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Party Time
Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Stardate 962307.28
MD009 2100 hrs

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Two universes collide

Posted on Sun Oct 14th, 2018 @ 12:35am by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Lieutenant Elloma Essu & Lieutenant Junior Grade Clarissa Rockwell
Edited on on Sun Oct 14th, 2018 @ 12:48am

Mission: Episode 4 - The Sum of Our Parts
Location: Elloma's AU - Kriosian Vessel
Timeline: MD003 1730 hrs
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Last Time On Feeling Trapped and Alone

She had never displayed this type of behavior before. So what had changed? Why was she acting out.

"I will but first, you have a report to write, and I need to think about what to say." She was stalling for time, she was trying to fool her sister. She knew her sister had to suspect by now she was a phony.

But Elloma did not care, she wanted to get back to her reality. She knew the Krios would not help her. She said as the scene starts to close out.

And Now The Continuation

May 30 2394 1730 hrs (relative time)

Kriosian Vessel

Elloma was not sure what to do. She felt that her life was starting to become complacent with this universe. When all she wanted to do, was head back to her reality. The Kriosian vessel was still heading for Earth, the home world of the Earthlings, and the heart of the Federation.

Nassie walked into living room, and called out to Elloma, were approaching the USS Pioneer. They are proclaiming to be our escort to Earth. "I am not sure why the Earthlings, think we need an escort." Suggested Nassie, wondering why Starfleet would dispatch the USS Pioneer or any federation ship. The Kriosian's were capable of transporting their own Metamorph to Earth.

"Probably their way of showing respect. Do you know who the Commander Pioneer is?" Asked Elloma, hoping it was Tyler? Even if it was not her Tyler, she knew he would help her regardless.

"A Captain Malbrooke, he has requested for the command staff to dine with him tonight." Said Nassie, wondering what Elloma was upto. She knew her to well to know, that she was upto something. But what was it?

I want to meet this Captain Malbrooke, please arrange it!" Demanded Elloma, trying to play the role, she was meant too, in this alternate universe.

Nassie thought the request, was a little strange. But she could not refuse the Metamorph. She bowed as she said, "At once." Said Nassie, as she walked over to the desk, and reached out to the captain of the Kriosian vessel, to arrange a meeting.

Elloma's AU - USS Pioneer

"Captain, your receiving a personal call from someone simply known as the Metamorph." Said the Assistant Chief of Security Clarissa Rockwell.

Tyler sat in the Captain's chair and to all the members of the Bridge crew it simply looked as if he were staring at the starfield as it passed at warp on the viewscreen. The truth was in that moment a small war was waged in the Captain's mind. It was a war between well, two Tylers. There was the Tyler of this universe and the one that had been shifting through time. As the battle of wits waged in what was a matter of moments, one Tyler emerged the victor. When the Ensign at the tactical station spoke Tyler Malbrooke smiled and stood adjusting his uniform. "Very well Ensign I'll take it in the Ready Room. Number One you have the bridge." He was happy to see Darf sitting there. Well some things stay the same. he thought.

Once in the Ready Room Tyler accepted the message. He was surprised to see Elloma's face on the other end. But there was something different, it was the eyes. Then it dawned on him and he hoped that this was his Elloma. For now he would have to play the part that thankfully his other self told him to play. "Good day, Ms Essu. As Captain of the USS Pioneer and a representative of the United Federation of Planets, please allow me to welcome you to Federation space. To what do I owe the honor of the call?"

"Is this line secured Captain?" Asked Elloma. She had already secured things on her end. No one would be stupid enough, to snoop in on the metamorph. She was not sure if that was her Tyler or not. She hoped it was, but she was not sure. It was a risk she would have to take. She hoped this Tyler, if not him, had the same character values as her Tyler.

Tyler cocked an eyebrow in surprise of her request. But he held up finger to indicate that she should wait a moment. In that moment he placed his clearance codes into the communications array and secured the channel. "It is now Ms. Essu. However, as you are no doubt aware Starfleet vessels log every communication, securing the channel simply means that only one with the appropriate clearance can view the log. This is highly irregular, so, I must ask. What is this all about?"

"I need your help, Captain." She said, taking the risk she feared. "I am not from this reality, I know that is going to be hard to believe, but I am not really the Metamorph, in my reality, I am your assistant chief of security." She said, making sure not to add that they were lovers. Since this was a recorded log, that others could access.

Tyler had been sipping a cup of coffee as Elloma had spoken, and he almost spit it out all over the comm screen. She was here, this was his Elloma he thought. He knew that there was no way anyone could know about the time shift, but he had to be sure. He cocked and eyebrow and smirked. "Well that is a tad bit of an outlandish story. However, let us just say for the moment that I believe you. What do you intend me to do?"

