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Getting the all clear

Posted on Thu May 10th, 2018 @ 1:57pm by Lieutenant Richard Ballston M.D. PsyD & Ensign Dana Wakefield
Edited on on Thu May 31st, 2018 @ 9:22pm

Mission: Episode 2 - The Enemy Within
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD007 1400 hrs
Tags: SD 71386.1400
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Dana had found her quarters on deck two with ease, and she had quickly dumped her belongings into the middle of the room, she would sort them out later. A thing that was also new to her, at home the housekeeper would have simply done everything like that, but this is what she had wanted, what she had begged her daddy for.

All she wanted to do now, was report to sickbay and get the all-clear from medical, before presenting her orders to the Captain and then going for a sneaky tour of the ship, she must have seemed like a little child on Christmas morning as she still had a giant smile on her face.

--- Ten Minutes Later ---

Dana gently walked into the medical bay, she stood there taking in the surroundings, they were certainly impressive facilities and it seemed nice. A nurse walked by and Dana tried to gain her attention.

"Excuse me," she said in her soft gentle voice, but perhaps it was too soft as the nurse walked straight past and toward another patient.

Dana still smiling, began to look around, perhaps she should try the office to the left.

Richard's pale eyes glanced up at the woman approached his office and offered a smile. He stood walked around his desk to greet her.

"Lieutenant is there something I can help you with?" the Azzian asked with a nod, "you wouldn't be Dona Wakefield would you?"

Dana looked at the rather handsome, dark blond hair Lieutenant stood before her, if she were to guess probably in his mid to late twenties.

"Dana Wakefield, pleased to meet you. I'm reporting for my physical and all clear before reporting for duty, Sir."

Richard shook the extended hand and offered a broad smile to the woman, "Doctor Richard Ballston." He motioned back towards the doorway, "I think we can take care of that." As he began to move towards the exit himself he tried to make conversation again, "how was your trip here?"

Dana paused before answering, "Intresting", she said thinking back to the Commander getting worried about been in a shuttle, or tin can as he refered to it. "And I'm glad to be aboard, so have you served on this vessel long Doctor?"

"Not really." Richard replied with a broad smile as he walked towards the Biobeds. He motioned towards one of them and then nodded, "only a few months."

Dana followed and slowly got herself onto one of the Biobeds, "Well you look old enough to be a Doctor...just." she said teasing him on how young he looked.

Richard chuckled as he took his tricorder and began scanning her, "Well I'm only eighty-seven."

"Your not," she said in amazement looking him up and down "No, really?" she replied trying to work out if he was trying to pull her leg, after all, she was certainly gullible enough.

The man chuckled as he looked up from his work, "oh but I am." Richard smiled broadly as his eyes twinkled, "I can expect to live to around four hundred."

"You're not human?" she questioned, looking at him oddly, trying to work it out in her head. "But you look it, and I would have said around your mid-twenties."

"I get that a lot," Richard replied with a chuckle putting away tricorder. He tilted his head and added, "and thank you for the compliment."

"Well your certainly looking good for your age, and to live to your around 400, it certainly eclipses us mear mortals who may get seventy or eighty years if we are lucky," she replied, smiling back.

Richard shook his head as he smiled back, "it's not how long you live Lieutenant it's how you live that matters."

Dana pondered on his response for a moment, it was certainly true, but you could certainly cram a lot more into 400 years than 80. "Well if I look as good as you when I'm eighty-seven then I'll be one happy lady," she said before glancing at the tricorder in his hand "That is if I am in good health?" she asked

"Oh you are doing quite well," Richard said with a smile," and living to your eighty is certainly a possibility." He stepped back and placed the tricorder back where it normally hung. he blushed as he thought about what she had said. The physician smiled at Dana and smiled, "if you're curious what my homeworld looks like I have a holodeck program that can give you an idea."

"I might just take you up on that offer Doctor." she said smiling back, she felt so relaxed and free, she hadn't felt this way in such a long time, it was good that no one knew her background or her real surname and for once, she seemed to actually be getting on with people, without an overbearing secuirty detail. "I trust my medical records have reached you without incident ?" she asked knowing what issues she had in the past from the private facility back on earth.

"I've already read them," Richard stated with a smile, "they seem to be in proper order." He tilted his head slightly, "is there a reason you might suspect they may be incorrect?"

"Oh, just last time I know the facility were causing a fuss about releasing them, thats all, just making sure you go them." she said with a gentle smile. "So am I all clear and fit to report for duty with the Captain?" she asked

"Absolutely." Richard replied with a nod and a broad smile, "if you don't I'm afraid I may have to find somethng wrong just for your safety."

"Thank you doctor, and I will take you up on that offer of seeing your home planet on the holodeck." she replied as she jumped down from the biobed, while giving him a soft smile.

A Joint Post By

Lieutenant Richard Ballston M.D. PsyD
Chief Medical Officer, USS Pioneer

Lieutenant Junior Grade Dana Wakefield
Chief Operations Officer, USS Pioneer


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