whatever it was it seemed they had all done it. He hadn’t been around the other ops officers long enough to get himself hung out to dry, had he?

Paul thought to himself, "it's going to be one of "those" meetings."

T'Rish said nothing but tipped her head. After her last posting, she was not one to question the actions of the humans around her. Logic was not their strong suit.

Dana nodded at the expected response, but she was just getting going. "I feel things have slipped recently, and I take responsibility for that, I try and give an inch and certain people take a mile, it stops, and it stops now. After the last mission we've had plenty to do, the ship took a beating and suffered major damage, we're getting on top of it." She paused before her attention turned one particular officer "Take Lieutenant Fairburn for example, he's put in so many extra hours, I actually think he does not have a personal life and I've told him before, he needs time to himself. So while it is greatly appreciated if I find he's doing more than twelve extra hours a week, I'll be relieving him of duty. The rest of us should be picking up the slack and contributing, not allowing one person to be doing an extra ten, twelve, fourteen hours." she paused, allowing a moments respite.

Fairburn lowered his head, the look of puzzlement and confusion clear across his bearded face. He had never been yelled at for doing too much, for stepping up and getting things fixed, but now he was and he was not enjoying it at all, "shore leave, focus on shore leave," he managed under his breath.

"Which brings me onto another point." Glancing quickly at Ensign Roberston before eyeing the rest of the group. "I recently paid a surprise visit to the bridge, to find things...well...lacking, if you find yourself with a spare ten minutes, there is always additional work that can be done, especially after a period of major damage, where reports and requisitions are pilling up. Myself or Lieutenant Michael can be contacted any time, day or night."

The flogging went on for around another ten minutes, Dana was certainly tasking them today and it was no doubt out of the blue for the department, she was normally quite laid back, but for some reason, today they were getting it with both barrels.

"However, it's not all doom and gloom people. I would like to thank the Quartermaster Lieutenant T'Rish, she has done an exemplary job recently, ensuring the materials and supplies were available and ready as needed, as well as doing some excellent reassigning of quarters so repairs could be conducted to some damaged sections, shes certainly set the bar high on the standards I expect, well done Lieutenant."

"Thank you, Sir." The Vulcan hybrid replied. She had simply been operating within the direction of her position, but she recognized the human need to praise. The emotions around the room were confusing but not overwhelming yet.

"Well, I'm sure that sets the tone and direction I want this department to be going in people, any questions or concerns you can speak to myself or Lieutenant Micheal, speaking of which Ensign Robertson and Lieutenant Michael, I'd like a word, the rest of you are dismissed."

Jayden eyes widened. Was she going to kick him off the ship for one conversation with the science officer? He had finished his shift, followed her orders, stayed until all the projects she had given him were done and kept the diagnostics at the level she demanded.

Paul kept his seat as the others left.

"Sure, I've got nothing else planned for the day."

The room quickly emptied until only the three of them were left, Dana gave them an unapproving look. "Gentleman, I've asked you to stay because I've heard some concerning rumours that affect my department and they involve both of you," she said, her looks growing even sterner.

Jayden blinked. “I’m sorry, Sir, but I am confused. I have only had one brief meeting with Lieutenant Michael.” He knew what she was talking about but he wasn’t throwing the elephant in the room.

Paul had heard the rumours, and they didn't bother him.

"Don't look so surprised gentleman, it is a small ship after all and things tend to come and bite you on the ass at some point. I normally wouldn't need any attention to the personal lives of my subordinates, but the way both of you have been carrying on lately has half the ship talking," she said, pausing, showing a look of disgust on her face.

“Carrying on Sir?” Jayden frowned. She was pissed over him and Clarissa.

"Lieutenant." Paul looked at her. "I have heard the rumors, and on a ship this small, it's going to happen."

"Well, apparently my second in command is a dick, who thinks this ship is a knocking shop and my new Ensign dry humps people in public while drunk. I have news for you boys, you may be young and you may think your good looking, but I hate to burst your bubble, I can run you so ragged, have you working so hard it will be as you've aged ten years overnight, I can make your life a living hell. I expected better and I have higher standards for my staff, use more discretion in future, I will not have either of you jeopardise the hard-working relationships I have forged with other departments, to be destroyed by your macho bed knots. What you do in your own quarters in your own time is your business, but in public or when your playing with someone's heart or emotions, be warned, there isn't anywhere you can hide from a scorned woman. In future I expect better, I will not have this department be the talk of the ship, DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?" she said, raising her voice.

“Yes, Sir!” Jayden couldn’t argue, it had happened. They had kept things private, with the exception of the crew party.

"Lieutenant," Paul kept staring at her. "if I "personal life" has not affected my duties to the ship. And I take exception to that moment about me, Lieutenant."

Dana simply glared back at Paul "If you take exception to how I run my department, feel free to see the Executive Officer but if I even get the whiff that this is affecting the professionalism of the working relationship between the both of you, then either or both will be looking at new career choices. Now shake hands..." she said watching with expectations.

Jayden offered his hand. He would be professional but he knew why he was stuck on the holodeck most of his shift. It was payback clear and simple.

Paul took the offered hand.

"Good boys, now get the hell out of my sight, you are dismissed," she said with a flick of her hand, signalling the interaction was over, she watched as both men hastily scurried towards the exit. She gave out a soft sigh, she had her own issues to attend to, she did not to be babysitting these children.

Jayden headed out the door. He didn’t have much to say, she was the boss but man she had it in for him. He knew there was a good chance it would get all over the ship but he would deal. Rissie was in his life and he could do a damn good job and see her both.

Paul stayed as Jayden left the office. "Lieutenant. If you think my personal life makes me unfit for this position, feel free to transfer me." Paul turned and left.

"I might just do that," she shouted after him, ensuring that he could hear her, even after the doors had closed, she stood trembling in her own office, raw emotion overtaking her.

Jayden heard the chief yelling after her assistant. He just kept going but he felt for the man. That had been him on the bridge not that long ago.

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Ensign Jayden Robertson
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Lieutenant Junior Grade Paul Michael
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Lieutenant Junior Grade T'Rish
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Lieutenant Junior Grade Sylvian Fairburn
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Lieutenant Dana Wakefield
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