USS Pioneer NCC - 74757


Docked at Starbase Sirius
Speed: Docked
Shields: Nominal
Hull: Nominal
Systems: All Systems Nominal

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Posted on Mon Apr 30th, 2018 @ 10:58am by Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters
Edited on on Thu May 31st, 2018 @ 9:24pm

Mission: Episode 2 - The Enemy Within
Location: Security
Timeline: MD006 1745 hrs
Tags: SD 71384.1745
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Questions were a constant it would seem and the conflict of the morning had thrown up quite a few. Heidy liked this part at least, the process of figuring things out was more her speed, intelligence seemed to like it as well with Petty Officer set to join her, Heidy placed herself in the corridor which each brig unit led off, she smiled and greater the approaching Petty Officer. "Afternoon Masters, no worse for wear after this morning I hope?"

"Hello, Dilucca, I am doing well, considering I guess. And please call me Jennifer or Jenn. The only thing I don't like about startfleet, their fascination of calling people by their ranks or last names." Jenn said and added, "I would of course follow rank and protocol where it's the officers concerned, but I am here to a job, and try to have a good time doing it. Do you agree?"

"I think you and I are going to work this just fine Jenn." She responded, always liking an honest exchange. "As for the job. We have one Maquis, nicely accommodated in one of our cells." Jenkins a tumble towards the door over her right shoulder. "Said nothing so far but I think we can change that. Don't you?"

Jenn nodded with a grin. She looked behind Heidy. "Most definitely," Said Jenn, looking forward to the interrogation. " So, what is the plan?" She continued, wanting to be in one line with her colleague from security.

"I've been giving that some thought, our best in, is how they came to be on that station in the first place." Heidy offered in responce, this question had been on her mind since the attack the previous morning. "If they knew of it and it's contents and planed around finding and using, or if it was a chance find while they were in Badlands and they improviesed a plot around it. That could give us a window of their operations." She expanded on the two theories she held at present and waited to see how they were received.

Jenn nodded, but said, "I don't think it was a random chance. They knew exactly where to look. They had us going at the SCIF for some time." She was eager to get started. The attacks weren't even random. And they broke in and it touched close to home. She wouldn't let this opportunity to squeeze all information out of this person. It would give her pleasure to add this information to the intell database.

"Same here, let's fill in a few blanks shall we." Heidy agreed and affirmed. "Good cop, Bad cop?"

"Sure," Said Jenn, "But I don't know about you, but I am not in such a good mood to be the good cop."

"I'll warm him up then." Heidy responded, before turning back towards the door and tumbling the control.

She paced into the room quietly and stood in front of the cell, giving the duty guard a smile and an indication he could go. She walked around and pulled the chairs in from of the cell, taking a seat herself, leaning back. "You know exactly what has to happen now, we have a chat." She started.

Their Captive mearly sat their, apparently unconcerned at least outwardly, she leaned back against the bulkhead starring straight out though the forcefield secured cell.

Jenn remained outside looking at the captive on the monitor. She wanted to see how Heidy would do, before she would walk in and do her thing. Their captive didn't seem so impressed by Heidy's act. Jenn walked in to the room and just stood behind Heidy crossing her arms, but she remained silent.

"Not so talkative. Well I guess I can appreciate that i mean were the enemy. Question is why, you see that's got me wondering, first thought is because helping the Cardassian. But my Intel says you've expanded your membership since the last time we butted head, even got a few Cardassian in your ranks so I can't be a species thing this time." Heidy talked, it was a practice of hers talk about the circumstances that had brought her and her opposite number face to face. It settled her more than anything.

Still with little movement from the man in the cell let alone a comment, Heidy jumped to somthing she hoped with be a little more provocative. "But that station huh, quite a staging area, explains why you were so keen to hold onto it, the fighter sorties the boarding actions."

"Counter-Boarding! You made the aggressive moves!" Came a cold hard responce as the male in the cell rose quickly before checking himself, pacing a circle before slumping back on the bench, a momentary loss of composure providing a window onot to his mind set.

"So we're the victims are we." Heidy commented, flashing a little smile at gaining some responce, although more than little insulted by this claim, having had to fight hard and stand her ground just hour previous, practice taught her to keep or try to keep this to herself as she pondered her next move.

Jenn was standing trying to hold back her temper. She knew that if she let go, she would go in there and would gladly show him every corner of that brig, but she knew Heidy wouldn't want her to do that.
Instead she walked over to the brig and stopped in front of the force field. "Look pal, you better answer my colleague here, because I had a very bad day, and I guess you know why that is. And I don't feel like games right now!"

"Games ha! We haven't even started the games yet. Oh yeah your in our sand box Starfleet, get used to it." The man retorted with his laugh sounded hollow against the words that followed, words that gave a glimmer of information.

"So there is a plan beyond squatting in a station and harassing relief efforts." Heidy probbed once more.

