USS Pioneer NCC - 74757


Docked at Starbase Sirius
Speed: Docked
Shields: Nominal
Hull: Nominal
Systems: All Systems Nominal

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Posted on Mon May 14th, 2018 @ 10:54am by Ensign Dana Wakefield
Edited on on Thu May 31st, 2018 @ 9:21pm

Mission: Episode 2 - The Enemy Within
Location: Chief Operations Officer's Office
Timeline: MD007 1600 hrs
Tags: SD 71386.1600
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Heidy once more found herself needing to speak to a senior officer, this time operations, given that they now had a full brig and that the Maquis had proved themselves to be slippery, she had a few upgrades in mind. Wanting to be sure of power and computing requirements, she'd made an appointment with the new operations chief.

So here she was, tumbling the control and entering when permitted. "Sir, apologies for jumping on you so soon after your arrival. This won't take long I don't think."

Dana had not even settled in yet, here she was stood before a junior officer with an ornament in her hands, gleefully looking for an appropriate place to make space look like home. "Not a problem Petty Officer, but please, Dana or Lieutenant will suffice, may I get you a beverage?" she asked as she quickly put down the ornament, before extending her hand.

"Very well, good to meet you, Lieutenant." Clasping the extended hand with her own quickly and briefly before withdrawing it, glancing at the ornament a possible place came to mind and as a friendly gesture, she suggested. "That might work on the shelf in the corner."

Dana gave a warm smile "Excellent suggestion." she replied again picking up the ornament and carefully carried it across to it's new home on the shelf.

Then turned back to why she was here. "You may be aware we ran into the Maquis during the last mission, well we have a full brig now."

"Computer, two cups of coffee, rich, smooth blend, extra sweet," she stated, now not giving the Petty Officer a choice in drink, before signalling Heidy to take a seat. "I'm not fully up to speed yet," she said glancing at a pile of padds on her desk. "But I can imagine with a full brig, your going to need some extra power requirements, with redundancy in case of an emergency?" she gently asked, not wanting to presume too much.

"That's the start of it yet. They are quite slippery characters." Taking a seat and then going on to make her further request. "I've been looking at refining the systems we have in place as far as detection and monitoring in the brig area, so I need to look at computing and data allocation as well."

Walking back from the replicator Dana, passed the young Petty Officer one of the coffees. "I trust you have run your suggestions through the Chief of Security as well?" she asked, not wanting to step on any toes with been so new on the ship.

"Not as such," Heidy admitted with an honest hey concerned edge look. "I'm assigned to keep them contained, I'm pursuing a theory, I will speak to him before I put anything in place," Heidy explained, hoping it would be good enough and maybe she'd just be seen as looking to impress or bucking for a promotion, truth is she got a little carried away by an idea, a common fault of hers.

" apologies I didn't catch your name."

"Heidy Dilucca, Petty Officer third class." She reeled off quickly.

"Heidy pleased to meet you, but please relax. I simply didn't want to agree and step on anyone's toes, I'm new myself," she said taking a sip of the coffee. "However, your idea seems brilliant and as you're in charge of keeping them contained, who am I to stand in way of a working theory, just run it by me in terms I'll understand and then you can impress the hell out of your CO."

"Oh okay." She responded to the reasonable response, she took a sip of coffee which despite being a little sweeter than her normal taste was surprisingly smooth. "Well what I would like to do is increase the detection sensitivity sensors in each occupied brig by a factor of five, also have double the self-check protocols for that system each hour, with the log and compare systems already in place that going to require additional computing space and storage for the day. I've run the numbers I think I have an accurate assessment of what I need, I'd appreciate a second pair of eyes though? And someone to tell me if they can be accommodated or not?"

"Of course," Dana replied, tapping a few buttons on the console and glancing at the data, before turning the screen towards Heidy, so they could both get a view. "So, between us girls, any juicy gossip I should be aware of?" she asked with a grin.

"To be honest, I don't know myself, I've only been on the ship four days or so. Spent at least two of those getting shot at." Heidy admitted with a shrug, then a coy smile placed around her face. "That said security and marines are working well together, the enlisted ranks are anyways." She shrugged while adding. "I've been on the graveyard shifts so had limited encounters with senior officers, Most of them seem straight-laced and by the book."

"Oh marines" Dana shuddered with a smile and a thought "And don't worry Heidy, I may be a senior officer and I may do things by the book, but it does not mean I do not know how to let my hair down," she said with a grin as the screen on the display changed. "Here we are," she said still smiling as she started to assess the information displayed.

"You might be interested in our nice little lounge Aft-11, that's the location and the name, it's a good escapism place and meet the rest of the crew." She offered as a suggestion before the display change brought her attention back to duty. "Seems I was a little off in my estimations, looks like the mods are going to take up more resources, is that workable?"

Dana made a mental note 'Aft-11', it may be worth checking out sometime. Then glancing back at the information and hitting a few keys on the console "I think it's still workable, it's just striking the right balance for available power and whats needed in a ship-wide emergency, I don't want to compromise energy demands for essential systems in an emergency, but I also don't want to compromise the stability of your containment fields and security systems, wouldn't want your forcefields coming down temporarily if a power divert was needed."

"No that would be less than ideal." Heidy stated with a little smile, thought for a moment and offered. "If you were going to prioritise, I would make sure Block A was top of the list the more militant are in there. The others...well sometimes I think they were just defending what's theirs...or what they see as theirs." She trailed off on that thought. "Maybe that's the answer just institute these mods on Block A, that would half the load I would imagine. Your thoughts?"

Again Dana pressed several buttons and made some low mmm's and hmmm's before nodding in agreement. "More than workable." she said giving a smile and then typing something into a padd before handing over it over the Petty Officer "There you go, permission and extra power and computer space."

Taking the item, she smiled after giving it a glance. "Thank you Lieutenant. I will run this past Lieutenant Myles, all being well get it implemented." She stood taking one last mouthful of coffee as she did. "I will leave you to unpack and settle."

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Dana Wakefield
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