USS Pioneer NCC - 74757


Docked at Starbase Sirius
Speed: Docked
Shields: Nominal
Hull: Nominal
Systems: All Systems Nominal

Silver Unit of Merit (Unit Award)


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Sergeant Tevil Eubilex

Name Tevil Eubilex

Rank Sergeant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Edosian
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 8"
Weight 140 lbs
Hair Color None
Eye Color Amber with flecks of gold
Physical Description To the unfamiliar eye, Eubilex is a typical Edosian. Taller and more slender than the average human, with a comparatively wide and flattened head. his mouth is wide and further from the nose than many humanoid species. Eubilex’s tough, leathery skin is a burnt-orange colour and his eyes are amber with gold flecks and wide, slit-like pupils. He stands about 6’ 8” but in a typical slouching, somewhat hunched posture. If given to stretch, Eubilex would be well over 7”.
Like all Edosians, Eubilex is a tripod, having three legs around a complex hip arrangement and a third arm protruding directly from his chest.


Spouse Piret
Children Pibod, Buva, Jexa, Eutota, Bavi, Eutabn, Navi, Nexixn, Telad, Dito, Naxuxx, Dava, Pater, Boboxx, Wivulx, Lerax, Tila, Dela, Dubul, Darolu
Father Tobulx
Mother Bidaln
Brother(s) Duvata, Podode, Dovil, Nobe, Daxaxx, Tire, Toda, Talula
Sister(s) Neleba, Tudav, Wave, Pirot, Taxedo, Juvuvn, Lubo, Loleli, Tixora, Texuxn, Tavubn, Notot
Other Family Too many Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Nephews and Nieces to name

Personality & Traits

General Overview Eubilex is a social person, craving contact with others. he find the absence of his family the most difficult part of choosing a career in space, but being limited by the amount of room available on ship (i.e. not being able to take several cabins for one family), his bond-partner Piret remains on Edo, heading up the family.
Eubliex comes across as relaxed, especially in crowds and always strives to learn and remember details about the other entities he meets. He is not easily offended, nor is he given to reaction or outbursts. In crisis situations, he often assesses first and takes action only when certain it is the best course. This leads others to consider Eubilex slow or ponderous, but it represents the effect of a tri-fold cerebral cortex in action offering three different judgements. Edosian minds are a conference room all by themselves.
Strengths & Weaknesses Compared to bipedal members of Starfleet, Eubilex is not especially nimble. he often struggles with furniture and fixtures designed for creatures with a very different skeletal arrangement and find running a chore. However, his ability to divide limb control amongst the three parts of his brain allows a speed and accuracy of manipulation not seen in many other species. Eubilex can operate a PADD, drink coffee and aim a phaser with pinpoint precision at exactly the same time.
Eubilex likes people and enjoys company, meaning that he is not at all comfortable in quiet places. Eubilex is given to talk - a lot - often about not very much as he seeks to replicate the environment of home where families of nearly 30 siblings are under one roof. As such Eubilex can easily be distracted by some interesting topic of discourse and forget what he was originally talking about or supposed to be doing.
Ambitions Since Eubilex hatched he has looked to the stars, seeking out other cultures and finding fascinating and new discoveries has always been in his heart. However, following the recent years onslaught of other races attempting to bring down the Federation from within and without, his focus has changed to protection. he would like to see the Federation and Starfleet stronger than ever before, prepared with one hand reached out in friendship and the other ready to fire a phaser rifle at the first sign of trouble. Eubilex would like his children to grow up and feel safe enough to go through his first Rebirths without worrying what awaits them on the other side. Eubilex’s greatest wish is for a unified, peaceful Galaxy where each planet holds the interests of its neighbours close to heart.
Hobbies & Interests Eubilex is an amateur musician, playing the two-necked guitar, the Edosian tri-flute and the drums to a reasonable level.he finds most bipedal sports difficult, but recently has taken to fencing on the Holodeck.

Personal History Tivel Eubilex was born 8th of nine brothers and eleven sisters, a relatively small family by Edosian standards. Father Tobulx Eubilex was a navigator aboard a dilithium freighter and was hardly seen by the family for months at a time. When he did return, it was to a great fanfare and family celebration organised by his bond-partner Bidaln.
Young Eubilex remembers being puzzled by his father’s withdrawn nature and wondered why he took himself out of the family gatherings to be alone when he had spent so long away from them. Mother Bidaln was a gregarious and generous carer of the family, the grandchildren, the nephews and various relations in and out of the Eubilex homestead. She focussed on the farm, ensuring her children received a good education and learned the value of hard work. She was a stern and often dismissive parent, usually demanding the children sort out their own squabbles rather than waste her time with petty disputes. When it came to what she deemed real issues though, Ma Eubilex was a rock that any of her family could anchor to.

Eubilex spent a very typical Edosian childhood, climbing trees, surfing ion storms and generally enjoying the outdoor life. His closest friend was Piret, hatched the same day as Eubilex and lived in the same hex-zone. She would call on him on the way to school and they would roam together in their free time, often egging each other into greater deeds and daring exploits. If Eubilex was in trouble, it was often because he was covering for Piret and vice-versa. When Eubilex won a place at the Edo Engineering Annex, Piret was applying for Starfleet Academy and the two parted ways, dismayed but promising to stay in touch.

