USS Pioneer NCC - 74757


Docked at Starbase Sirius
Speed: Docked
Shields: Nominal
Hull: Nominal
Systems: All Systems Nominal

Party Time
Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Stardate 962307.28
MD009 2100 hrs

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Posted on Wed Oct 3rd, 2018 @ 9:44pm by Fleet Admiral Andrew "Chaos" Moore
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Mission: Episode 4 - The Sum of Our Parts
Location: Breyet Nor
Timeline: MD003 1530 hrs
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Last Time On Questions Answered

The Chief took the PADD and looked it over before nodding, "This will be perfect, thank you," he replied genuinely, "and again, you have my apologies for my slip up."

"Good luck", Rina said. Then she pressed a few buttons and he was beamed into the gunboat waiting in orbit.

"Well, Vanidha, now that you know a few more things, I think we'll have to find a new position for you where you can actually put that knowledge to good use", Rina started, her mind already on some re-organisation she would have to accomplish. "Saves me from involving anyone else..."

And Now The Conclusion

May 30 2394 1530 hrs (relative time)

Andrew was sitting in the pilot seat of the small patrol fighter a few hours after going to Aldea and getting the plans for the planetary cloak. He'd encountered some resistance and taken a phaser hit to his biceps, but, it wasn't bad. His payment out of the way he was now enroute to Breyet Nor to get Doctor Tavik Zojal, the researcher Pioneer had gone to help. From the information the Chief had the good Doctor was working on the same project here. As Andrew took a breath the fighter dropped from warp and he cued the comm, "This's Chief Petty Officer Andrew Mooren on fighter Ela one requesting docking clearance," he called.

There was no response from the station of Bajoran design for some time, instead the sensors reported a deep scan being conducted. Then, after almost five minutes, the response came. "Acknowledged, your request to dock is granted. Proceed to dock six."

At the dock, a human woman was waiting for the new arrival. Since Starfleet had taken most of Cardassian territory away from Bajoran occupation, the Cardassian militia had taken over a number of Bajoran facilities, operating them jointly with Starfleet. The station commander, upon scanning the single occupant of the strange vessel, had sent his Chief Medical Officer, a Dr. Valentina Rossi.

Andrew stepped off the fighter after landing clad in a black uniform complete with tactical vest that bore the Starfleet emblem. He stopped and looked around, taking in the crew and auxiliary craft compliment quickly before spotting the woman dressed in a medical uniform. He walked over and smiled, "Doctor I'm Chief Petty Officer Andrew Moren, Starfleet Intelligence Special Projects division," he greeted and handed her a PADD with all his credentials on it, "I'm here to...visit Doctor Zojal to look in on his progress," he added, having found out SI was much like the Tal'Shiar here, and just as feared.

"You've been in El-Aurian space, haven't you?" Valentina asked. "What's it like there?" There had been a message from a Rina Meridhia telling Starfleet they should expect him. She didn't care for the PADD or the information it held, that was for others to worry about. She scanned him with her medical tricorder. "Follow me, I'll get you patched up. I'm Valentina Rossi, by the way."

Moore just nodded and let her take the scan as they walked, "Thank you, Doctor Rossi," he replied then nodded, "and indeed I have. I had a project they needed assistance and I have those required... skills," he replied, leaving it at, hoping the injury and the encounter with the Aldeans supported his cover.

"Hm, maybe they'll consider us advanced enough soon so we can join them", Valentina mused. "Imagine what transwarp technology could do for us. Almost instant response times in an emergency, shorter trips to advanced medical facilities..." They stepped into the lift and Valentina directed it to take them to the promenade, right opposite the infirmary.

Moore just nodded, "That's up to the diplomats, however, transwarp would be nice," he agreed and stepped out, following the woman as he watched movements of security around him with his peripheral vision, "I have to say, it's nice being on a starbase again, my job doesn't give me much in the way of amenities."

