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Ensign Nassie Essu

Name Nassie Essu

Position Operations Officer

Rank Ensign


Character Information

Gender Female
Species Kriosian
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3 Feet
Weight 105 Pounds
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Nassie is average height for a kriosian female, at a weight of 105 pounds she on the slender build, during working hours she keeps her long curly blond hair in a bun. She has spots going from her temples on her forward, down her cheeks and half way down to the back spinal cord area. She has no other scars or tattoos. She stands at 5 feet and 3 inches tall. With long curvy brown hair.


Spouse Single
Children NA
Father Sigak Essu
Mother Elae Essu
Brother(s) Awrim Essu
Sister(s) Elloma Essu
Other Family NA

Personality & Traits

General Overview Nassie has a little bit of attitude. She is upset with her cultural and family heritage. She was raised on Krios, from a noble family. Like her older sister, she decided to join Starfleet. She is the youngest child of the Essu family and often felt that the choices of her older siblings affected her, and it was not fair. She wanted to prove to herself she could make it on her own.

Nassie is very curious, and often had a hard time focusing to stay on track during the early part of her time at Starfleet academy. She discovered she loved the night life during the academy and the good times. She managed to get her act together for her senior year, and learned to take things more seriously. She wanted to complete the academy and become an officer, like her sister.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

Wisdom: Creativity & Curiosity

Nassie is a very creative person, always striving to learn new ways to improve herself. She is very driven to change the image of the past 21 years. She did not want her childhood interactions, to determine who she would become as an adult.

Nassie uses the knowledge she learns how to incorporate them into her daily life. She likes to come up with new ideas to solving new dilemmas in personal life. Nassie loves to take a stance against strong opposition in life. And embraces any positive changes in life. She did not like how her people were being treated or how others treated her. She never quits a task before it's done, and strives to complete all tasks. She loves to look on the bright side of humanity.

To that end she likes to keep her promises, make good decisions, like eating healthy, doing small favors for others people. Nassie treats everyone equally. She loves to listen to new ideas and incorporate them into her own life. She is a firm believer that honesty is the basis for trust, but she also believes some things should be kept to yourself.

Nassie is a very curious person, she loves to learn new things, she decided when she joined Starfleet Academy to change her profession from security and tactical to starship operations. There was so many things you can learn about a starship that would never learn as a security officer. Her curiosity expands beyond starships.

Nassie also learned while at the Academy, that several races joined the Federation. Each one bringing their own self-importance, and character morals and values to the academy, she loved seeing how other races interacted with each other. Some races were like her races, still using an old archaic nobility system. While other races focused on a more freedom approach, with all races being treated equally. Nassie liked the idea that everyone was equal and free, to be able to choose their own lifestyle.

Courage: Perseverance & Zest

Nassie is very focused and driven in life. She is on a personal emotional growth. When she starts something, she has to see it through. Even at the expense of others. But she does her best to respect everyone’s wishes.

During her childhood, she strived to learn social skills and etique to get through long and boring dignitary functions and state dinners, and parties. She learned from age that projecting herself as a political figure head, gave her power and ability. Even as a child, for a short time in her life, she loved it. But it grew tiresome fast.

Later continued to hone her skills, and learned being the center of attention, could actually hide her true feelings and emotions. It was an act, a game she would play. A game she became very good at. She continued to strive for perseverance and emotional balance from a young age.

Despite the fact that she used center of attention persona as a personal crutch. She loved approaching all obstacles, with excitement and energy. She was naturally and energetic and happy person. She only allowed you to see her surface level of emotions. She was very quiet about her personal life, but it was important to her, to respect all and show everyone compassion and humility. She was trying to undo what her cultural had taught her.

Humanity: Social Intelligence

Nassie loves social interactions and is not afraid of a confrontation. She is very wild and free spirited type of personality. She tries her best to break out of uptight cultural upbringing on Krios. She is dedicated and driven to change her lifestyle. She joined Starfleet to learn how the rest universe works. To have a chance to evolve as well rounded person. She had no idea how to achieve this goal, but she was hopeful that Starfleet could help her.

