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Party Time
Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Stardate 962307.28
MD009 2100 hrs

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Casino Fun Part 1

Posted on Sun Dec 16th, 2018 @ 4:00pm by Ensign Dana Wakefield & Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters - Calhoun
Edited on on Mon Dec 17th, 2018 @ 10:45pm

Mission: Episode 5 - It Would Be Their Pleasure
Location: Casperia Prime, Casino
Timeline: MD008 1730 hrs
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Dana smiled as she admired herself in the mirror, she was certainly going to turn some heads tonight, because quite frankly she looked smoking hot. The dress she was wearing was a one of a kind original from a galaxy-renowned designer Liara LeLique, the dress was hand crafted, made from the finest materials one could imagine and it seemed to perfectly contour Dana’s figure.

Slowly reaching to the top left-hand side of her dress, she gently pressed the communicator that was strategically placed and quite well hidden.

=/\= Wakefield to Masters, please respond =/\=

=/\= This is Masters, how can I help you, Lieutenant? =/\= Jennifer replied. She had just got back to her quarters and just pulled her hair loose. She was about to get our of her uniform and get into something more comfortable.

=/\= Now, now Jen we are on shore leave, less of the Lieutenant> But please tell me you packed a nice dress and you are open to have some fun? =/\=

Jen giggled. =/\= I believe I have a black cocktail dress I haven’t used in over a year. I haven’t been invited to a fun place where I needed a dress in quite some time. Will that do? =/\=

=/\= Well dust the cobwebs off that dress and throw it on, me and you are going to hit the casino, have some cocktails and let our hair down, after all I think we deserve it. =/\=

=/\= Yes, sir =/\= Jen said giggling =/\= See you at the casino. =/\= she continued as she opened her closet taking out the dress.

=/\= Excellent, I’ll be waiting, Wakefield out =/\=

With that another smile crept across her face, Jen was the real first friend that she had made on the Pioneer, in some ways she thought of her as a sister, they were, of course, the same age at 28 and certainly seemed to have a lot in common. Picking up a purse, Dana gave one final look in the mirror, hoping that Jen would at least recognise her after all this would be the first time any of the crew will have seen her out of uniform.

((Twenty minutes later, Casino Complex, Casperia Prime))

Dana had certainly been turning heads as she had made her way across the complex to the Casino, she swore that one young man had actually managed to walk into glass door as he was that distracted, something that hade made Dana and half of the other guests giggle, until a staff member had rushed over to ensure that the guest was fine.

Holding her purse she gently looked around, she certainly at times liked been the centre of attention and she could already feel a dozen set of eyes gawping in her direction.

Jen had once again pulled herself in the dress again. And was walking on her ballerina flats, as she still refused to wear heels. Her hair neatly put in a high ponytail, and a set of golden earrings in her ears, and a small black purse. She had never really been to a casino. And she wore this dress about a year ago when she went out with the intel department. The stretchy fabric ensured her to be able to dance with Billy in after 11. She didn’t know she was able to do all those moves. At least she was physically fit when she did that.

As Dana turned around, she took a better look at the dress she was wearing. “Oh my, is that a Liara LeLique?” she said walking up to Dana and touching the dress. “Oh my God, yes, it is. Where did did you…really how can you?”

Dana blushed, it was nice to get noticed “Oh this little number, my daddy got me it for my birthday.” She said smiling as she grabbed Jen’s hand and pulled her towards the cashier's desk. “So a casino virgin, do you at least know the rules to Blackjack or 21 as some people call it?” she asked as she picked up her pace, literally pulling Jen along.

“Wow, I want that daddy,” Jen said. Then she thought a moment. “You need to get 21 or something? Every card in a deck has a value. I never played it, but there is a lot you can learn if you know where I have been. Just talk me through it, I am a fast learner.” She explained.

Dana smiled, it was clear Jen had a basic understanding of the game and what better way to learn than to do it for real with real winnings. Reaching the cashier's desk, there was no queue, Dana smiled as the young man behind the counter eyed both of the ladies up, before going a bright shade of red.

“I’d like to make a withdrawal please,” Dana said with a smile and wink to the gentleman.

“Certainly Madam, just place your thumbprint on the identification panel.”

Dana gracefully placed her thumb onto the scanner and smiled, the gentleman expression changed for a moment as he glanced at his terminal.

“I’d like twenty bars of gold-pressed latinum myself and 10 for my friend here.” Dana said, her tone changing to one of authority and seriousness.

Again, glancing at his screen, a smile appearing “Certainly Madam, all appears to be in order. If you would like to take a seat at a table, I will have security bring over your latinum.”

“Excellent.” She replied before turning and smiling at Jen, “Are you ready?”

Jen smiled back at Dana. “I guess I am. So tell me, the money also from your daddy?” she asked and looked around the place, taking two glasses of Champagne from a tray that one of the waiters brought by. She handed one to Dana “Where to begin.”

“The money is for, erm emergencies and such.” She said laughing as she took the Champagne on offer “And pick any blackjack table you want.” She said pointing out to a row of tables by what looked like some slot machines.

Jen looked around the tables and then pointed to one to the left. “That one.” She walked to the table and put her drink down. She sat sown at the table and waited for Dana to sit down too.

Gracefully Dana sat next to her friend and gave the dealer a smile “Be kind tonight, my friend is learning the ropes.” She said with a smile as they waited for the gold-pressed latinum to arrive. She then glanced at Jen, “Enjoying shore leave so far?”

“I’d say, I am in a casino now, not spending my money.” Jen grinned. “So how does this work?” She looked at the table and the cards. She turned to Dana again. I have played poker before, but this is very different.

Dana smiled and nodded at the dealer, the man in what appeared to be in his late twenties began to explain the rules to Jen, just then out of the corner of her eyes she saw a trolly been pushed with a couple of security officers escorting the young lady, Dana gave a smile, this wasn’t too awkward, if her dress hasn’t gotten the attention, the delivery of latinum certainly would.

The lead security officer nodded at Dana and leaned into whisper “Thirty bars of gold-pressed latinum, just your thumbprint again please Ma’am.”

Dana obliged and glanced over the information on the padd, all seemed to be in order so she again placed her thumbprint onto the padd, it made a couple of tones and the man smiled “Good look” as he nodded to the other security officer who began to place the bars in front of Dana and Jen.

Jen looked from the bars to Dana. She leaned over and whispered. “I thought you asked for twenty bars?” she just grinned to the dealer at the table, as to show there was nothing going on and then continued. “I am not angry, but how big of this emergency pot is this that you can have 30 bars of gold pressed latinum lined up before us. My father wouldn’t give one, but that’s mostly because he’s is dead.” She trusted Dana, but something was a bit off.

“I did, twenty for me, ten for you, twenty plus ten is thirty.” She said giggling “And don’t worry the emergency pot is sufficient, it was well invested as I was growing up.” She replied as she pushed ten bars to Jen.

Jen picked up one of the bars. "Wow, this The last time I actually held a bar of gold pressed latinum is when I was still working freelance. I think what I had was about 100 bars. I gave it all up when I got back to Starfleet." She smiled.

"Thanks, Dana, it's a bit much." She slide a bar over. "I would like some chips please."

“Well, I did say we were going to have fun.” Dana said pushing two bars in front of her “I’ll have some chips as well.”
To Be Continued...

A Joint Post By

Lieutenant Junior Grade Dana Wakefield
Chief Operations Officer, USS Pioneer

Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters
Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Pioneer


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