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Party Time
Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Stardate 962307.28
MD009 2100 hrs

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Guidance part 2

Posted on Thu Jan 24th, 2019 @ 4:55am by Chief Petty Officer Leslie Calhoun & Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters - Calhoun
Edited on on Thu Jan 24th, 2019 @ 4:58am

Mission: Episode 5 - It Would Be Their Pleasure
Location: Jennifer's quarters
Timeline: MD010 1930 hrs
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Jenn took Billy after the meeting back to her room. As she walked in she pulled her hair loose. Gently moving her hands through her now wavy hair. She turned around letting her hair fall loose over her shoulders. She then proceeded to take her boots off to get more comfortable. She put them on the rack she placed for her shoes. She then walked to the replicator and sighed in relieve before asking, "Can I get you anything?" Her voice was soft and sultry.

Having to feel really uptight the entire time, she let herself loose as she leaned against the wall next to the replicator looking seductive to Billy.

"You can get me some sugar." Billy said with a wink as he kissed her. When the kiss broke he unzipped his uniform tunic. "So that was a little interesting wasn't it."

"And a little tense," She added as she got of the upper part of her uniform and folded it neatly putting it on a chair. She then proceeded to push him on the couch. She sat down on his lap and kissed him. When their lips parted she said softly, "My hero." She chuckled.

He laughed when the kiss broke. "Tense it was, but I have to admit. They are right you bring out the youth in me and I may have forgotten myself occasionally in public." He pulled her close as he spoke.

"And here I thought you were turning me in to an adult," She laughed. "But I must admit, how you tried to rescue me from those two, was kind of hot." She grinned and added, "Don't you think I should be able to handle those two? I mean, I am the boss now." She gently stroke her fingers over the lines on his face. "But tell you what, when we're alone, no ranks or positions, ok? I'll even allow you to have your way now and again." Her tone was a little teasing as her face was a little smirking.

"Oh you will now. Protecting your lady is a very old custom that has ingrained itself into my psyche." He pulled her close and squeezed her thigh. "Well we could continue fooling around or someone can make dinner." Billy was happy again for the first time in an long time. However, the thought that he would have to tell his children about his young girlfriend was not something he looked forward to.

Jenn sighed. "Fine, you set the table, I will see what is on the menu in the replicator." She got up. "So what would you like to eat." She stood next to the replicator and waited for him to answer.

"Have you ever had an Earth delicacy called lamb korma? That would be great right about now with a mango lhassi." Calhoun replied as he laid out a tablecloth and plates on the dining table. He had to admit department heads get larger quarters than the enlisted.

"No, but ever since I am with you I have been trying new things," She grinned as she ordered the dish. "So do you want wine or scotch with that?" She winked to him.

"Wine would be great darlin. Indian food is out of this world. Just make sure you set the spice level. It could be very spicy." He began to set the table as he spoke. It was nice to have a couples dinner as it were. Even though he would have to tell her about his kids soon. Perhaps this evening he thought he would have to see how it went.

Jenn nodded as she pushed the buttons on the replicator, setting the spice level, and walked over to the other room. She came back with a bottle of wine. "I've never been to France, it's a red wine. I was given a few bottles by Chef Dan, he said he spend some time in France and I should take this wine. Is it any good?" She put the bottle on the table before going back to the replicator to check on the food.

Billy looked at the bottle appreciatively. "It looks good to me. However, I have found that wine is only as good as the company that you share it with. So I am sure this is going to be some of the best wine I have ever had." He said with a smile. The smile wiped off his face briefly as he looked out the window at Casperia Prime. For a man who dealt in information he was finding the words he needed to say hard to come by.

"Dan said the same thing," Jenn exclaimed, "Well, that and good food. He also said food should never be consumed alone either." She smiled as she got the food out of the replicator and on to the table. She dropped down on a chair and sighed. "What ever do we do with Beckett?"

"I say we do nothing save what the XO and Top have asked of us. If he continues to be a royal pain then they will have to deal with him. I think he is just bitter that you are in charge and he is not. My advice to you is to not treat him any different than you would anyone else. Once more, when on duty do treat me different than anyone else." Billy inhaled the aromas of the food deeply when he finished speaking. He uncorked and poured the wine and smiled. Internally a decision was reached. He would let her dig in to her dinner and then hit her with the information.

She proceeded to fill their plate with food. She took a bite from it and smiled surprised. "This is very good." She exclaimed.

"Always was..." Billy smiled. "Indian food is the best if you like sauces and spice. Both of which I love." He paused as he took another bite, followed by a sip of wine. The time had come for him to let her in. "Jennifer, there is something we need to address before we take our relationship anywhere else. I figured that you would have guessed that I as an El Aurian have numerous children. Out of all of those children there are five that I am very close to and speak to on a regular basis. They are in some cases older than you. So I am not sure how they are going to feel about you, or how you are going to feel about them for that matter."

Jenn did like sauces and spices. She just never had Indian food. And she is a human, but it could happen right." She picked up her glass as he spoke to her. She wanted to take a sip but put it back down. Of course she was aware of the fact that Billy had children from previous relations. Having already lived several lives, it shouldn't come as a surprise. But she didn't thought so much about it lately. She was getting used to the fact she was a mother for the past year in a life that wasn't her own. Nor were they her own children. But they were younger than her. She looked to the wine.