After graduating from the Edo Engineering Annex where Eubilex specialised in plasma distribution and advanced molecular fabrication theory, he signed on with a merchant ship, Captained by an acquaintance of his father. he served aboard for nearly ten years until at the age of twenty-seven when the Freighter Captain, a Tellerite by the name of Gisolv, found Eubilex apparently dead in his quarters. Eubilex was returned to Edo and solemnly handed over to Bidaln who happily removed the shroud and placed Tivel in his old bedroom. Some days later, to yet another celebratory family get-together, Tivel Eubilex emerged from a natural coma and sloughed off his first skin on his first “Day of Rebirth”. Ma Bidaln admonished him for being “fashionably late” as most Edosians experience their first Rebirth by 25.

Aboard the freighter, Eubilex experienced firsthand the horror and violence of the Dominion War, their freighter being the target of first Klingon inspection, ostensibly “searching for Changelings” and later running the gauntlet of Dominion/Cardassian expansion. More than once Eubilex came up with inventive solutions to conceal the freighter, or evade Jem’Hadar patrols.. He became somewhat obsessed with protecting the freighter, putting in continual requests to improve defensive and offensive capability. Gisolv refused most requests on the basis of costs, but allowed Eubilex as First Mate to revise the crew rota and improve emergency drills.

On his return to Edo, his family noticed he was a changed man. Still chatty and sociable, but his eyes were always checking the room and his talk was always full of admonitions to be careful and alert. The only time, they noticed Eubilex relax was in the presence of Piret. She returned to Edo during Eubilex’s leave, on leave herself after losing her ship to the Dominion at Deep Space 9. Together they shared an understanding of the dangers and threat to the Federation that few other Edosians comprehended. They were married that summer and their first hatchlings were born the next spring. Piret felt she had seen enough combat, but Eubilex could not leave things in the state they were in. He promised to protect Piret and their brood and signed up for the Marine Corps. He seemed intent on putting a shield of duranium around the Federation and nothing Piret could say would convince him otherwise.

Marine life was hard for Eubilex, the training grounds and unrelenting drills, exercise and assessments were, to an Edosian, highly biped-biased. Every vehicle he operated, every uniform he needed to adapt, just reminded him how rare the Edosian physiognomy is in the galaxy. Every time he fumbled something, or tripped on something it made him more determined to push through it. Though he was last in almost every physical exercise he developed a tendency to talk and chatter to keep his fellow cadets on side and keep good humour in even the most demanding of scenarios.

Eubilex was surprised when his career took him through the Combat Engineer role, but it seemed a good fit for his skills. He had expected to become somewhat heavy-handed, to lay down appropriate use of force and remind the galaxy of the might the combined forces of the Federation could bring to bear. Instead he found himself assigned to the aftermath of the Dominion War, assisting the provisional democratic Cardassian government in the repair and rebuilding of colony worlds affected by the war.

The Edosian found that here, where the locals were distrustful of anyone with a phaser in hand, that he quickly had to develop new skills. You can’t set off a tri-cobalt explosive any old how in a colonist’s backyard, so he had to learn how to talk them down, assure them of their good intentions and demonstrate that by quickly re-establishing the necessities like power and water.

Still it didn’t always work out. More than once he and his team were pinned down behind a newly constructed corn silo or aquifer, trying to work out whether it was a True Way battalion or just a group of over enthusiastic youngsters with ancient phasers, defending their homes.

Piret noticed the changes, the need to joke and deflect true feelings when she talked to him on subspace comms. On leave he would throw himself into family life, playing, helping with homework and the like, but his stories were always about other people and not himself. Sometimes, Piret would find her bond-partner alone in a small room, staring out the window. Then he’d put on a smile and rejoin the family.

His decision to apply for a Starship detachment came as a shock to Piret and the children, the eldest five of which have just signed up for the Engineering Annex. Without guarantee of ship size, his family would have to remain behind on Edos and his assignment could take him far from Edo for a long time. All Eubilex would say is: “this is something I have to do”.
Service Record 2369 - Ordinary Deckhand - TS Hervev
2370 - Able Deckhand - TS Hervev
2371 - Engineer’s Mate - TS Hervev
2376 - Chief Engineer - TS Hervev
2379 - Returned to Edos mistakenly believed dead (actually in coma shedding first skin.)
2381 - Marine Corps Recruit Facility -MCRD Logan City - Terra Nova
2381 - Advanced Training: SFMC Parris Island - Marine Combat Training
2382 - Twelve month secondment to Starfleet Engineering Corps, Utopia Planitia Yards - Combat Engineering Course
2383 - MACO Private - Marine Expeditionary Unit - USS Mayflower assigned to support Starfleet Engineering Corps in Cardassian border repair and reparations work as part of Treaty of Bajor
2385 - Promotion to Private First Class - MEU - USS Mayflower
2387 - Promotion to MACO Lance-Corporal - assigned USS Serengheti, Romulus Refugee relief effort. 23rd Marine Expeditionary Unit tasked with preparing refugee hub site on Vashti
2387 - Utopia Planitia Yards attacked by rogue Synths - The entire Engineering Corps that Eubilex trained with are wiped out. The 23rd MEU withdrawn immediately from Vashti and Romulan space.
2388 - Assigned - 7th Combined Starfleet/ Marine Operational Brigade -
2392 - Promotion - Corporal - Assistant Operations Chief
2396 - Application for promotion and transfer: 74757 Detachment: First Sergeant/ 2nd Rifle Team Leader USS Pioneer