"These Bajoran bases take a lot of getting used to", Valentina said. "Most of the technology isn't compatible, but I guess scrapping this one and building a new one from scratch takes too much effort. And traders haven't come as often as they used to ever since the Bajorans destroyed the Argus array." She pointed at a biobed for him to hop onto. "Can you take your jacket off, or shall I cut the sleeve off for you?"

"I'll take it off," he started as he moved to the biobed then held up a finger, "No hypos, no drugs," he said and looked her directly in the eye before unzipping his vest and jacket then shedding them with a wince.

"Not your choice", Valentina said. "That wound might be infected. Actually, I'm pretty sure it is, after all this time. Don't worry, I won't put you under for this. But you'll have to hold still and not protest my treatment."

Andrew held back a sigh, medical seemed to be the same everywhere. He sat on the bed, "Ok, doc, but I need this quick, I'm departing in the hour," he said and pulled his vest and jacket over his lap, keeping the phaser in reach. What he'd been given kept running through his mind, this Starfleet, while closely matching his, were more militaristic and he wasn't about to get blindsided.

"You might just have to have a little patience", Valentina said. She was just a doctor interested in helping others, she wasn't involved with that militaristic side. She gave him an injection that numbed his arm, then started the treatment. "But this doesn't look too bad. You'll have to take some antibiotics, though. I'm sure the doctor where you're going will tell you the same."

"Please, don't mistake my impatience for not being grateful, but, you know Starfleet, no rest for the wicked," he replied with a chuckle, then nodded, "and antibiotics are fine. Doc, I saw you scan me so I have to ask, you know any other .... abnormalities are ones I need you to forget?" he asked, his tone one that was more normal for him, not the stern and abrasive one he started with, "your Command may not let me get under way otherwise," he added, knowing by this point if he was in danger he'd already know.

"I'm not seeing anything else that requires immediate medical attention, no", Valentina responded. "You didn't make any... 'discoveries' while on Peldaran IV either, which is good. But if you had, I'd have more medication for that, too. No, I think we can send you back to your own universe, as by Empress Meridhia's request."

Andrew nodded, "who else knows?" he asked as the doctor worked.

"Just me," she replied simply and pressed the hypo to his arm, "ok, all set," Valentina said and stepped back, "good luck, Chief," she said with a nod.

Moore returned the nod and stood up pulling his jacket and vest back on and walking out. He headed down the corridor and stepped onto a nearby lift, "Deck twelve," he ordered

(Deck Twelve is restricted)

"Mooren alpha four aplpha one," he called and the lift started moving. The doors opened to a wide foryer with 2 guards dressed similarly to him with phaser rifles. Andrew walked out into the room, "I'm here to evaluate the doctors progress."

"Orders," one of the guards ordered gruffly.

Moore held out a PADD with his orders on it and waited for what felt like forever. After a second he was waived through 2 large doors. In the next room he saw a bright blue light with a lone scientist sitting at a control station. Andrew pulled out his dagger from the planet and jammed it into the door controls before walking over, "doctor Zojal?"

The Cardassian looked back with a scowl, "what?" he growled.

The Chief raised an eyebrow and walked over before pulling his phaser and putting it to the mans head, "sorry doc, I don't have time for the bs. Unless you want me to take a look at that big ol' brain of yours you'll do exactly as instructed, grunt if you understand."

Zojal just growled as someone started beating on the door. Andrew looked down to see a red blinking light on the console, "bad idea doc," he said then took a step back and fired a narrow beam, level 3 phaser blast.

Zojal jumped off his chair, "you shot me in the ass!"

Moore smiled and aimed at the mans head, "I sure did, now, you're going to power this thing-" he started as he heard the door creak, "get this thing powered up now!"

Grudgingly the Cardassian typed in the startup sequence, "if you destroy this the Federation will-"

"I plan to be long gone and not even a memory before they get in," the Chief replied as angry voices filled the room.

Andrew shoved the doctor out of the way and set the device to overload, "I hope this-" he started just before he was thrown back and the room filled with a white light, seconds later he hit the bulkhead outside his quarters with a loud thud, "Moore to bridge," he groaned.......

Chief Petty Officer Andrew Moore
Behavioral Health Specialist, USS Pioneer


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