"Help me get home, to my USS Pioneer, and to my Captain Tyler Malbrooke. I do not belong here. And my Captain would assist me, I am pretty sure that trait from him, can be found in any universe that has a Captain Tyler Malbrooke." Elloma said, as she waited to hear what he was going to say. She hoped the words she said, would persuade him to help.

Tyler sipped his coffee again and when he set it down he smiled. "Elloma before I give you an answer I have a question for you. What was the first rule that Katherine said to you in regards to her plan?" There was a small twinkle in his eye, finally he may have found someone that he knew along this journey.

"If I ever want out, just say so." Said Elloma, wondering if this was her Tyler? She tried to hold back her enthusiasm. She hoped it was, she wanted to get out of this place. She wanted to go home, and back to her normal life. She looked to Tyler, hoping it was him and the answer he was looking for.

Tyler had just arrived in this universe the night before. The last time he saw Elloma she was barely conscious in Engineering aboard the Juno. Even then that was not his Elloma, but this woman, this metamorph, could this be her. Then again she could be telling him what she knew he wanted to hear. For now the only action Tyler could take was to play along. "Right Ensign... What do you have in mind?"

"I was hoping you had an idea, I am not sure how I got here. One minute I laying in bed, the next I was here. I was just waking up, after watching my loved one leave to go to work." Said Elloma, still not sure if this was her Tyler or not.

"Well it seems after all of the experiences that I have had thus far that the only way to shift is a large chronoton detonation. The problem with that is there is no way to focus the energy on a specific time or place. I have been leaping from universe to universe. But, that is a story for another time. How long have you been here? Perhaps in your time here you have something that we can use to at least create the detonation." Tyler responded as he leaned forward on his desk.

"Seems like a long time, honestly I lost track of the days. I'm not sure to be honest. Your on a Federation Starship, Starfleet has to have something we can do, but I think we need to study some of the effects. Like our temporal core alignment, and see if we can get a temporal tag, maybe we can get lucky and re open the refit back to my reality." She said, wanting to believe it was her Tyler she knew from her universe. "Did you have an Elloma in your universe? This may sound strange, but were you in a relationship with her and with your wife Kat?"She asked, as she thought about that night on his bed. She went on to ask. "My Tyler would have remembered what I was wearing." She said. She was hoping he remembered, she was wearing a pink robe, when he kissed her goodbye, earlier that day.

Tyler looked at her through the screen and he knew immediately that she was testing him, the way he had tested her. "Yes there is an Elloma in my universe. She is my Assistant Chief Security and Tactical Officer, and an Ensign in Starfleet. Although she is not a metamorph." He pause for a moment and when he spoke again he winked at her. "On the day that all hell broke loose. I left my quarters to go to the bridge for Alpha Shift. If I remember correctly I left Elloma on the bed wearing a pink robe. She was pouring over reports about a death that had occurred on the ship. I will look into the ship's memory and see if I can come up with any information to get us back. In the meantime I guess we should both play our parts in this universe."

"Ty." She called out in excitement. She was so happy it was him. "It's me, Elloma." She said, as she smiled into the monitor. She wish she was over on the ship. But at the moment, they needed a valid reason for her to beam over. She knew she was already pushing her luck. But the crew probably expected her to meet with the escorting federation starship.

"I guessed as much darlin. I am glad that not only did I finally find someone from the ship in all of this madness. But, it is even better that it is you. Now we have to figure out what we have to do to get home." Tyler smiled, he was overjoyed to see her. But, now was not the time for happy reunions. They had to plan the next step.

"I am so relieved to see you, its been a nightmare here. On the Brightside, I was able to reconnect with my Sister. She apparently is my personal aid. So the two of us will be beaming over to the USS Pioneer, after you invite us over for dinner. Do you think that will give you enough time to figure out how to get us back to our reality. Or at least give us a chance to complete some genetic and quantum cellular level testing completed?" She asked, hoping she said that right. And realizing maybe she should have paid more attention in her science classes at the Academy.

"Consider the invite extended. I will alert the crew here and file the formal request shortly. Like I said we must keep the cover for now. It should give me enough time, the problem will be figuring out how to get us to where we will need to be to make this work. Like I said we will need a large scale chronoton explosion. That is not possible in this sector." Tyler replied as he already began to work the problem from a PADD.

"Okay, lets work on it over, if we stay on the comm line any longer, my people will become suspicious." Elloma, said as she blew a kiss towards Tyler, before closing the channel.
To Be Continued

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