She sighed deeply when he finished talking. "Well, to be honest I haven't thought about that. And quite frankly, I don't know how I feel about that. I just getting used to the idea about being in a relation ship with you, and of course I knew somewhere this would come up at some point." She put her fork down. "I am not even sure how this would go. I am I their stepmom...or will I be. How would that work? I am probably much younger than some of them...I think the bigger question is, how do they feel?" She thought a moment. "Do I meet them with Christmas, Thanks giving...birthdays? How does this work?"

Billy laughed at her befuddlement, it was endearing and cute. "To be honest how it all works depends upon you and them. Whether or not you and they would want a relationship together and what kind of relationship that would be. They are all adults so, no I do not think they would need a stepmom although in your cultural terms yes should we get married ever, you would be their stepmom. You would most be interested in meeting Robert, he is four years older than you and is human. He lives in London on Earth. Furthermore my guess is that T'Ving, who lives on Vulcan would be indifferent, and find it logical that we are together. As to the rest I am not sure."

Jenn went in thought about that a moment. "Ok, if you are beginning to think about marrying me, I would want to meet them and see if some sort of relationship can work." She finally took another sip from her wine.

"Well meeting them can and would come in due time. Perhaps when the Pioneer is close to where they are or if they choose to come here. But there is Robert on Earth, T'ving on Vulcan, Mackenzie also a human and she is serving is Starfleet, Talia Daughter of B'Relor who is serving at an attache to the Klingon High Council on Q'onos, and Melek who works for the Cardassian government on Cardassia Prime." Billy was happy that she was taking it well and he sipped his wine and ate some more of the food.

"Wow..." Jenn stopped him a moment. "A Klingon and a Cardassian?" She just began to realize she should have read a bit more on Billy. New information kept coming over the table just as much as good wine and good food. "Anything else I need to know?"

"No not much else. To be fair B'relor bit my cheek but that is a story for another time. If it is too much to ask, I can understand." Billy chuckled, he hoped that she would stick around but he had faced situations like this before. When the woman he wanted could not take all that came with him.

She picked up her fork again. "Too much to ask?" She was silent a moment as she let that sink in a moment. "No it's fine, I was just overwhelmed. But I am the chief Intelligence officer, you would think I should be able to handle my boyfriend's previous lives." She smiled. "It's ok, I just need time to process that's all. And please, tell me, I hate to think you would have to listen to my short life stories." She chuckled.

"I met B'Relor on Q'onos during the Klingon civil war. This was just after Gowron became Chancellor of the High Council. My mission was to assist Gowron by providing intelligence and data analysis on the enemy. But the Federation was not involved in the Klingon civil way." Billy began and then laughed as he sipped his wine. "She was assigned to be my guide of sorts while I was on the Klingon homeworld. She was quite striking as most Klingon women are, and to be honest you and her share a quality that I enjoy in women. That quality is being a bit forceful, knowing what you want and how to get it. Anyway, one night she asked if I would enjoy going to a local pub and seeing how Klingons lived. Of course I took her up on that offer. While we were there a certain warrior took an unwarranted interest in B'Relor. Now Klingon women can damn sure take care of themselves. However, I am an old fashioned man. So I stepped in and fought the warrior, after a short fight the Klingon found himself on the flat of his back. The next thing I new when I turned back toward the bar there was B'Relor biting my cheek. The rest as they say is history. So now m'lady it is your turn." Billy laughed again as tucked into his meal.

Jenn swallowed a bite as she was listening to him. "My turn?" She put her fork down thinking a bit. "What do you want to hear? The last ex I had pulled me out of the academy. Left me hanging one day. Found him the next day in some bar with another girl. I might have busted up his nose before I was thrown out of the bar." She giggled nervous. "I never been with anyone else since, well until now." She winked playfully at him. Then she sighed. "I can be kind of a hot head sometimes. Not something I am proud of." She stirred her fork through her food.

"It should be something that you are proud of. A strong woman is a good woman, and her affections are not one to be toyed with." Billy took a bite of his dinner. "B'Relor and the rest were another life and this is now. You make me feel young, like when the world was new." He added with a wink.

She put her fork down and took a sip from her wine and put it back down. She got up and walked to him and took his hand, making him drop his fork. She gently pulled his hand to get him to get up. She smiled to him and said, "I am young, the world is new to me, each and every time I open my eyes in the morning. I want to explore it with you. Will you be there when I wake up in the morning and every morning after that?"

She knew exactly what she was asking him. And for some reason now holding his hand she felt less nervous then when she asked him out for the first time. Yet she couldn't stop her heart from pounding in anticipation of his answer.

Calhoun stood and looked at this most beauteous creature. He wasn't exactly sure if she was asking for marriage, she couldn't be. He knew she was impulsive but, was she that impulsive was the question here. There was one part of his mind that thought she could be. He decided to go with the other side of his mind, the side that was a listener. "You know if you are asking what I think you are asking, I am going to have to teach you some better housekeeping skills." He said with a broad smile.

Jenn started to laugh and put her arms around him and said, "Ok, what did I mess up now? I got a shoe rack, I fold my clothes before I put them away. I straighten my bed each morning. Or was it the cooking? To be honest, I am very spoiled by the replicator. But as department head I just don't have the time to cook a home cooked meal. But if that is what you want, maybe you should cook then."

"And perhaps I shall. However, I don't do dishes." Billy spoke with laugh and then he leaned in to kiss her.

"For the chance of a home cooked meal," she looked to him grinning. "Sure, I'll do the dishes." She pressed froward to take that kiss.

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