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Docked at Starbase Sirius
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Party Time
Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Stardate 962307.28
MD009 2100 hrs

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Things are not what they seem

Posted on Mon Jan 14th, 2019 @ 12:28pm by Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters - Calhoun
Edited on on Mon Jan 14th, 2019 @ 10:22pm

Mission: Episode 5 - It Would Be Their Pleasure
Location: USS Pioneer- Interrogation room
Timeline: MD010 2000 hrs
1000 words - 2 OF Standard Post Measure

Willie was brought from his cell. The brig officer escorted him into a small room and instructed him to have a seat. So far things where going as he had hoped. He was stunned on the surface and not killed. He was taken to the Pioneer. And now hopefully he will be able to explain to someone as to what was really going on here. He sat and waited to see who would be the one to question him.

Jenn heard about the maquis operative agent that had attacked the captain. She knew security had to interrogate them, as was standard procedure. She wasn't going to let that happen. She had requested from the captain she get the first crack at the guy. It was given permission.

She walked in to the room and sat down at the table. She put the padd she was holding on the table. "So let me see, William Jackson. You got a lot of nerve coming back, attacking the captain like that." She crossed her arms looking straight at him.

Well she already had my real name, this could be pretty simple. Plus she is an Intel agent not security. Question he had was she an analyst or an operative? "Well if you want to say that was an attack... have your people check my weapons they are completely for show. "

"Security is running your weapons right now, they're not as fast as intelligence is," Jenn replied. She leaned forward to Willie. "But we could talk about weapons, or we could talk about why you were stupid enough to attack the captain head on like that. Did the new Maquis get more stupid since they attacked us?"

"Well some of them are pretty dumb, but no." Willie started "The reason I rushed out of my cover at the Captain was to give him or the XO a chance to neutralize me while still looking like I was doing my attack, for any onlookers."

"Cover?" Jenn looked with raised eyebrows to him. "Am I suppose to believe that? You're an undercover agent for Starfleet intell?" She chuckled. "That is rich, where are your handlers?" She thought a moment. If he was an undercover agent, she would know that. That was her job before she got promoted. But with everything going on and get Xoica with the marines. She didn't have a list of field agents present. She just waited for him to answer the question.

"Petty Officer 1st class William Jackson, my handler is Admiral Richard Wayne at DS6. SFI clearance codes 39-3317-Charlie" he said plainly as he looked at her.

"Computer, please verify clearance codes 39-3317-charlie," She requested as she kept looking at Willie.

The computer tjirped and said, "Clearance codes 39-3317-charlie, Petty Officer 1s class William Jackson, undercover agent starfleet intelligence. For more detailed information starfleet intelligence clearance codes are needed."

"Computer, clearance Warrant Officer Jennifer Master, codes 42-1182-Delta, Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Pioneer," said Jenn.

The computer then continued, "Petty officer Jackson was send undercover in a New Maquis settlement in the badlands 15 months ago by order of Admiral Richard Wayne."

Jenn was still looking at Willie and continued on asking, "Computer, scan the prisoner, confirm, is this Petty Officer 1st class William Jackson?"

The computer promptly replied, "Affirmative, prisoner is identified as Petty Officer 1st class William Jackson."

Jenn smiled to Willie. "Well looks like you got the computer on your side." She sighed and then continued, "You have taken a lot of risk here, you know that right?"

"Well it was the only way I could pull out and try and keep my cover in tact." He said before he paused. "I had a PADD on me when I was stunned. Captain Malbrooke will want that information on it."

"Well, all your belongings are with security, they're not so fast right now," Jenn said and continued, this due to the shore leave. "They are a little understaffed right now. But I can go see if I can speed things up a bit. I kind of have a little history with the Chief of security." She grinned.

"That would be helpful. That way if I get to speak to the Captain I can show him what I found out at the same time." Willie said glad that this was going so well. His plans rarely worked out so well. "Not sure how much this helps but I am starting to build a relationship with your other Maquis you have in the brig using my cover."

"Lieutenant Brown, as she likes to be called. She tried to recruit me to the Maquis," Jenn chuckled, "We also have another guest with us on the Pioneer. I am sure you heard of her, a weapons dealer for the Maquis, Xoica. We have taken her from Tadian 4 not so long ago. I have yet to debrief her, till you pulled your little stunt. "

"I have heard of her you guys are doing some good work pulling the big fish. No wonder the powers that be where so excited when I said I was going to take out your Captain." Willie said with a grin. "The Pioneer is making itself a pretty big target."

"Well, they already attacked us once, and we defeated them. And we took prisoners." Jenn had a very confident tone in her voice. "How are they doing since that day?" She asked curious.

"They are much more well off both with numbers and resources then I fear the Federation knows. They have regrouped better then I expected and they have a drive now. They are dangerous." Willie said plainly

"Thank you for the warning," Jenn said, "We should definitely prepare ourselves."

A Joint Post By:

Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters
Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Pioneer

Petty Officer First Class William Jackson
HUMINT Agent, USS Pioneer


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