She never felt like she fit into the Krios nobility lifestyle. Like her sister Elloma, she felt she was destined for more. She is very enthusiastic about joining Starfleet, and her happiness is often shown, during social functions. Nassie learned from a young age, how to behave and interact with the other personal, thanks to the countless dinner parties, and dignitary events her family was required to attend.

Nassie has a natural ability to use her social intelligence to read the body language and verbal cues from those around her. A trait she learned on her home world. She tends not to be as enthusiastic in private settings.Nassie loves the spotlight and attention, mainly because it keeps people from asking any personal or private questions about her.

She was working with a therapist at the Academy on her personal self-esteem issues, Nassie truly wants to change. A lot of people seem to think just because you come from nobility and you like to be center of attention at social functions, that you have your life in order. In Nassie’s case she was far from emotionally stable. However, she was seeking help. She realizes that she needed assistance.

Justice: Fairness

Fairness is Nassie’s top strength. She believes it’s to you her that all people get a chance and area treated with equality. She believes that everyone’s opinion counts, regardless of how she feels personally. She is able to put herself into their shoes, to see things from their perspective. Curiosity and fairness are two strong strengths she values.

Growing up as a noble person, it was hurting her deep inside to see how her mother was being treated, her mother never came from nobility. She married their father, to give her children a chance at nobility. In a small way she felt guilty, that she let her mother down, when she rejected the nobility that her mother worked so hard for her to have.

During her childhood years, she tried to please her mother and be fair to her, and accept nobility. But she hated to see how her mother was being treated, and how other common folks were treated in her race.

When Nassie joined Starfleet Academy, she made it a point to be fair to all, this was her big chance to start over and listen to all. She had her big opportunity, to make a better life for herself. She made it a point to listen to all sides, even if she did not agree with them, and value their opinion and beliefs.

Temperance: Prudence & Self-Regulation

Nassie is very careful on how others perceive her as a person. Image means a lot to her, but only at the surface level. She often self-checks her image on a social level. She likes the fact that people like her, and often come to her. However she is very careful not to allow the mistakes of her childhood come back and dominate this character personality trait. She shows get self-regulation.

As a young child, she noticed her mother always showing producence and trying to make a better life for her kids. As a young child, Nassie tried to please her mother, but eventually learned that doing so, she would lose herself, like how her mother lost herself. She did not want to lose herself into the idea of a social status. Especially with one she did not agree with or support.

Nassie has great coping skills, and drive. But these skills are grounded and kept in check by her self determination to improve her emotional state of being, and her social state of being. She wants to be a better person, she knows she is disciplined and determined.

Transcendence: Appreciation of Beauty, Gratitude & Humor

Nassie often feels that her soul, personality her emotional well beginning is becoming more transcendent. Nassie looks for the good in everything, she notices the small things that people do, and she notices subtle clues in paintings and other forms of expression.

Nassie loves and appreciates beauty and the art of expression. In a lot of ways, you can say what you really want to say, without saying it all. And she appreciates that, and appreciates the artist who tell people through their work, what they are feeling.

She very grateful and caring person. She admires the good in people and the good in the environment around her. She made a promise to herself, to keep only positive influences in her personal life, and strive away from negative ones. She also never takes anyone for granted.

Nassie has been old several times that her free spirited personality, is often misconstrued for being humorous. Her warm and open personality, and her unique perspective on trying to make people laugh or have a good time, has people thinking she is a very humorous person, full of life, energy and compassion. Anchored down with humor for balance.


Nassie can become very fixated on trying to solve a problem, or learn from the problem. She is learning slowly, there is not always a solution to any problem. Sometimes it's better to cut your losses and move on. However she is not able to cut loose her losses. She has to see things through to the end. She was working with a therapist at the Academy, to help her see its okay to drop things, and move on.

