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Docked at Starbase Sirius
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Shields: Nominal
Hull: Nominal
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Past mistakes informing Present Troubles

Posted on Fri Apr 20th, 2018 @ 2:27am by
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Mission: Episode 2 - The Enemy Within
Location: Security briefing room
Timeline: MD006 1900 hrs
Tags: SD 71384.1900
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Stepping into the large and empty briefing room, lights not off but at a lowered setting, gave an odd feeling the emptiness felt almost tangible, but strangely appealing. Besides each of the desks held a computer access, specifically keyed with security permissions, ideal for the research Heidy wanted to do. The last few days, it felt like she was playing catch up with the situations they found themselves in, and now with a number of persons that might be able to shed light on things, if they were approached in the right way. Only so far it felt as though the petty officer had been grasping at theories without much headway. Background she felt might give her a better perspective maybe inform her next few approaches.

She sat at the first terminal, placed her own PaDD down, it being configured for notes, then began accessing the ships library database. Her first point of research was the Border Wars, with them having taken place fifteen to twenty years ago, when Heidy herself was still growing up and working her way through her primary education, she had little personal knowledge of these events. She started to read and was surprised and bemused and shocked at the events that took place, it's sporadic nature, yet occasionally brutal moments. Names of places, Names of ships. Names of engagements began to jump out at her. Dirk, Rapier, Rutlidge, Maxwell, Minos Corvi, Kilimanjaro, Hemiod, Freir, Dem Cor IV. The armistice that followed.

She let out a slight yawn at this point, passing hand from eye to eye, pausing for a moment she looked straight ahead, the blank display screen half in shadow was surprisingly helpful she focused on that while allowing her readings to sink into her mind, with it pulling back exerts of information little details jumping to the fore until she settled on the next chapter.

The armistice.

That itself seemed to lead to a whole new area of research, the short period where the armistice and the demilitarised zone and the settlement seemed to settle. But it just seemed that that way security access allowed her to view files that showed the settlement was not a fully welcome as appearances would suggest. Then came The Maquis, the original, well the original for this part of the galaxy, it's formation surprised her the core of colonists, frustrated and feeling abandoned, the few Starfleet personnel who began to sympathise with their feelings and take a stand with them and the rift with the UFP and therefore Starfleet. Of course Heidy was herself from a colony. Granted that colony was well inside UFP authority and protection, but the link was there, Heidy found herself asking what she would have done. Had she been serving during that time and in that particular area of the galaxy, would it have affected her, this gave her another pause for thought, the brunete security officers stained at blank wall and screen in the dark for a while as that thought process turned over and over in her mind. In the end she had to let it go and move on to her next area of study.

The Cardassian resistance towards the later part of the Dominion War. This was not quite so straightforward, it was recent enough that certain details and instances were above her clearance level, even so the information available was more than enough. In particular the organisation structure employed, and the ideological differences that flared during the early days.

Unfortunately that was about as far as she got, maybe it was the periods of intense activity that clashed with her sleep patterns as she tried to adapt to a new watch rotation. But fatigue got the better of her and after a couple of valiant efforts to stay awake she slumped onto the desk, cheek resting against the display, and within a few moments longer slipped into a slumber on the front row of empty and barely lit briefing room.

Petty Officer Third Class Heidy Dilucca
Brig Officer, USS Pioneer


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