Jenn turned to Heidy. "Of course there is a plan, there is always a plan." She looked to the prisoner again. "I just want to wipe that smug of his face." She was getting annoyed with him. Getting shot to pieces almost will do that to you.

"Your welcome to try Darlin', even if you put me down, it doesn't matter." He replied with the smug smile, giving them both the once over, if Heidy had to guess she'd say he was enjoying himself. "Your all the same, like a jackal twisting to bark at whatever trod on its tale. To dumb to see the boot coming the other way, when that boot comes down, well you'll see." Still trying to retain a smug attitude, at least one of them wanted a scuffle, and was more than happy to push his luck and oblige.

"We're done here." Heidy said with a scowl, a fake scowl that is, something about what he'd just said had her thinking. She stood and walked to the back wall, leaning on the wall next to Masters. "Computer deactivate forcefield." Turning her head to the side she smiled. "He's all yours."

Jenn raised her eyebrow, but didn't ask anything. She walked in to the brig with the prisoner. She grabbed him and pushed him against the wall. "Look, I know how you terrorist type work, so I will spare myself the trouble, but I know you know stuff. Stuff that we can use. Locations, numbers, and what your plans are. Cooperate and I'll see if we can talk to the magistrate for you. Don't, and I am going to show how much of a bad day I am having. And I am prepared to risk any consequences that may give."

"Hey, hey, now this is more like it. But you know girl there isn't going to let you go much further. See us. We do what's needed, our numbers are growing, soon enough we'll take back what's ours." He was taken aback at the turn the questioning had taken, but keen to keep up some sort of front, despite the panic that was setting in.

Jenn tilted her head. "Well then we just gonna have to eradicate you all, like the rats you are. How about we start you?" Jenn could feel her blood boil and was just about to punch him in the face. She let him go quietly. She looked over to Heidy a second then turned and jammed her right fist in his face. She walked out of the brig. She looked to Heidy. "Well, arrest me, but I have been wanting to do that all day and I won't take it back." She breathed heavily, but it felt good in a weird way.

The action stung Heidy, whatever the reason behind it, this was her domain and felt felt she had to renforce that. She pointed to the door and followed her out. "Jenn!" Waiting for her to turn, then swung a fist aiming at her chest just below her neck.

Jenn almost crunched in one and grabbed her chest. "What did you do that for?" She almost hit her air pipe and Jenn coughed.

"Now! you report me, I report you. I would prefer to let this slide with an understanding and a warning. Intimidating a suspect or prisoner is fine, it's been proven to get results in some cases." Heidy statdd plainly and with a mesure of understanding. Her tone changed becoming harder as she spelled out her terms. " Assault and abuse. Not in my brig. You leave your personal feelings at the door if you want to be involved in interogation or questioning in future. Clear!

"Yes I get it," Jenn was panting. She took a deep breath, "Remind me to never get on your bad side again." She straightened her back and neck and felt the pain subside a bit. She pulled herself up. "Well, now we know you can give a punch too. But don't worry I won't do that again. I was a bit burning up there. Next time I'll get a boxing session in the gym before an interrogation."

"Now that's all straightned out, I got an idea based of what smarmy guy had to say half an idea any way, any chance you can check any planets on the direct opposite bearing of Empok Nor to this new base we found." Heidy responded, now she'd said her piece and made herself clear it was time to get back to the investigations.

"Of course, if you have a computer terminal around here that I can access the main computer with?" Jenn said.

"Sure in the next room." Leading her out of the brig corridor and into the briefing room, making string for the front desk and it's console.

She started the computer and accessed all information from astrometrics and long range sensors. "If there are any classified files I may have to go to SCIF, as Chief Thal wouldn't like me to access any intelligence files from all over the ship. But Depending on what you're looking for, we may not need to."

"Let's cross that as and when. If your using astrometric data you should know that they have a algorithm to filter out engine trails, scientists aren't interested, here if we flip the priorities." Heidy volunteered, recessing the base perameters and making the modification she described. "All the Warp and Impulse trails come to the surface and my, my, this little ball of rock seems to be getting a bit of attention." Pointing to an L - class planatoid. "Worth a closer look maybe.

Jenn nodded, "I agree. Who do we report this information? The captain or our chiefs? But I think in this case we should follow the chain of command."

"In this instance I can go with that, let our Chiefs knowwe got a place to start looking, flesh out the details and they can make decisions." Heidy affirmed stepping away from the console and stretching her arms up a little, a slight yawn escaped as she did. "Sorry. graveyard plus eventful day, so if I dig around the general database, might be worth me cross ref with science, you dig in the spook database. Then we put our heads together I the next few days. What do you reckon?"

"Sounds great," Said Jenn, she was looking forward to start digging around. She was good at digging around and it was her job. Maybe Calhoun wanted to help her look. "Ok then let's meet in a few days."

"Good luck. Happy digging." Heidy said with a smile.

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