Nassie can very Impatient with others, especially when she feels they are not strive to better their lives, she tends to avoid shallow people, despite the fact, she typically allows shallow people to become close to her. A bad trait she learned on Krios Prime.

Nassie is often seen as Naïve. Her excitement and humorous background, shows more of a naïve and gullible side to her. Some people have tried to take advantage of this, and typically she discovered their intentions over time.

She can be very overambitious, which ties into her impatience. She wants everyone to experience or witness what she has learned. She does respect the wishes and understanding of others, but she also feels it’s her duty, to express what she has learned with others.

Nassie is very soft-hearted person. She wants to help others, because in doing so she is helping herself. She feels the more tries to help others, the more she gains from it. In her eyes it’s a win-win. But in reality she is using them, in order to make life better for her. She does not want to end up like her a mother, a lost soul with no purpose or compassion to help others.

To go along with her soft hearted and free spirited personality, people often see Nassie as very sassy and defensive, whenever anyone tries to bring up any faults in her personality. This is where her humor side comes from.

She does not think she is a know it all, but she does think, that people do not give her enough credit for things. This mentality comes from her childhood. When her older siblings good and bad deeds were flaunted in front of her.

Nassie felt her own deeds were overlooked by her parents, because they were to focused on Awrim and Elloma. She just wants to be recognized by her fellow peers and siblings. But she feels she is not going to get that opportunity, unless she joined Starfleet.

Nassie has a hard time trusting in others. She tends to see people as only worrying about their own petty needs, and no one else's. Especially hers. And this frustrates her. She tends to hold a grudge for a long time. She allows the input of others or their actions to bother her. She is very impatient.

Nassie hates criticism. She takes a little pleasure of pointing out the faults of others. In her own personal life, she feels powerless. She rather focus on the positive. She really shows negative expressions and feelings when anyone tries. This is something she is working on with her therapist. Joining the Academy was a good first step. she would prefer to try to help the person to change to see the world the way she does, versus trying to offer positive criticism.
Ambitions Become a department head.
Hobbies & Interests Nassie loves to socialize after hours with the crew in the lounge. She has a party lifestyle mentality that suits this. She uses her charm to keep people blinded to the fact that she has trust issues.
Nassie loves to dance the night away and be sociable at the bar. Beyond socializing in the lounge, she enjoys spending time in the holodeck. Nassie loves working out in the gym and keeping her body finely tuned. She has the drive to be the best.
While Nassie attended Starfleet Academy, she learned about camping, rock climbing, exploring, whitewater rafting, snorkeling, and backpacking. All these things interested her. She loved the idea of leaving for the weekend, to go hangout in the woods or on the beach or down a river. She started to learn about these activities during her Freshman year at the academy.

Personal History The first 13 years

Nassie was born on March 13, 2373 to Sigak and Elae Essu. She was born as noble and attended a private charter school, and was been breed to serve in the federation senate like her father and her brother. Her mother was a stay at home mother.

She did not have a lot of friends growing up, she was to busy being trained how to become a good political dignitary, there was the occasional child, she could sit down with at the table. But they really never played, it was always sit still and do not embarrass your parents. She felt that most of her childhood, she was robbed of making long term friendships.

Her closest friend was her older Sister Elloma, they two use to play a lot, when they were not seen in the public eye. Nassie really use to look up to her sister. Nassie use to love the fact that when they were young children, that everything was handed to them. She had no idea what poverty was, or how others struggled.

Nassie knew her mother was often quiet, and it was not till she became a young adult did she see how her mother was really treated. Nassie blames herself for her mother’s fate. She was a little spoiled and things were going great till she reached the age of 11, then her world came crashing down on her. She found a new respect, her mother had given up so much to make sure the three of them, could have a better life.

Nassie was not the only one to notice the changes and not like it. She noticed Elloma speaking out, where she stayed quiet. So many times, she wanted to speak up and defend her sister. Her parent’s upbringing, about not embarrassing the family, kicked in and prevented her. She was very proud of Elloma, for being able to stand up for her beliefs.

