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Party Time
Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Stardate 962307.28
MD009 2100 hrs

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Casino Fun Part 2

Posted on Tue Jan 29th, 2019 @ 4:06am by Ensign Dana Wakefield & Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters - Calhoun
Edited on on Tue Jan 29th, 2019 @ 4:09am

Mission: Episode 5 - It Would Be Their Pleasure
Location: Casino on Casperia Prime
Timeline: MD008 1930 hrs
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The first couple of hands hadn’t gone Dana’s way and she was certainly hoping this wasn’t going to the start of a losing streak. She glanced over towards Jen, her eyes were wide open as the dealer teasingly turned over the Queen of hearts and she gave a little smile, her friend certainly seemed like she was enjoying herself and she had been winning, good old-fashioned beginners luck.

The dealer then turned towards Dana’s and flashed her a smile, before turning her card over, the 9 of spades, both ladies then glanced towards the dealer’s spot as he again teasingly turned over his own card, the 7 of clubs.

Dana’s own eyes widened with excitement, as the dealer quickly turned Jen’s next card over, placing a king of hearts atop the Queen.

“Twenty, stay or hit,” The dealer asked

"Stay" she replied

Dana clapped, with excitement “You're on fire” she said before glancing down as the dealer placed her next card down, which was the 9 of hearts.

“Eighteen, stay or hit?”

Dana pondered for a moment, the dealer had a seven, so his highest score could be seventeen at which the dealer would have to stay after all the house were dealer must take a card on sixteen and stand on seventeen, so her hand was looking good. “Stay.”

The dealer flashed his white teeth with a blazing smile before both lady’s eyes focused on his final card, which was the ten of diamonds. “Seventeen, dealer stays. Congratulations, your bother winners.” He said as he matched the pile of chips that each of them had bet, finally, Dana had won a hand.

Jenn didn't really know what she was doing, but she was winning and that was fun. And somewhere she was getting the game a bit. But she wasn't sure when to stay or go. And Dana was now winning too. She looked over to Dana. "Well, this is fun." She just said. She wasn't sure if she liked going to the spa with Heidy, or the casino with Dana.

Noticing her friends hesitation and domina, she couldn't tell if she was having fun, but Dana certainly was.

"Okay, let us go try roulette, I think you'll you enjoy that one," she said looking at Jen then glancing to the deal. "We shall be going to roulette, can you chips and money to be transferred over."

"Of course, it's our pleasure." The young man said with a smile before Dana took Jen by the arm and guided her towards another section of the casino.

"So how are things going with a certain subordinate, I know you were having a rough time, I hope this planet has given you the chance to spend some time together?"

Jenn smiled. "We did, he took me to the planet rings. Just the right spot with the most breathtaking view." Then she grinned as she thought back. "We had a little picnic on the shuttle and then, well, I think we enjoyed each other's company more than the view."

Dana smiled, she was glad to hear the news as the last time they spoke Jen wasn't too sure how things were going to work out.

"That's my girl." She chuckled as they finally reached a roulette table. "Okay, this one is much easier, the ball spins around the wheel and will land on a number if it's your number congratulations you win with odds of 36 to 1." as she nodded to yet another young man stood behind the wheel. "Well this place certainly seems to have plenty of young men," she whispered as security followed not so far behind with their increasing pile of winnings.

Jenn was still overwhelmed by it all and just said, "That easy, huh?"

"Yup, it's that easy, and don't forget I'm letting you keep any winnings to yourself, you never know, you might be able to treat yourself and the lucky man," she said in a teasing way to her friend.

The young man chatted with the security officer for a moment and then signed some paperwork, before smiling to the ladies and passing them the exact same amount of money and chips that had carried over from Blackjack. "Good Luck Ladies, place your bets."

Dana didn't hesitate, she started placing chips around a set pattern, focusing mainly around the green zero and the surrounding numbers.

Dana smiled as she watched her friend, she seemed a little more relaxed, then out of the corner of her eyes, she noticed a cocktail waitress, "Two glasses of your finest champagne." she yelled, catching the attention of the young lady who simply simpled and nodded in acknowledgement.

"No more bets."

Jenn looked over to Dana and grinned. "Champagne, are we celebrating something?" She asked.

"Of course, our friendship and good times."

Just then the ball on the roulette wheel began to bounce, Dana's attention switched from Jen to the ball, bated breath as it bounced and settled.

"Black, 15."

"Yes," Dana yelled, she always covered green zero and the four surrounding numbers either side 32, 15, 19, 4 and 26,3, 35 and 12 as the man smiled and pushed a large stack of chips towards her.

"Good job, Dana," Jenn said. She looked over at her friend cheering. She never really gambled. Even hacking was a precise job.

((Two hours later))

The next few hours went by really quickly, both girls had amassed a large number of chips and were clearly on a winning streak, letting out a yawn Dana looked at her friend.

"Let's quit while we are ahead," she said smiling and nodding at the large pile of chips in front of Jen, Dana had the impression that Jen didn't really realise how many bars of gold pressed latinum she would get, but there was certainly some high-value chips there.

"Cash out please," Dana said giving a polite but tired smile, the drinks were clearly going to her head. "Well, I hope you have had a good night?." Dana asked while the dealer began to count out the chips

"Oh definitely," Jenn said she took her winnings.

"That's good to hear, so any plans of what you're going to actually do with your winnings?"

"I am not sure yet, might just keep it safe somewhere, maybe buy a nice present for my guy, like you said. But I won't use it all." Jenn shrugged. She hadn't thought of it. She never had this amount of money before.

"Sounds sensible," she replied

"Your chips convert to sixty bars, ma'am." The dealer interrupted.

Dana looked at him with surprise in her eyes, "Wow, I've doubled my investment."

"And yours equates to nine bars, ma'am," he said glancing at Jennifer.

"Oh wow, nine bars," Jenn exclaimed.

Dana couldn't help but smile, the girls had certainly had fun and they were both winners.

"Nine bars, not bad for a couple of hours of random number guessing," Dana said laughing while giving her friend a hug.

Jenn was a bit caught by surprise by the hug. "Yea, I never done this before. I never really had play money either." She smiled a bit shy. "So what else is there to do ?" She looked around curiously.

"Oh, there are slots and various other table games, now you have your own reserve of funds, feel free to explore, but alas I think I'm going to call it a night," she said yawning. "It's been a long day."

Jenn handed the bars she owed Dana. "Maybe next time, Dan?" She smiled as she continued, "I think I am heading in too. Thank you again for a lovely evening." She took her winnings and left the casino.

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