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Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD003 1530 hrs


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Lieutenant Junior Grade Jack Smith

Name Jack Callum Smith

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade


Character Information

Gender Male
Species human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 174
Hair Color light brown
Eye Color green
Physical Description Jack is of average height and weight. He wears his hair short, at times it has a messy look in the front as it has a life of it's own. He has no tattoos or any markings on his body and prides himself in looking fit.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Jayce
Mother Lucille
Brother(s) Jerome, Taite
Sister(s) Lee, Loren

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jack is friendly but more of a good listener. He engages in conversations but spends more time paying attention to the conversations around him.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

Jack is nonjudgmental in that he is open to each patient as they are. He puts himself in their position mentally so that he can identify with them to be more empathetic. His job isn't to solve their problems but to guide them to solve them on their own.

When Jack is with a patient he is one hundred percent with them, leaving his personal life and concerns out of his thoughts so he can give them his full attention. Jack is flexible in that she believes past case histories may help but that textbook answers do not always work.

Jack has been trained to treat most species, understands their cultures, beliefs and ways of life. He is very confidential never discussing his patients or their problems with anyone.


Jack has a hard time turning off the counselor in himself. He knows that when not at work he needs to put it aside but he finds himself trying to help others outside of the job.

Jack has a hard time letting go when a patient cannot be helped. He knows that not everyone can be saved and not every counselor is the right person for a client but he still takes it personally.

Jack will often see patients at unusual hours if they need to see him, he has a hard time keeping to a strict schedule and allowing himself his off duty hours.
Ambitions To help others through the problems of life and make a difference
Hobbies & Interests photography, reading, water sports, meditating

Personal History Jack grew up in a middle class neighborhood in the country about three hours from Starfleet Headquarters. He is the oldest child of five, two younger brothers and two younger sisters. As a child, Jack loved their country home, playing with his siblings and having friends over. His mother loved animals, he grew up around dogs, horses and other animals, except for cats which he and his siblings are all allergic to.

Jack was eleven years old when he started coming home late, sometimes it was apparent he had been drinking heavily and seemed angry and despondent. Jack and his siblings would stay in their rooms and listen to their parents argue, his father always saying they had nothing to worry about and his mother insisting he tell her what was going on. This went on for almost a year, when tragedy struck. Jack's father was killed in an automobile accident on his way home from work. His car had veered off a cliff and blown up. There had always been a suspicion that it might have been suicide but without proof, Jack's mother had inherited a sizable life insurance policy.

From that moment on Jack became the man of the house as well as the one everyone came to when they needed someone to talk to. He would spend hours listening to his mother, her guilt at feeling that she could have done something to fix it. His siblings as they would get depressed and Jack would lift them up and encourage them to go on.

He was a sophomore in high school when he met and dated Felicity Graves. All through high school they were inseparable. She talked of her plans to open her own restaurant and Jack about becoming a counselor. He had planned to go to local university until Jack had thought about Starfleet and the opportunities there. After graduation, he and Felicity realized they wanted different things out of life and ended their relationship. Jack moved forward without any issues but Felicity continued to try and guilt him into changing his mind until he severed all communication.

Jack threw himself into his studies at the academy. He had a love for the counseling profession and his instructors soon realized he had a gift for helping others and did what they could to see that he succeeded. While he was there he met and became friends with Sunniva Pierce.. They hung out together and even studied together but were never romantically involved and still keep in contact. Jack is the godfather to her two children and friends with her husband.

After graduating from the Academy, Jack was assigned to the USS Santiago. Not long after he was assigned there, the ship sustained damage in an altercation with some smuggling ships. Though they won the day, they suffered some losses, including the assistant counselor. Jack was recommended and temporarily assigned to that position until a replacement was found. After three years of serving on the Santiago, Jack was given a promotion and sent to the Raleigh to serve as the assistant counselor.

Jack enjoyed his time on the Raleigh. He felt he made a difference in many lives and was relieved not to have experienced another incident like the one on the Santiago. He served there for two years before being transferred to Empok Nor to Chief Counselor and given a rank increase to Lieutenant Junior Grade.
Service Record 2395-Present
Empok Nor
Chief Counselor

USS Raleigh
Assistant Chief Counselor

USS Santiago

Starfleet Academy
Counseling Department