Nassie and Elloma were both going through transition, and their friendship strained, a lot of it was on Nassie. She felt embarrassed that she was not strong enough to stand up, and take a stand with her sister.

A rough Transition. (13 - 17 Years old)

At the age of 13, Nassie was coming of age. And discovering, that she hated the diginiatary and noble lifestyle of her people. It felt wrong. And she was not alone. Nassie hated how everyone treated her mother, and loved the Elloma her older sister, who was 15 at the time, told her parents she was not going into politics.

Nassie was very proud of Elloma for telling their father, that she was not going to follow in his footsteps or their brothers. She was choosing a career for herself. Nassie was not sure, why Elloma went into the security field or into Starfleet.

The strain from the family was constant, and Elloma was alienated by her father, and Nassie was still too afraid to speak up and take her sisters side. She pretended to be angry at Elloma, because she rejected their father’s career path. But in reality, she was angry at herself, for not standing by her sister, when she needed her.

Guilt kept her away for many years, and when she turned 17, Elloma was already attending Starfleet Academy. Nassie decided to take up reading and become more isolated, until she graduated high school. After high school, Nassie knew she needed to get off Krios Prime, so like her sister she decided to sign up with Starfleet.

Requesting a favor from Nokomis Diza

Nassie went to the House of Diza, a noble house, and asked if Nokomis a commander in Starfleet, would sponsor her acceptance into Starfleet. She had approved Elloma, and she was hopeful that Nokomis would approve her application for officer candidate application.

Nassi was grateful that she was sponsored by Nikomis Diza. However her father Sigak was furious and disowned both of his daughters, and placed sanctions on the house of Diza. A decision later overturned by the senate. The senate backed the decision of House Diza. Nokomis was well respected Starfleet Officer. Sigak was furious and harping that the senate had failed their way of life.

Nokomis was a little hesitant to help Nassie, because of her father. Sigak had threaten the Diza family with political sanctions, when Nokomis sponsored Elloma.

Nassie convinced Nokomis to assist her, and even helped testify against her father, stating that the Diza family was showing great respect and honor to Krios. There senate was split, but ruled in favor and over ruled the Essu family. It was a clear victory for justice and progress.

After the victory, Nassie was being verbally attacked from her parents, and brother. People who should have been supportive and loving. Had turned their back on her. Her family blamed Elloma her free spirited like her sister, and that she better not disgrace the family.

Sigak made it public that his daughters were choosing to live with the commoners, and revoke their rights to nobility. He wanted to send a clear message to the Senate. You may be able to save House Diza, but you cannot overrule him.

Nassie knew she was bringing dishonor to their family name, and to their position of nobility. But she did not care, she knew it was time for a change. She hoped that her and Elloma breaking away will get their cultural to change. She hoped their example would encourage that nobility has no place in the 24rth century. Were all treated as equals not slaves to our social and political upbringing.

Nassie made sure to learn from her sister mistake. She backed a few things and credits when she Krios Prime. She made her way to Earth and enrolled in Starfleet Academy in May of 2391, she had to wait almost a month for the new class of cadets to start. Being alone was a strange feeling for her, she had to learn to take care of herself. No more servants, shopping sprees, or political niceties that her family name gave her.

Academy History:
2391 - 2392

In May of 2391, Nassie joined Starfleet, just after completing high school. She did not join for the same reasons as her sister. She joined to get away from her family. All of them. She knew her best chances of leaving Krios and her family was to join Starfleet.

She did not join for a higher purpose in life, like Elloma, or to make a difference. She wanted to see what Starfleet could offer her. She joined to become a better person in general. Her main focus was to become better person. She just happened to like exploration. One thing that Starfleet was known for.

Against her parents’ wishes, she left for Starfleet Academy and has not looked back. She cut off all ties. At first this was only going to be until she completed the academy and got her commission as a Starfleet officer. Nassie's backup plan was to become a member of the Klingon military, if Starfleet rejected. She was happy they did not.

