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Interrogation and food

Posted on Thu Mar 28th, 2019 @ 4:24pm by Lieutenant Commander Larim Myles & Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters & Xoica
Edited on on Mon Apr 1st, 2019 @ 2:31am

Mission: Episode 6 - Old Habits Die Hard
Location: Interrogation room
Timeline: MD003 1600 hrs
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Jenn had to debrief Xoica and extract the information from her. Xoica wasn't really a prisoner, so she send her a message to come to the interrogation room.

Jenn was also hungry so she had replicated some snacks and drinks which she lay out on the table. She hoped it would put Xoica at ease. And as she didn't want to do it alone. Neil was busy with prepping his marines for the next mission, but she had the perfect partner in mind. She pressed her badge. =^="Commander Myles, this is Warrant Officer Masters, could you join me in the interrogation room on the intelligence deck?"=^= She called.

=/\="On my way=/\= he said. Truthfully security was a little slow, he could use something to do, and his skills did need polishing. He made a beeline for intel. The doors swished open and his eyes immediately fell on the spread. "Snacks. cool. Commander Callen never did this at the academy."

Jenn laughed. "I don't know who Commander Callen is, but I was hungry, and this isn't an interrogation of a prisoner. Miss Xoica is allowed to roam free apparently. I am just happy she locked up her bull."

She then took out a pad as she allowed Larim to start on the snacks she had laid out. "I also have a bottle of Scotch." She pushed the bottle in his direction and a glass. She then continued to brief in. "So we are debriefing Miss Xoica, according to her file she is a Jelna Rigellian, but she has some surgical work done on her face and dyed her hair. She looks like a stunning red haired human female," She explained. "When we found her she was hiding from Romulans and Klingons. Intell is interested to know why and what valuable intell she possesses that would have warranted her extraction from that place."

"I certainly would be." Larim agreed.

It was then Xoica walked in. She looked around. She hit Jenn on the shoulder. "Thank you, your highness, you shouldn't have. No Starfleet intell agent ever done this for me."

Jenn did her best to hold back. She pushed her teeth together and pushed out a smile, "You're welcome, Xoica. As Xoica turned her back to Jenn, she looked to Larim and roled her eyes in discontent. She really didn't like being called a princes, specially by this woman.

Larim just chuckled and nodded as if to say. " I know." He turned to Xoica. "WO Masters is a good person like that." he said. "Lieutenant Commander Myles." he smiled.

Xoica nodded to Larim. "Commander," She poured herself a drink and took one of the pastries. "Security, I am guessing. So are you the strong arm, or is she ?" She asked with a grin on her face while taking a bite.

"Not really my style." Larim laughed. "I'm a Betazoid, not a Klingon." He smiled

Xoica looked smiling from Larim to Jenn. "It would be up to you then, now would it, Princess." She put a snack in her mouth and started chewing. When she swallowed she said, "When you're done, maybe you could teach the security chief a thing or two." She winked to Jenn.

"Maybe " The betazoid smiled.

Xoica sat down. "well, lady and gentleman, could we get this show on the road?" She was bored already. "I am guessing you are wondering what I know for you to come and safe my neck from the Romulans and Klingons."

Jenn straightened her back and sat down on the other side of the table. "Yes we do," She said. "So maybe you could start with that, how you got 2 empires angry with you?"

Xoica grinned. "Ah you know, the usual. I was working their territories, they didn't like that. It's not all war and love." She took another sip from her drink. "Besides it's not hard to get the Romulans and Klingons angry. Am I right, Commander?" He winked to Myles.

Jenn sighed, rolling her eyes. She just realized, it may not be of interest for Starfleet, but on the the other hand she got the feeling Xoica was leading them on. "We will get back to that, so what was so important to get us to that hell to safe you?"

Xoica waved her finger. "It's not that easy, Princess, I would like some guarantees here first. And I know you can't do that." She turned to Myles, raising her eyebrow.

Jenn snapped her fingers. "Hey, Xena, you're talking with me. What do you want?"

Xoica put her glass down. "Work for it, Princess. Do you know what that is? Work?" She looked grinning at her. "I bet you never got your hands dirty. You're the little hacker that stays behind after she cracked the safe, letting the men do the heavy lifting. I think when my Bull sneezed over you was the first time you felt real filth."

Jenn balled her hands to fist, feeling it boil inside of her.

Xoica looked at her and noticed she was biting her anger. She looked grinning at Jenn and then said, "Miss Masters, are you afraid with the security chief around to show your true self. Starfleet made you weak and soft. I heard about you. Jennifer Masters, hacker for hire. Bad mouth, and not afraid to throw punches. You're not her. You wouldn't last a day out there."

"Ok that's it," Jenn jumped up pushing her chair backwards, going over the table, grabbing Xoica's shirt. "Stop provoking me and just tell me what you know." For a moment she was forgetting she wasn't alone with Xoica in her room.

Xoica just looked at her. "Come on, I know you can do more then that."

Her head felt warm and Jenn started to breath heavily. She then swung her her hand backwards.

"Stand down!" Larim said. "That's enough." He turned to Xoica. "Stop picking a fight." He turned to Jenn. " Lower your hand. You broke the first rule of interrogation, that is "Maintain your composure." Hate to say it, but your credibility has just flown out the window." He said. "I normally hate to pull rank, but I'm doing it now."

He turned to Xoica. "Remember when I said I was betazoid? I could just get the info right now without asking. But I don't violate others privacy unless my hand is forced. Be easier if you just tell us. Either that or the brig."

Jenn put her hand down and let Xoica go. She turned around and picked up her chair. "Of course commander, I apologize."

Xoica straightened her shirt. "It was nice to meet, Jenn." SHe grinned. She then turned to Larim. "And finally you take the lead, Commander, I was wondering when you would step in." She then continued, "No need to read my mind or throw me in the brig. I have heard you have some trouble finding a mole on Empok Nor. I have a name. Lieutenant Commander Calvin Quaid."

Jenn turned around. "Commander Quaid? she looked to Larim. "I have heard rumors he has been acting strange, but I don't really act on rumors."

"In any case," Xoica continued. "I was selling weapons to a half Bajoran, half Cardassian, a Shoshanah. She was boasting about it in the bar where I usually do my business. everyone over heard her. She bragged about how she had brainwashed him." She took a cupcake. "Now the Romulans and Klingons are a different story. But first I am enjoying these pastries."

"They are tasty,I got to admit." The betazoid grinned. "Commander Quaid..I'll tell the Captain." He began. "I'll need a description of your client. Now, Romulans and Klingons. What's going on. They historically don't like each other."

"Larim, she is not here to give us a lesson on Klingons and Romulans, when we found her both parties wanted her dead. I think we got the most important piece of information, now we need the details on that Cardassian Bajoran female. Just let her finish a bit. Maybe also ask her why the Romulans and Klingons are after her."

Xoica looked up at the two them. "Will you two love birds come here so I can tell you what I know." She took a bite from another muffin. She handed a padd. "This is all I got on Shosannah. Now the Klingon Romulan situation is going to take a bit. I hope you have time."

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