Nassie respected the Klingon Empire, and she knew a few Klingons from the Empire. But she did not really believe in their cultural ways of conquering. The Krios were still strongly affiliated with the Klingon Empire, but the empire’s treaty was allowing subjugated races a chance with the Federation. It was very difficult for a subjugated race to advance in the Klingon military.

Nassie’s freshman year she enrolled in Security and Tactical Operations courses. However very quickly, she learned she did not like her courses. She was more curious on discovering how things worked, and how to fix them. She asked and was approved to transfer to starship operations. She excelled in this field.

2392 - 2393

Nassie really accelerated in Starship Operations, she was loving the academy. A chance to reinvent herself, and she did. By her sophomore year, she was very sociable. She was starting to make a few acquaintances.

She knew that Elloma was trying to reach out to her, but she was not ready to reopen that old wound. She had yet to forgive herself, for abandoning her sister. When her sister needed her the most. She kept her distance, and held her head down down in shame, and instead focused on her social status, and trying to help others, since she felt like she could not help herself.

She knew helping others, could help her, help herself. To forgive herself, for what she has done. And more than anything, she wanted to forgive herself for what she did to her sister back on Krios Prime. In the meantime, Nassie focused on her social status during the academy.

Nassie’s classes were the only thing that was going well for her, and ironically was the farthest thing from her mind. She did not realized til midterm, when her sister again reached out to her, that she traded Krios dignitary functions, for academy social circles. She had a little bit of a reputation of being a party girl.

Nassie started to focus on her image, she wanted to be known, as a compassionate and helpful person, who put others needs ahead of her own. And she was able to resift people’s perspective of her. People’s opinion of her in all honesty, meant very little to her. She was starting to learn, that the only opinion she seemed to care about was her sisters, but she was not ready to reach out to her. Her guilt haunted her.

2393 - 2394

Nassie missed her opportunity to tell Elloma how she felt. Her Junior Year, she was really focused on her studies, and her social status, and the few people she started to care about. She still kept everyone at arms bay. She did not want to hurt anyone, like she hurt Elloma.

Nassie continued to focus her time and effort, despite Elloma trying on several occasions that final year she was at the Academy.

Towards the end of her junior year, Nassie learned that the USS Pioneer, the ship Elloma was assigned too was missing in action. Which devastated Nassie, for a short time, her grades slipped, which got the attention of her professors.

2394 - 2395

Nassie became obsessed with the disappearance of the USS Pioneer, constantly checking for for any updates on the USS Pioneer. Her social status dropped, and so did her grades, but she held herself together, in order to graduate. She always kept her word. And she told herself, that she would graduate.

Nassie had graduated Starfleet Academy. She began her studies in tactical and security operations. At first she had thought about enlisting the security field like Elloma, but she did not follow her in sister’s footsteps. She transferred to Operations. She graduated the Academy on May 10, and by the 19th of May, she was given first assignment.

Nassie was given a crash course in reality. She learned that you cannot bury the past, and seek every opportunity to med the past. She hoped she would be given another chance, to reach out to Elloma, but as the year dragged out, she started to lose hope. And feared her sister was killed in action, and not missing in action.

Career History:
Nassie came straight from the academy, so she has not had the opportunity to establish a career history.
Service Record 2395 - Present:
Assignment: Empok Nor
Position: Operations Officer
Rank: Ensign

2394 - 2395:
Assignment: StarFleet Academy
Position: Academy Student/ Operations
Rank: Cadet Senior Grade

Assignment: USS Phoenix
Position: Operations Specialist
Rank: Cadet Senior Grade

2393 - 2394:
Assignment: StarFleet Academy
Position: Academy Student/ Operations

2392 - 2393:
Assignment: StarFleet Academy
Position: Academy Student/ Operations

2391 - 2392:
Assignment: StarFleet Academy
Position: Academy Student/ Operations